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Back at the scene of Special operatives...

"...Operative Eagle please respond..." the internal radio on the operatives received no reply, as all the operatives went pale as they guessed what happened...

"Shit! he is picking us off one by one!"

"What should we do?"

"Should we still leave the dust cloud and make a break to where the snipers are?"

"I think we would be dead before that..."

Everyone was voicing out their fears and going hysteric, as they realized that their training and weapon did not provide them the sense of security that they usually feel.

The human mind is a fragile bundle of emotions, when the thoughts are tightly bound together you will see dauntless martyrs arise, but when it is broken down in fear,  it will become a den of devils, vehemently seducing you to say and do anything to just stay alive for an extra second.

The operatives were trained to handle situations involving armed assailants, but presently the one that they are up against is no mafia mob. Their training, combat gear, battle intelligence, and target vigilance were sorely lacking as they are pitted against the bloodiest reverend of a continent, a Tzar!

A cowardly operative who was mocking Chuck earlier called on the radio and said in a scared voice...

"...Why don't we all meet up at the place of explosion and once we are together a unit, we can move out of the debris..."

No one replied when he voiced out his suggestion to hold each other's hand like shivering cowards. Even at the threat of death, the pride in the operatives did not let them openly acknowledge that they are terrified over Chuck.

"...we will be able to put up a better offense when we have multiple guns and eyes sweeping every angle compared to just fighting individually...." the operative tried to persuade everyone once again. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Under the excuse of fighting back Chuck, everyone agreed to his suggestion and started making their way towards the sound of the last explosion.

However, the operative who suggested that everyone should gather up had a different plan altogether. He was a cunning middle-aged man, he is the type that rises through ranks not by accomplishments, but by making everyone but him perform poorly. This was not the first time he sabotaged his own team's operation and back-stabbed his brothers.

Though he suggested that everyone should gather up at the scene of the explosion, he planned a very different agenda...

'I cannot be the first one to go to the explosion scene, the Tzar might probably still be there...'

'I remember that there were lots of police cars nearby, I need to find a car and hide in it.'

'I'll wait for the team to do the dirty deed if they have the advantage, I'll jump in with guns blazing and shoot the m*therf*cker. If not, I will drive the f*ck away, this will be my getaway car.'

The operative found an intact and drive-ready car and hid low in the driver-side seat as he thought all that...

"What are you? a gangster before you were in the force?" a gallant male voice playfully sounded at the back of his seat.

'Shit!' was the only word in the operative's mind as he reached for his gun, but before he could reach his holster, a buzz sounded just below his head and a warm wet feeling spread all over his chest.

His sight shifted down only to see a metal blade, buzzing with a multitude of micro-vibration that was constantly tearing the flesh of his throat making blood splatter all over.

...and his vision went dark.

"hmm, everyone is coming together..."

"Ha, I won't be a good host if I don't personally welcome everyone's arrival," Chuck muttered to himself as he made his way back to the place where he chopped the Scout into two and let him be blasted to pieces.


Chen Bolin is a newly recruited operative in his early 20's, he is a young man with a promising career, he had a stellar career profile with various accolades. He was a loyal member of the force who always has the backs of his brothers in the force.

This trait of comradery was something he picked up from his training officer and his mentor on the force, who is none but the dead Scout. When everyone agreed to meet up at the explosion point, he was the first to rush to the scene.

The young operative blood went cold as his mind raged in anger as he saw half head and half torso of the team scout, which Chuck chopped off. The gruesome half of the Scout's body was being dangled on a rope as if it is bait, from a nearby street light...

"BASTARD!!!" screamed out the young operative as he saw the Scout body mutilated and hanged. He felt enraged at Chuck for desecrating the remains of his brother of the force. 

"Ha, that's rich coming from someone who was tasked to kill me," Chuck casually said, as he stealthily closed up behind Chen Bolin.
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