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'Hmm, I have no idea of where the two snipers are at...'

'if there are any more operatives alive, they will rush the f*ck out of the dust cloud, knowing that most of their teammates are dead...'

'The dust cloud will settle down in a minute ar max, visibility is getting easier by the second...'

'Man, this is going to be such a drag...'

...were the thoughts of Chuck as he walked away from the scene of slaughter. As spoils of war, he took a packet of cigarettes from a dead operative.

Chuck's justification was...

'this dead brother will only need incense, not cigarette'

He impatiently pulled a cigarette out of the premium casing of the expensive cigarette pack.

'mmm, good stuff,' thought Chuck as he took a whiff over the length of the cigarette.

'This dead brother knows his cigarette...'

Chuck kept thinking about how to smoke out the two snipers, over smoking, hoping to get sizzling inspiration...


The two Snipers who are far away are still connected with the team's internal radio. The two waited for the team to call-in on the situation. The last update they got on the situation is that the team is going to zero-in on the last explosion site.

They two snipers waited for further intel as they had their scopes aimed at the dust cloud that is already showing signs of settling in. The duo vigilantly started scoping the surrounding and ready their rifles, loaded it with armor-piercing rifles, to take action at any moment.

Suddenly, a police patrol car started to drive out the dust cloud, scattering the dust away... Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"...operative Top Shot, have you any visuals on the driver..." chimed the internal radio on the sniper whos was positioned on the opposite side of the speeding car.

"...operative Bullet, I see a team operative driving the car..."

"...team, we have visuals on a car driving out of the dust cloud, if it is any of you, please report..."


"...operative Bullet, the situation seems weird, no one is responding to the radio..."

"...fire a warning shot at the car tire, make the operative come out and id himself..."

[Bang] Operative Top Shot, fired a bullet and ruined the car tire, but strangely the car kept driving fast and crashed onto the nearby building.

"...Shit! I think I ruined the car axle and made the car crash..."

"...I am going in, to check out the condition of the operative..."

"...operative Bullet, cover me..."

"...roger that..."


At the scene of the car crash, chuck was calmly smoking his cigarette in the back seat...

"That's right little chicken, come straight to the slaughterhouse," muttered Chuck as he chuckled to himself. He patiently waited for the sniper to show himself.
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