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PORN STAR 35 Sorscee's Scheme Part 1 : Bootilicious Hundra and Harlot Priestess Lioba - Porn Star

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A resounding slap echoed all over the seven hells, Father-Demon had Sorscee on all fours with her butt raised high. His talon-like feet has her head firmly clutched and pressed down, the stretching 9 feet frame of Lucifer is like a giant next to a small 5 feet tall Sorscee. Her being curled up on all fours only made her smaller.

The Dark Lord collared Sorscee with a flaming chain, he also used short flaming cuffs, each binding a wrist and an ankle. The raven-haired celestial beauty was bound and pressed down like a prison wh*re.

After an extensive spank session and leaving a plethora of scorching hand-prints on fair maiden's bubble butt, Lucifer pulled up the head of Sorscee by her hair to the level of his crotch. Lucifer is a proportionately handsome man, his muscles and physique are neither large nor emancipated for his large frame.

However, his phallus that is not overexaggerating for his three meters tall-robust body, is still measured over 16 inches, which is half the length of Sorscee's torso. His p*ssy pleaser is not just a menace in length, the impressive shaft boasts a girth of over 7 inches in circumference.

Lucifer held her head up by grabbing the top of her hair and rubbed the tear faced Sorscee over the entire length of his hard cock.

 "... why are you hurting me... I will be your obedient pet ...please don't punish me anymore..." pleaded Sorscee, as Lucifer stuffed his hard pillar-like phallus into the soft plump lips of the celestial maiden.


He further grabbed her two-handed by the throat and started to pump his cock deep in forcefully, by every stroke he is burying one inch more into the tiny windpipe of Sorscee, completely shutting off her air intake. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Unsatisfied with the level of punishment that he had inflicted on the lone goddess, Lucifer summoned two demon generals under his command.

One was a bootilicious grey-skinned goat horned demoness, dressed in a wild barbaric armor with a broad sword slung over her back. She is a curvaceous woman with full 50 E cups breast, a lean 34 inches muscled waist and round globulous buttocks stretching her armor. Her butt is the most prominent feature of her body as each ass globe is at the size of a basketball. 

The other summoned subordinate was a matronly looking woman who is a pale-skinned tall European-like woman of 6 feet. She appeared pious and kind dressed in a nun outfit as she was constantly muttering prayers with her eyes closed. However, when she opened her eyes, the full purple glow of her iris-less eyes makes her an eerie sight.

Contrasting the barbaric looking demoness, the nun is comparatively lean on her curves but still abundant with her 40 double D, 28 waists and 38 in the hips. Her nun outfit is a tight fight over her sinfully seductive body, letting every man see the perfect contours of her body, despite being fully covered.

"Master," said the duo in unison as they kneeled before the impressive Father-Demon.

"Warrior Hundra and Priestess Lioba, I would like to reward my two well-regarded subordinates with a special banquet."

"Ahh yes! Food! My Lord, is it the nine-headed dragon that has been troubling our Seven hells?" drooled Hundra as she looked around searching for the spread of a feast.

However, the more preceptive Lioba secretly eyed the divine beauty that was choked over Father-Demon's cock. Looking at the lewd sight, the pious woman squeezed her thighs together, as her depraved body quickly started gushing-out p*ssy juice, proving that the nun is a true sl*t underneath.

"Now now Hundra, you should learn from your sister. Look, Lioba already has her eyes on the feast."

Hundra quickly looked at Lioba, whose nipples are sticking out each an inch over her nun habit. 1  Following Lioba's fervent gaze, Hundra found the obscene sight of Father-Demon dominating a divine beauty. The spectacle was tastier than a nine-headed dragon as she licked her lips seductively at the helpless woman subdued by her master.

"Ummm, Master, you have started the banquet before us, " pouted Hundra.

"Haha, I was just preparing the dish. Now, let us feast-on."

"I will be choking and ravaging the mouth-p*ssy of this divine cow," Lucifer leaned forward and spread the perky soft bubble butt of Sorscee and showed Hundra her light pink asshole...

"Hundra, why don't you have fun here..." winked Lucifer as he dipped a finger into the tight asshole of the goddess.

"Yes, Milord!" Hundra happily ran over to the imposing Father-demon, knelt down before the prefect curvy ass of the Porn Goddess.

Cupping each ass cheek with each hand, Hundra started to squeeze, fondle and stretch the butt cheeks of the holy maiden. She leaned forward into Sorcee's ass crack and took a deep whiff of the asshole, rubbing her nose on it. Drunk over the distinctive odor, Hundra hastily kisses the pink pucker and started to lick the whole of Sorscee's anus, making it slick and wet...

Sighing to herself in delight, Hundra muttered, "you god realm bitches are sweet everywhere..." Nun outfit, it resembles a long tunic and typically has two sets of sleeves.
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