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Operative Bullet helplessly witnessed his fellow sniper being beheaded in a flash. Thought he noticed Chuck as soon as he made his way out of the car and shot at him swiftly, he is still not fast enough to save Top Shot.


Operative Bullet bellowed out enraged. He changed the firing mode of the rifle from a single bullet firing to semi-automatic and started to rain multiple armor-piercing projectiles. He kept firing multiple shots at the back of the car, in which Chuck was blasted to...

Each armor-piercing bullet created a bowl-sized crater on the cheap build of the patrol car. Still, Operative Bullet was dissatisfied with the damage. He changed his aim from the back of the car to the fuel tank by the side. He shot the 40-gallon gas tank into a sieve, igniting the whole, causing an explosion.

Only after seeing the car exploded into a blazing inferno, Operative Bullet relaxed his tight hold on his rifle.

He exhaled lightly and muttered to himself, "Rest up brother. I am guilty of not saving you, but I will never let your killer breath an instance more."

As Bullet uttered his solemn oath, an arrogant voice resounded throughout the surrounding...

"You sure about that?"

Chuck calmly walked out from the burning debris with his blade in his hand and cigarette in his mouth. He looked around at the burning car and said,

"Hey buddy, thanks for the light. Matches are a b*tch in this wind."

Chuch casually talked with a playful grin in his mouth...

"Now, let's end this, shall we?"

"BASTARD!" fumed out Operative Bullet as he felt his solemn oath to his dead brother was being mocked. 

He did not want to wage a war of words with Chuck, he shifted Barrett M82 sniper rifle to single bullet mode and took aim and shot at Chuck.



Chuck with a casual swipe of his blade sliced the armor-piercing bullet in two.

"You see if there were many snipers,  you guys could have had me kited, keeping me at distance. However, with just you alone, it is far from enough."



"I get that you are mad at me for killing your brother. Haha, but what do you expect of me? To die, just to not hurt your feeling?" Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.



"Heh, when you lot thought that I am easy to bully, you treat me like trash and wanted to humiliate me before you kill me. Now you are dying in droves, you treat me like I'm the greatest villain..."



"You think that you have undertaken a  noble crusade? Vanquish the evil like a righteous hero? HAHAHAHA, I would've said 'don't make me laugh' but you already did."



Chuck casually sliced bullet after bullet as he made his way close to Operative Bullet...

"F*cker! I will kill you! I WILL KILL YOU!"

Operative Bullet lost all his composure and turned the gun back to semi-automatic and wanted to drown Chun with a whole cartridge of armor-piercing rounds.

[Shling]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Shling]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Flint]...

[Click] [Click] [Click]

Chuck was just a few feet before Operative Bullet.

"You want to change another cartridge and try again? I will wait for you."
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