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###Back to when Bolin shouted at everyone to shoot###

"Don't hold back!"


As soon as Bolin started screaming, everything became a snail pace in the sight of Chuck. The first submachine gun starts to spew bullets, but every bullet is at the pace of an air gun's pellet in the eyes of Chuck.

He held the blade pointing down, reverse angled as the thick back spine of his blade is resting against his forearm and with a violent elbow thrust, he cut and ricocheted the line of bullets that came at him.

[Shling]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Shling]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Flint]  [Shling]  [Flint]  [Flint]...

Closely following the superhuman maneuver, the second submachine gun started firing rows and rows of bullets, Chuck took a step forward and did a full rotation, used the moments to issues a single hand samurai sword slash...

{Shling] [Slash]... all the bullets were cut in half and splattered all around him. If anyone could see Chuck in a slow-motion, one will see a might sword god unhesitatingly moving forward with a single blade, gallant and unrestrained.

At an identical moment, two more guns started showering bullets. However, for the two, Chuck did not cut the bullets. He tilted the sword ina slant angle and ricochetted the bullets with the flat of his blade. Directing the projectiles all around him...

{Shling] [Shling] [Flint] ... [Splatter] [Splatter] [Splatter]

He deflected the bullets to the place of another operative who is about to shoot. The unlucky special ops member became a sieve of human flesh by the very bullets of his fellow brother. 

As soon as the first operative lost his life, Chuck started to masterfully angle the blade and ricochet the bullets in a way, so that every bullet that was shot at him was directed towards another operative. 

{Flint] [Shling] [Flint] ... [Splatter] [Splatter] [Splatter]

{Shling] [Flint] [Flint] ... [Splatter] [Splatter] [Splatter]

{Flint]  [Flint] [Shling] ... [Splatter] [Splatter] [Splatter]

Chuck was like a concertmaster who is masterfully orchestrating a symphony of bullets using his tall blade as symphony baton...

Each deadly note is a death song for the operatives, the blaring sound of the loud guns drowned the mournful dying scream of the operatives.

In less than 30 seconds, 23 of the 25 operatives that surrounded Chuck fell down in their own pool of blood, as their bodies were stuffed with lead fired from their own teammates.

[Click] [Click] [Click] a young operative who was standing beside Bolin was repeatedly pressing his empty gun. His eyes are flooded with the expression of terror. The more he heard the 'clack' of Chuck's foot, the more he saw Chuck walking towards him, the more fear-stricken the young operative became...

"...please ...let me go..."

[Swish] ... [Spulch] ...

One slash of the blade was Chuck's reply to the operative's pleading, leaving his head roll down away from his blood splattering torso...

The geyser of blood spilled over Chuck's face. The cold emotionless eyes and the crimson tint of the blood on his face painted Chuck as a visage of restrained evil that may explode at any moment at the smallest of provocation.

Beheading the last operative, Chuck and Bolin were the lone living beings in the vicinity...

"Why haven't you used your gun?"

"..heh ...will it make any difference..." self-deprecatingly laughed Bolin. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"...I ...have one request..."


"Let the cleanup team take the remainder of Enlai's body... please..."

"Mmm," Chuck nodded to the request and just looked at Bolin's eyes for a few seconds. Those few seconds felt like an eternity for Bolin, an uncontrollable shiver went up the entire of his spine. Despite how much Bolin tried, fear keeps creeping into his soul. He wanted to face death like a man, but he completely unable to maintain his composure. Before his mental fortitude completely breaks down, Bolin with his shivering body and eyes tightly shut, screamed out...

"DO IT!"






Contrary to Bolin's expectation, he wasn't chopped into two but was slapped away, flying. The only thing he saw before he passed out was Chuck's back slowly walking away. After that, everything went black for him...

After a few steps, Chuck looked back at the passed out Bolin and muttered...

"Don't be too hasty to die. War is where the benefiting privileged squabble in safety, while the unrelated unprivileged die in droves..."

"...Live for yourself..."

"...More importantly..."

"...die for yourself..."

After saying that to no one in particular, Chuck walked away from the scene of carnage. It was a sight of hell filled with human blood, flesh and body pieces. Despite the sun, the day felt colder...
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