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PORN STAR 4 The Goddess's Nectar

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"I'm... sorry."


'Why is she saying sorry?' thought Chuck.

"I know it is too soon for you to think about another woman. I should not have been this forward when you just been rejected by the love of your life."


"Maybe... maybe I could help you get hard?... If you want...," Juliana's voice quieted down to barely a whisper as she used all her courage to say all that.

"Huh" by now Chuck is more or less numbed by the overthinking beauty and could only process his mind to say that one word.

Thinking that 'huh' is a 'yes' from Chuck, Juliana's face blew up into a shade of tomato red as she slowly made her way to his limp dick. Overcoming her hesitation, she timidly grabbed onto the limp dick of Chuck and slowly made a to and fro motion and started to kiss the tip of his dick.

'Fuck, I'm being given a second chance and yet I don't see me turning hard.'

'Damn, what the hell am I gonna do?'

'If there's an almighty, I will do anything to feel the soft wet tongue of this eager vixen.'

'God or devil, whoever... I m willing to sell my soul just for me to feel the soft tongue over my cock.'

"Haha, the exact words that I've been waiting for..." said an enchanted being from above. She then cupped her perky D cups playing with her tits roughly mauling her tits, with her other hand pulling up her angelic attire to expose her neatly groomed cunt with an artistically trimmed landing strip. She jammed 2 of her elegant fingers into her pink love canal. Eliciting a moan that will turn the gods into devils and the devils into insane, the divine sight fingered herself with a deranged lustful look on her face.

As her fingers coated a silvery sheen of her arousal, she took her fingers out and smelled the intoxicating smell of her own fluid.

'You are one lucky mortal,' mumbling to herself as she flickered her hand down towards the land below.

A droplet of clear fluid streaked its way down toward a parked Maybach in a parking lot. Though it looked like a normal raindrop, it carried a fragrant refreshing smell of nature that u can smell only in the spring season. The more magical part is that the droplet magically passed through the bulletproof sunroof of the car and feel into the sighing mouth of Chuck and melted in his tongue.

It was like an atomic bomb exploded in Chuck's mind, his thoughts turned extremely perverted and lusty. He felt unadulterated pure lust. Chuck heard something shatter in his mind as he remembered every perverted thought that he ever felt in his life and remembered every girl that he wanted to fuck in his life. His mind started filling up sexual knowledge and the different ways to take and give sexual gratification.

With the flickering of different beautiful women and perverted emotions flashing continuously in his mind, it finally settled on Juliana. Though it seemed like an era has passed for Chuck it was only but a few seconds in reality.


[Gasp] "Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I'll be more gentle," saying so the charming Brazilian slowly kissed the underside of his soft dick and licked the entire length of his shaft.

'I CAN FEEL IT!' screamed Chuck in his mind. He started feeling the wet warm feeling of Juliana's tongue. As chuck was reveling in the excited feeling of Juliana's blowjob, everything is perfect except one thing.

He still could not get fucking hard!

"...umm am I doing it wrong? I know, I'm not very experienced," said Juliana with teary eyes.

"No, I... What?! I'm not hard yet!" blurted out Chuck.

"Interesting. Even the Goddess's nectar is not enough for him. He sure is an interesting mortal."

"Hmmm. However, I've completed my end of the contract, I have plenty of time to play him in the future," said a voice unbeknownst to him high up above in the sky. With even more curiosity the divine sight continued watching the naughty act of Chuck and Juliana with a tub of popcorn in her hands.

"umm... I..."

"You don't have to say anything... I know I'm not very good at sex, my boyfriend always cheats on me, now I understand. I'm just not good enough..." sobbingly voiced Juliana with tears streaming down her cheek.

Chuck grabbed her by the throat, pulled her face close and kissed her hard, with a hand jammed down on her unprotected sex.

Kissing Chuck's tongue, the remnants of Goddess's nectar tasted by Juliana, blew her mind in sexual chaos, she started coating Chuck's hand with cum and she's is frequently struck by a series of short multiple orgasms and as Chuck pulled on her clit her pussy blew up on a long orgasm of almost a minute and she pissed cumming down the leather seats.

After a while, as Juliana came around, Chuck rubbed his wet hand on her face and she obediently starting licking his fingers bent down with her ass raised high, ready for everything.

"Juliana, you are one of the most beautiful females I've known, if it's anything, the fault is on my end..."

"...no, you made me feel things like no other man did..."

"Let me finish, I think my body doesn't wanna rush things with you, it is telling me to treat you right. I'd like to take you out... on a proper date"

"...umm, I have a boyfriend..."

Chuck smirked and said, "doesn't that make things more interesting?"

"Mmm, good move to play the emotion card," nodded the D cup divinity from above.

Blushing a shade more crimson, Juliana nodded to going out with him. They planned to meet Wednesday a week later. As the sexual tension died down, the remainder of the wanton act of Juliana made her want to bury her head on the floor, she dresses back in a flash, rushing to leave and to escape from the lewd looks of Chuck.

Despite her repeated begging, Chuck held onto her panty, as she kissed him goodbye, Chuck raised her skirt and give her a left butt cheek a tight slap. Being reminded of being pantyless made Juliana pout at Chuck as she left in haste.

[Sigh] 'That was a tough bullet to dodge, now I have to fix up my situation in a week' thought Chuck to himself, oblivious to his thoughts being read by a being up above him.

Chuck put his pants back on and started to drive the mobster car topless. He started to drive back to the Mafia mansion to meet his brothers. however his mind was constantly thinking about how to fix with his shameful situation of not getting a boner.

On the red light road crossing a chick next to him in a car started to strike up a conversation.

Sighing over the fact that he can only look, but cannot eat, Chuck ignored the girl and smoked her as soon as the signal went green.
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[Sigh] 'Life is hard' thought Chuck.

'Except for your dick' said a nonexistent voice from up above as she started cracking up over her own crude joke.

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