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At the scene of the fire, before Chuck could finish his cigarette, he was surrounded by hundreds of patrol cars and police choppers circling his location. A city-wide evacuation has been ordered.

In the high tension atmosphere, one lane of the blockade is being cleared and the patrol cars are backing to give way to a line-up of black vehicles that are hurriedly making their way through the blockades.

A fully geared up team of Special Operatives flooded the scene and ordered the Sergeant to hand over the command of the crime scene. The firefighters were asked to leave, Hanks gave a troubled look at Chuck who seemed to be changing into a different person by the minute. He pulled the disguised Akane alongside him and left with his team.

The other local police are asked to clear out the area and are prohibited to a perimeter of 500mts from the said location.

"What Sarge, we are just going to let these special ops bastard to take over our case?" fumed Johanna feeling pissed at how everyone is treating her and the police team as insignificant.

"Let go, Johanna. Things are way over our pay grade, we don't have the authority or the clearance for firepower to deal with a Tzar," as the Sarge was placating Johanna, a young commanding operative in the Special Ops team mockingly laughed at the two.

"Heh, least the old man knows his place. You should follow your superior's spineless lead and shut your b*tching about, let the pros do their job. You may pick a thing or two watching us work," smirked the young officer as he made his way to the leisurely smoking Chuck.

He looked back and smiled at Johanna, then he made a weird face which he thought was his tough-look face, loudly clocked his gun to load and held it loosely in his hand.

"Chuck, isn't it? Step into the van, it's cozier inside," hearing an irritating male voice, Chuck looked up.

"As you could see we have you surrounded by the entire city, there is nowhere to run. Get in, let not make things messy." Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Run?" Chuck focused on the arrogant operative that was speaking to him...

### 1

At the entrance of the town, the Chief of Army Staff and the Defense Minister of the country are asked to convene in a meeting in the army tent that was set-up as a command post. The entire country was at a red alert, regiments of various army units are making its way to the perimeter.

Due to proximity, the Defense minister arrived early and was made to wait inside the tent, accompanied by the commanding officer of the regiment.

The Chief of Police was by the entrance of the tent as his grade is not high enough to join in the discussion.

"Has the army arrived?" asked an aged voice.

"Sir Minister, we have 2 units on standby, the other units are on its way," answered a young officer, decorated with various medals of valor in his commander suit.

"Not enough... not enough..." wheezed the old man looking worried.

"But Sir, the might of Tzar is a myth, he is just but one man, If not for the loss of public property, one round of heavy artillery will leave no pieces left of him."

The muddy old eyes of the Minister looked up, "Mr...?"

"Brigade General Li Jun, grandson of the famed Admiral Li"

[Cough] [Cough] "Pardon me, you did seem familiar. So you are comrade Li's grandson."

"Yes, grandfather mentioned a lot about you..." as Brigadier Li was trying to weasel a familiar relationship with the defense Minister he was interrupted by a First Lieutenant, who's a close aide of him.

The brigadier berated displeased, "I told you not to disturb me..."

However, the First Lieutenant has no time to pacify the mood of his friend and superior, with shaky hands he lifted up a bag that was dripping red, in a cracked voice he said, "...it ...it's ...raining ...blood and ...body ...pieces ..."


"So it begins again," the aged Minister became more dispirited at the news of carnage.

"Minister, this is good news! He is now a terrorist! We can make this a military operation and wipe the scourge off from the face of this planet, ending his existence here and now! I have some commands to issue, I will get back to you with good news in an hour..." as the Brigadier turned to move out, he was held in place by an arm, an arm feeble and wrinkled to look at, but the hold was like as if his shoulder was held by a metal pincer.

"Brigadier, though your grandfather's achievements are undeniable, the next generation, Li Wei, your father was even more dazzling. However, you didn't identify yourself as his son, why?"

"Minister, don't jest with me. Though my old man had an impressive military career initially, he lost all his fleet and crew became the sole survivor of a failed military operation, causing the state millions of dollars in loss. Even more deplorable, he survived but everyone died. He is a coward who could not place his country above his life. He ran away for his life. He is the stain of the Li military family," Brigadier's jaw tightened and face flushed as he was made to go down a difficult memory lane.

"Even if the admiral is a coward, a fleet of over 50 bomber ships and submarines were destroyed. An elite army unit of thousands is killed with none alive. Were you not curious about what he was against...?"

"It was classified. Ever with the rank of Brigadier General, I don't have clearance."

The minister went completely silent for a minute as if he is trying to remember a memory that he tried so hard to forget. Hearing no reply from the Minister, Brigadier Jun was about to leave...

"...Let me tell you one connection to your father's mission..."



### 1

Johanna cleaned up an entire town infested of mafia members, murderers and drug movers by herself. She is no meek character, the number of men she slit throats is more than the ones who she kissed. However, her face is all terrified and her whole body is shaking at the sight of what she's seeing...

The cocky operative who talked down to Chuck is frozen with a terrified look on his face because only his head remains...

A dark visage of a man with a hand is holding a blood-dripping head and is breaking open a metal door of a liquor store with the other.

"Ahh it's been long since I've let loose," deeply exhaled a male dressed in a suit. Everyone knows who he is, but the people present cannot connect the current visage to the one that they know a few minutes ago. The one they see now has no connection to the human.

It is a beast.

A beast back in his forest, enjoying the thrill of the hunt. The civilized society is too much restriction on it, as it is meant to hunt! Meant to kill! To conquer!

A bloody being that relishes the warmth of blood splattering on its face!

On the scene of the massacre, the police were the only ones kept alive, only because the Chief of Police and their Sergeant command to not engage. Even when they saw the team of Special Ops being slaughtered, the Sergeant and Police Chief ordered not to interfere.

Some impulsive police officers wanted to break command and move in on their own, but as the killing piled up, the gruesome way each died, more horrific than the other, they were secretly relieved that they were commanded not to engage.

With a distorted electronic relay, the transmitter on an incomplete dead body buzzed "Platoon 3654! Report your status! Reinforcements will arrive shortly!"

"Platoon 3654..." the message kept repeating.

With shaky hands, the Sergeant picked up the buzzing transmitter...


"Reporting to command..."

"... Report Status! What the hell is happening there? What was all the screaming?" replied an impatient male voice...

"...I don't know …I don't know…"

"…just don't send anyone..."


"...Didn't you request reinforcement?"


"...All those who made the request are dead... Don't send any more men to die..."

"...This is a death abyss! ...We as humans cannot take part in this"

"Order evacuation! Leave! Leave! Don't look back! LEAVE!"

The Sergeant became more hysterical as the more he talked, he became a crazed man drenched in fear, but none berated him. Everyone's throat and limbs are frozen by the cruel slaughter that they witnessed... Scene transition Scene transition
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