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Chuck drove the car over to the top thugs' sophisticated of the city's hangout, the Mafia mansion. Apostatize Entertainment ring is the formal name for the fort styled Victorian building. The righteous have no business here, but the place does not lack the rich, powerful and celebrities. Now, what does that say about those here?

The ever-busy Mafia mansion, which was run by the notorious Knuckle Red gang, is closed for business today. However, that does not mean that Mafia Mansion is void of activity. On the contrary, it is even more bustling with banners with congratulatory decals' strung around. The entrance had a red carpet that has been spread out as if waiting for an important person.

The thugs dressed in black suits are waiting on either side of the red carpet with the mob boss Red Scowler to one side, he is waiting with a stoic face as if he's a human statue. The rowdy gang was well behaved in his presence, besides him was a young mocha-skinned woman who was sulking at the festivities.

"Brother, you kept this entire thing a secret. I soo hate you now!" pouted the chocolaty beauty to the infamous Red Scowler.

The cold faced gang boss has an awkward look on his face, not much could bring emotion to his face except his little sister, Makena.

Makena is a fit and curvy army girl of 29 years of age. She's a field operative of Major rank. She's in her 6th-year army service, currently working with the World Peacekeepers Agency. Her fit body packs irresistible attraction, especially her curvaceous bubble butt that pops out every time she wears something tight.

However, you are safe to look but will be destroyed if you touch. The notion was proved when a spoiled second generation tried to grab her ass. The idiot's hand was broken three times. After breaking his hand for trying to be frisky the first time, Makena continued breaking the guys hand the second time as he threatened her of consequences. Only after he begged her with tears and snot running down his and breaking his arm the third time, did she stop.

Being the little sister of a major mafia boss, Makena has a sadistic side to her. The only people that she cares and shows emotions are to her brother and Chuck Norris. Why Chuck? Chuck's a bit of an idiot when he sees a damsel in distress.

The story goes long back.

The Kingpin Red Scowler is nowhere near as the man he is now during his years as a high school senior. If anything, he was a nerdy brat with thick glasses who always gets bullied when he walks to school and to home, always losing his lunch money.

Red Scowler's real name's Joab, born for a German couple, his Dead remarried Makena's mother after his own mother passed away. For the quiet timid boy, his new relative who thought her new stepbrother is the greatest became the apple of his eye. Joab wanted to get his sister something nice for the Christmas and was hiding a dollar here and there from his bullies and saved a little money for a present.

However, as the saying that luck favors the brave, lady luck was not on Joab's side for long. He ran into his bullies when he was going to buy a present for his sister. Finding the wallet full of 1 dollar bills the bullies laughed at him and asked him if he broke his piggy bank.

Joab said nothing to their provocation, but he tightly held onto his wallet. The bullies took his denial to hand over the cash as a challenge to their reputation. The bullies who were a group of three, soon lost their patience when Joab didn't hand over the money even after they threatened him.
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The pudgy person on the left, kicked Joab all of a sudden, making him fall to the floor. However, Joab still held his wallet close to him. The twisted personalities of the bullies now wanted to teach Joab a lesson more than taking the money.

The trio started stomping on the curled up Joab repeatedly waiting from him to beg them to stop. The commotion is near the neighborhood of Joab's house and his sister who was coming back from a friend's place and saw her bother on the road getting beaten.

"Get away from my brother!"

Makena was a young girl of 15 at that time, she rushed to push the bullies off her brother, only to be shoved aside.

"Damn... the bitch scratched me," glowered a lanky bully as he stared angrily at Makena.

Seeing the bullies turn their attention towards his sister, Joab gave up resisting.

"Here, you can have the money. Just let my sister go."

"Ha, if only things were that easy. The bitch came at me, she needed to be thought a lesson," said the lanky punk with an evil look in his eyes as he slowly made his way towards Makena on the floor.

"Please, I beg you. Stop!"

"I will do anything, you can beat me up in her place," Joab begged and cried kowtowing on the road.

"Brother, you don't have to bow down to these low lives. They can do nothing to me!" screamed out Makena seeing her brother begging and crying on the road made her furious over the bullies, but she didn't seem to realize that her tirade back made the bullies even more furious.

The evil-eyed punk came close to her and squatted down looked toyingly at Makena.

"Guys hold the pathetic worm up, I want him to see this..." saying so the punk clicked open a pocket knife.

Seeing the knife in the guy's hand, Joab struggled to protect his sister only to be held in place by the other two bullies.

"I'm gonna knife your face, give you a scar to remember that you should never stand up for pussies."

Despite her fear of the short knife close to her, hearing her brother being called names, Makena spat on the punk's face. That triggered the already tense situation being embarrassed by a younger girl the punk's eyes maddened not caring about the consequences he swung the knife towards her face.

The silvery steel was coming towards the face of Makeena, she froze up in fear, gritting her teeth and closed her eyes awaiting pain as she heard brother screaming out at the bullies to stop.

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