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Usually, when a diety is traversing a divine tribulation, one will resist the destruction lighting with all their might and try to survive the ordeal. To metamorph into a higher being the tempering of divine will is necessary.

Those that perished will make a mountain even if only a small part of their body was left behind. Despite fully understanding the distressing odds, gods give their all to face this might chasm of death. To live or die, every divine being will vie for it at the high point of one's prowess.

The desire is similar for Sorscee, but her way could not be any more different. The Goddes with no destructive might steeled her heart as she borrowed the faith from the entire Seven Hells. Though is it not permanent, at the moment, Sorscee can go head to head with the Almighty Creation God.

The power that was steadily flowing in her was beyond her reaches and limits, Her armor and her long golden spear started to pulse in a rhythmic beat of divine light.  Her entire being showed visible cracks that glimmered in golden light. It seemed as if she would explode at any moment. Drops of golden blood dripped down from every crack and from her fully luminescent eyes.

Whether if she's crying or if its the overflow of the divine faith, only she would know...

"Mommy..." Ewelina teared up seeing the bleeding Sorscee. Despite continuously bleeding and cracks revealing her bones, Sorsccee never made a sound, her face, heroic and almost carefree as if she has forgotten the life before and the moment next. She only has one thought in her mind...


As soon as the tribulation clouds gathered, Sorscee did not wait for it to start, she started to float up and approached the threatening tribulation clouds on her own volition.  Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Ewelina darling, don't cry! Watch me! Watch me win!"

"Yes, mommy! I will not blink! I will fully watch, Mommy!" obediently nodded the teary-eyed Divine Armament.

Sorscee was like a small boat that was immersed in a raging storm next as she stood in mid-air below the widespread divine clouds. Her hair fluttering and her gold-gilded battle suit made her look like a fabled knight who all by her lone self was going up against the world.

The dauntless approach of Sorscee made the divine tribulation enraged. As a rule, the lightning of destruction starts weak and becomes stronger in time. However, with Sorscee the whole of the tribulation cloud rumbled with arcs of the electric discharge as if it's going to rain lightning.

Before the lightning could descend, Sorscee ran in mid-air, making her momentum escalate at a very rapid pace. In no time, she broke the sound barrier, with a booming rumble she tore off the atmospheric constraints and at the same moment, she let loose the divine spear that was materialized from the faith power.

[BOOOMMM] a loud roar echoing throughout the outer space, the golden radiance crashed onto the clouds.  The impact moved the moons of the nearby stars out of orbit.

The divine spear was destroyed...

...but it was not without result, as one can see a hole in the dark thunder cloud, through which the sun passed through and shined on the solemn visage of Sorscee, escalating her sacred prestige.

Within moments, the remainder of the dark clouds gathered up, sealing the hole. It thundered aloud as if expressing its anger.

In response, Sorscee laughed out in a melodious manner. Feminine yet unrestrained. Feminine yet fearless. Feminine yet firm!

"AGAIN!" with a rallying battle cry she moved further close to the tribulation clouds, absorbing more faith power from the Seven Hells, on her ascent.

She then materialized a 10 feet long thick bow, curled at both ends with a glimmering golden light as its bowstring. The whole of the bow was bigger than her, making the weapon look like a mighty destroyer of the heavens.

As she took the stance of shooting an arrow, a dark golden arrow with a blazing golden flame in the tip materialized at the center. She further conjured a golden helmet with short angelic wings on both side, as soon as the sacred helm came to be, a blue flame lit up over her right eye.

Lucifer who has been silent all this while had his eyes constrict as he saw the helm and the blue flame over Sorscee's right eye...

"...the eye of vengeance..."

He then turned to the cold Fate Goddess, "Tell me, how does she know the forbidden martial mantra? Isn't it exclusive to the high gods."

Motia turned a deaf ear to the question of the Dark Lord, completely ignoring him. Her attention as fully captures at Sorscee's struggle...

Yes, it is 'struggle'. Motia has seen enough mighty beings laid waste by the working of the Divine Will. Beings more powerful, more valiant, more fearless, more daunting...

Yet, every being that was arrogant enough to look up was laid waste by the supreme will of the heavens.

'Sorscee, you will need more than might, you need an opportunity, a loophole in the weave of fate.'

Thinking all of that, Mortia sighed to herself in her heart. Then suddenly, for a moment, she looked away from the realm shaking tribulation and looked at the pale blue star far away. After that, she intently looked at Sorscee, her mind deducing a million possibilities, trying to capture the flaw in the weave.

But the worrying look in Motia's eyes states that the success of her deduction is far from being fruitful...
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