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Unoffended by the lust directed towards her, the divine beauty waited for the man to make himself cum with the elf-eared mature beauty. The more the man looked at the celestial maiden, the rougher and fervent he became with the pale-skinned matronly beauty.

He forced his c*ck into her throat, the thick manhood of the man filled up the mature beauty's throat full, cutting off any intake of air. Despite the lady's begging for air, he kept on using her mouth p*ssy for his release.

She passed out midway at his relentless humping, he soon spewed his cum, thread after thread of sticky white spurts of semen, filling her belly. As he pulled out his c*ck kept shooting cum, white goo overflowing out her mouth and her nostrils.

After he is done using the female for this release he threw her down by the floor, the dark elf-eared woman came and checked out on the feeble sight of fellow kinswoman.

"Heh, for what I do owe the pleasure? To get a personal visit from the Goddess of Porn, Sorscee. I did feel a throb in my loins, telling me it is going to be a special day, today."

Unaffected by the snide remarks of the man, Sorscee first looked at the elf-duo, "Alvina and Corliss, the matron elf-queens of the Silva realm. Though I am interested in know how the prideful ladies of the elf-dom became your cock wipes, I'm here to tell you to keep it in your pants and avert your gaze from the things of the mortal realm."

"Hahaha, is that a command from the Goddess. Oh, how might you think you are the former b*tch of Lady Lilith? You were a lowlier bitch than Alvina here," emphasizing his statement, he pulled the matronly woman by her onto his lap and started spanking her curve 40 inches pale white buttocks, her matronly curves rippling with each hit.

Despite being half-conscious she muttered, "Ahh ... tha...nk you... ahh ...than...k you..."

"I trained her in a way that she says thank you every time she feels pain. Hehehehe, its entertaining don't you think? Doesn't it bring back memories of your deplorable past? The former rag doll of Lady Lilith?"

[Sigh] "It is my fault to expect a demon to act with a sense of tact, be it a castle or the streets of a slum, a dog is always a dog, licking garbage and sniffing butth*les" casually commented Sorscee as her eyes trailed over the humiliated regal women of the Silva realm.

"What did you just..." the man froze up in mid-sentence as Sorscee coldly glared at him, tearing down her visage of benevolence. Her face did not change in expression, but the change in her aura made the elf-queen kowtow down with their forehead pressed firmly in the ground.

All of the veins in his body wiggled like worms, his eyes turning bloodshot, his face contorted in excruciating agony. Yet, he was not allowed to make a noise.

The surrounding is a picture of tranquility as the matronly elf women kept their head low not even daring to look up at their struggling demon master. However, the silence was not the same to their demon lord as his soul was repeated battered by the unbridled vengeance of faith from Sorscee's worshipper. He repeatedly heard one word echoing at his core badgering his soul causing pain worse than murder...



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Sorscee looked past the noiseless torture and gazed at the same blue star that the so-called 'Lord of the Lust' was intently staring upon.


Back at the scene of the burning sex clinic, Johanna's demonic aura froze the thoughts of everyone but Chuck. She started to slowly walk toward him in a murderous trance. The killer woman with dual Tasers that had active electric discharge coursing through, looked like a lightning goddess erupting fury upon the mortals.

Akane, disguised in a firefighter uniform wanted to step forward despite being deeply terrified. As she was about to move, the firm hands of Fire Captain Hanks held her by the shoulder...


"...but ...she ...he ..." stuttered Akane as she teared up watching Chuck struggling to sit up, despite taking a lightning strike to his nuts.

"He's a tough son of a b*tch," muttered Captain Hanks, "Don't worry, if he's under a real threat, I'll step in..."

Everyone was drenched in trepidation as if awaiting the execution of Chuck, fearing the guillotine called Johanna.

However, just a few steps from Chuck, her momentum halted and the murder in her eyes receded. Johanna was perfectly conscious of her choices and actions, but thinking back, she was astounded by the way she behaved.

'...Do I really care this much of what he thought of me?'

"Umm ...detective Johanna, you have already cuffed him. You don't have much evidence to arrest him. I think you should stop at this point," the burly voice of the Sergeant came through.

"...finally found your balls..." muttered Chuck on the side feeling displeased over the officer not stepping in sooner.

"But... but... he confessed..."

"That's enough Johanna," berated the Sarge displeased over his psychotic subordinate.

The Sarge came closer to her and whispered, "It's your word against his and you damn well know that the statements of a police officer cannot be used as evidence. Get him to the station and get a recorded confession."


"And be nice to him! Request him to come to the police station, Do Not Use Force!"


"If he files a lawsuit of police brutality, more than your badge is on the line! Get him a medic and get clearance on his health, first.

"...yes, sir..."

The Sergeant walked to Chuck, undid the cuffs and helped him up.


"Norris, Chuck Norris."

"Ah, Mr. Norris, I deeply apologize for the childish prank that my colleague played on you."

"Really? Childish?" asked Chuck unamused.

"Well... I... Johanna, come here. Apologize to Mr. Norris," the Sarge pushed Johanna to the front to diffuse the awkward situation.

"..." Johanna just stared back at Chuck with a cold face.

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