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PORN STAR 43 Fated to struggle Part 5 : Sniped with a blade - Porn Star

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The Special ops Sniper, Top shot, rushed to the scene of the car crash. He was concerned that one of his good brothers was trapped in the crash wreck...

Sadly at that time, he did not know that he is walking towards his death.

[Zzppptt] Top Shot's radio buzzed, it was operative Bullet expecting a status of the scene.

"...Top shot, what's the status on our operative..."

"...he is collapsed over the steering wheel, need to check vitals for any further assessment..."

Top shot walked close to the car and checked it from the outside...

"...Bullet, there is a lot of smoke on the inside ... I think something's burning within the car..."

"...I am going to pull our guy out..."

The sniper jerked the dented car door to open it and reached in, to cut the seat belt of the operative...

'Weird, why do I smell cigarettes... well, let me get this brother out first.'

Operative Top Shot cut the jammed seat belt and pulled the operative out, but he noticed a lot of blood on the Special Ops member he pulled out.

'Shit! Why is so much blood is lost? why is there such a big injury? it is not even a big crash...'

"...Bullet, he is one of our own, but he seemed to have lost too much blood. Things aren't looking good..."

"...you said it was not a big crash..."

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"...this entire crash scene is weird, he is not supposed to get such a big injury..."

"...one more weird thing..."


"...the smoke in the car smelled like cigarettes like it is a secluded smoking area..."

"...that is weird..."

"...how are his vitals..."

"...Let me check..."

When Top Shot wanted to check the pulse on the operative's neck and pulled off the neck cover, he noticed a gaping hole on the neck, right through the spine and the throat.

Top Shot face went pale because the neck wasn't bleeding...

'It was not a new wound, he as been murdered a while back'

The thought of being caught in a death trap raved crazily in Top Shot's mind.

As a sniper, being in the open is not his strong suit. Top Shot wanted to run back to his cover and position his rife ready for whatever that is plotting against him.

Sadly, he will never get the chance to fight...


"...Shit! Get out of there! Something is moving behind you..."

Top Shot turned around with the swiftest of speed, pulling out his pistol.

For a sniper, an aim at this close is always a  dead shot. However, no matter how much Top Shot tried to turn his head, he could not turn his head back to look at the perpetrator behind him. His vision kept going down and tumbling up.

Weirdly, he saw the back as if his head did a 360 rotation, but what he saw, made him realize he did do a 360-degree rotation...

He saw a headless body holding a gun and the Tzar being shot tumbling back into the car's back seat, as the armor-piercing round of the other sniper hit Chuck, right at the center of his chest.

'...so I am dead...' was the last departing thoughts of Top Shot and his vision went black.
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