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PORN STAR 37 Sorscee's Scheme Part 3 : The domain of no Taboo, The Chimera Expanse - Porn Star

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"Stop quaking in your boots, it is unsightly. Besides, the Fate goddess isn't here for you, we have a bigger fish to grill."

"..." despite Sorscee's words, Father-Demon kept a vigilant eye over the cold mature woman next to her.

[Tsk] [Tsk] [Tsk] "You think that she is the only threat here..."

"hmph, if not for one of the Fate Sisters, Motia's presence, why would I even care about a harlot low goddess?"

"Ahh" grunted the Dark Lord in pain as the barbed chains around him constrict and pierce into his flesh. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Stop being mean to Mommy!" glared Ewelina still hugging onto Sorscee.

Sorscee smiled and patted the head of the little loli, "Lucifer, I admit that I'm not a goddess of combat and my domain does not encompass any universal law or any transcendent emotion. On the contrary, my domain is very simple, which is why it is very effective..."

As she said that she quietly looked at the frozen Hundra and Lioba.

"Ha, so you have two of my subordinates who haven't attained divinity under your control. Hmph, is there any need to boast this small accomplishment? Even for a pathetic goddess like you, boasting this little ability is just sad."

"Oh, I agree that my ability is nothing dazzling and most times it is a dud against divine beings. However, it is very popular gainst beings lacking divinity," this time she looked at Seven Hells.

When Lucifer followed her sight, to his horror he found that every dark kin has a dazed expression on their face, as if everyone transformed into a soulless puppet.

Before Lucifer could ask, Sorscee answered, "They are dragged into my domain, the chimera expanse. Oh before you ask the idiotic question, giving your blood kin a wet dream is not my objective."

Sorscee winked at the solemn Dark Lord and continued, "Sex, in general, is a vulgar act, a man or a woman vent their carnal desires on their partner. They objectify their companion and get enticed over the so-called "superficial beauty". They grab, kiss, bite and lick the places where the sun doesn't shine. If not for the senseless overpowering of lust, it is a completely disgusting act that no living being should do. However, the funny thing is sex is paramount to every species survival; and physical attraction and lewd desires are cardinal for sex. Strangely, people frown upon thoughts vulgar and emotions obscene. It is considered a taboo to openly talk or express one's deplorable desires of lust."

"Hmph, the denizens of the Seven Hells wear their emotions out in their sleeve. We don't fuss about love and righteousness like those from the mortal realm and the God Realm."

"Haha, yes, true true. But do you know why there are restrictions in the mortal and god society? The lesser the restriction the higher the need for the taboo. The forbidden always exists, it begins where your bottom line stops. No matter how steep it is, there is always a limit"

Sorscee walked close to the bound naked Luicer and pressed her curvy body on his defined muscular frame, she kisses her way up from his neck and slowly made her way to his ear and whispered, "Despite the liberalism of the Seven Hells, there is still one thing that is strictly forbidden in all of Seven Hells..."

It took a moment for the esteemed Father-Demon to put the pieces together, but in a short while, his eyes widen in realization and worry. He muttered just one word "...blasphemy..."

"Ding, ding, ding, ding. Mommy, this big meanie is not very stupid. But he is still stupid for being fooled by me," said Ewelina as she made a funny face at Lucifer, sticking her tongue out.

With a wave of her hand, Sorscee opened up a large magic circle in the sky and the symbols at the center of the circle slowly faded to reveal a scene of a tall demon girl with goat hooves and horns whipping Lucifer with a deranged expression. Within minutes the scene changed to a fat ugly demon having the Dark Lord all tied up as she grabbed him by the horn and started humping his face. The scene kept changing from person to person, to desires more and more obscene. All the men and women of the Dark kin had fantasies of subduing and dominating their supreme ruler.

Sorscee played with Ewelina's hair and talked to no one in particular, while looking at the whole of Seven Hells which is collectively in a trance, "No taboo exists in the Chimera Expanse, it is a place where their darkest and deepest desires come true. Despite their reverence in their Father-Demon, a taboo is the sweetest of all."

"And the one who could make their desires come true is their new God."

When Sorscee said this, the whole of Seven Hells started to tremble, crushing the fabric of space surrounding it. Then, strands of golden aura started to emit out of each of the Dark Kin. It was a majestic sight of the entire Seven Hells glowing in a shade of golden radiance.

The faith and reverence of the entire Seven Hells were completely extracted by Sorscee.  The golden strands started to coil around her and collectively became a dark golden armor and a divine spear in the body and hand of Sorscee. 

The moment she transformed into the golden valiant warrior, dark multi-colored tribulation clouds started to form above her, filling the sky.

The soul-shaking rumble of the tribulation lightning that echoed through the vast expanse of the sky did not evoke the emotion of fear in Sorscee.

However, it did light up her eyes in a glint of anticipation...
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