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"You lowly dog, you dare speak out of turn in my presence..." Lord Lucifer coldly stared at Asmodeus.

"...My Lord ...I ..."

"Kneel" with just this one word, the imperial mark in Asmodeus' forehead lit up and a strange force enveloped him, forcing him to kowtow, despite his body mutilated and his spine held by Sorscee.

"The etiquette of the Seven Hells are always strange, we Gods rarely treat our subjects this harshly," chided Sorscee.

"Save the faux benevolence, I've been the Dark Ruler long before your existence. I know full well of the denizens of 'God Realm' thinking and behavior."

"Ha, saves me putting up a show then," as Sorscee wanted to continue speaking, she was abruptly interrupted by the cold voice of the Dark Lord.

"Leave now and never lay a finger on the dark blood kin."

"Are you ordering me?" mockingly smiled Sorscee.

"Yes, the divine decree is still in place. If you wish to instigate a war between the major realms, I will immediately tear your body into pieces and imprison my soul in my black flame to burn for eternity, a fate cruel than death," the cold eyes of Lucifer indicated that what he was saying is no threat, but a mere fact if Sorscee dares to disobey him.

[Tch] Sorscee clicked her tongue annoyed over the serious words of Lucifer.

"The rumors are true, the Dark Lord has no patience in himself. No woman will be interested in a man who cannot hold it in," winked Sorscee, ignoring the unamused face of Lucifer, she continued...

"I would have usually given you face, but this minor character has caused blasphemy in God's presence. His soul should belong to me for 3 eras of torture."

Lucifer's eyes looked troubled as he learned of his subordinated misdeeds. However, he did not want to appear weak when the whole of the Seven Hells is watching.

He was about to step up to fight with Sorscee, the witty Porn Goddess quickly made her first move, not on Lucifer, but on Asmodeus...

"AAHHHHHHH" the guttural scream of the Asmodeus echoed out as Sorscee pulled out a portion of the base of Asmodeus' spine. The eerie lumbar spine 1 of a high demon is ominously wriggling in her hand with purple blood dripping.

"YOU DARE ACT WANTONLY IN MY PRESENCE!" thundered Lucifer, he felt he was insulted as his subordinate was attacked in his presence.

Unafraid of the intimidating aura of Lucifer, Sorscee smiled at him with her bloody hand still holding a part of Asmodeus' spine...

"Dear Dark Lord, why must we, the beings of higher existence squabble over..." she turned her sight over the wailing Asmodeus, "...trifling things..."

"I won't stand for the dark kin being mistreated by the divine," coldly said Lucifer.

"Hahaha, you crack me up Lord of Darkness. Save me the sermon, I'm a Goddess, myself" Sorscee strangely smiled at him and pulled on the sash of her toga, baring her perfect tear-drop breasts for the world to see. Her divine face, the cascading and fluttering hair, her dainty neck and her delicate collar bone; mere mortals both men and women are unable to take in any more perfection of her beauty, as their breath gets heated and eyes blur in arousal.

Only the Dark Lord has the mental might to see her exposed flesh, the divine beauty of the Porn Goddess is every man and woman's wet dream. As he looked past her collar bone, he saw breasts that were neither large nor tiny, a perfect handful of squeezable mounds that is neither too perky nor saggy, with the perfect weight.

Her bony collarbone and the perfectly flat navel with faint definitions of her feminine fitness puts all supermodels to shame. The perfect scoops of her breasts were topped with the tasty cherry of her pinkish nipples as if emphasizing the sweetness of the treat, her nipples were surrounded by the perfect circle of the smoothest pinkish-brown areola.

Being a demon at the core, even the Dark Lord could not resist such temptations of such divine grace.

"Come Lucifer, take me and show your subjects that the hellion goddess is subjugated by the manly c*ck of the Great Lord Lucifer," smiled Sorscee as she offered her body to be ravaged with all of the Seven hells watching...

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Makena got off her phone with a heavy look on her face...

"What happened..." asked Joab.

"I've received intel that the Sinoise government knows about Big Brother Chuck's whereabouts... They know he's in the country..."

"Heh, who cares? Father can destroy the whole army on his own, no form of authority can play tricks on him."

"You won't know, but from my time in the world army, I've come across several military-funded projects that are researching the powers of a Tzar."

"They cannot do squat! The weak have always been jealous, fearful and curious of the mighty, Tzar holds the structural authority in check, and they are the very foundation of human society, blessed by the beings of divine since birth."

"That is the problem! Big Brother Chuck does not affiliate with any divine entity. He is an enigma to even among the Tzars..."

The worried rant of Makena froze up Joab, he is an impulsive man, but on no counts he is stupid. He clearly understood the implication of Makena.

[Gulp] "You mean..."

"...Yes, we may see more Tzars or even worse, those secluded organizations may come in play..." The lumbar spine is a bone called the sacrum, which is part of the pelvis, which connects to the lower end of the spine. Scene change
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