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Feeling happy over the easy confession, Johanna decided to give Chuck something extra to remember her for. She started grinding her crotch over Chuck, enticing him even further.

However, the bulge that she expected to feel never came, a sense of disappointment and curiosity came over Johanna, "So that's why the sex doctor?"

"...no comments..."

[Sigh] "What a waste of a good man..."

Embarrassed, Chuck looked away muttering to himself, "...maybe you are not attractive enough..."

Then without any warning, she turned Chuck over and handcuffed Chuck reading him his rights...

"You have the right to remain silent. What you say or do will be used in the court of law..."

"WTF! Is it even legal to arrest a man for not finding you attractive? You have no idea how hard I am wishing to get hard, your looks are just not enough to... AHHH" the more Chuck talked the rougher Johanna treated him and concluded with a Taser to his crotch.

"Woah! The man just got out of a flaming building, he needs the medic team's attention..." screamed the firefighter's captain Hank.

"..Da ...Damn, Crazy lady! What do you think this is? It is not a car battery to jump-start it with electricity! If something happens to my little brother, I will sue you! Use this in the court of law, you crazy hideous b*tch!"

"What did you just call me?!?" despite the burning blaze nearby, the surroundings felt cold to the bone as everyone felt the frigid aura of a scorned woman.

The men of the police, firefighters and the public collectively gulped, as they watched Johanna slowly trotted to Chuck. He crossed his legs over his crotch in a vain attempt to safeguard his family jewels.

'My little brother may be temporarily out of service, but this crazy woman will make him permanently burnt.'

'I just want to get hard, not crispy! Why are you testing me like this god?' whined Chuck in his mind.
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However, despite Johanna being a hard ass, she does not have the deathly aura to freeze everyone on the scene in their feet and let her continue with murderous intentions.

A supernatural foul-play is in effect.

Millions of miles away in the outer space stood as effeminate man, with a handsome face comparable to the BTS heartthrobs. He stands on the wall of his sky castle, looking down on the small planet earth. Two elf-eared pale-skinned and mocha-skinned busty beauties kneeled before him, worshiping his 11 inches veined and throbbing manhood.

The pale-skinned beauty noisily slurps on his purple-red cock head and the mocha-skinned elf-eared beauty is soundly suckling on his balls, she takes a whole nut in her mouth suckles on it. Both the beauties are eagerly at his throbbing cock slobbering and spit dripping all around.

Both the women are dressed in a see-through Greek toga, with no underwear. As the lusty females have kneeled and were passionately servicing the powerful effeminate man, the toga moves away not covering their modesty, showing their horny leaking p*ssy and their rosy as*holes full-on display.

However, the man did not care for the fervent service of the mature females, his attention was fully captured by the blue star, far away. Though it seemed that the blue planet was eons away and appeared to be like a small star, the effeminate man seems to intently stare at the blue star, as if he could clearly see the happenings on that blue planet.

"My my, is the Lord of Lust breaking the divine decree on the ban of direct interference on the world of mortals?" chimed a melodious voice of the big tits loli, whose beauty is above the realm of mortals. As if the outer space is her backyard park, the intricately accessorized divine beauty walked casually on the outer space, one meteor after the other automatically align before her feet as she walked toward the grand sky castle of the man with a casual smile on her face.

The effeminate man was shocked at first to hear a voice and as he looked up at the sight of the divine beauty he smiled sweetly at her, as he grabbed the throat of the pale-skinned elf-eared beauty and thrust his pelvis into the slick mouth of the mature beauty, feeding her the full 11 inches of his cock.

He started face fucking her, with his big balls slapping on her chin, he seems to be using her mouth as his cock sleeve, using her mouth to get him off, as his eyes never left the seductive body of the celestial beauty that is walking towards him.

The obscene display of the man's c*ck or the eager mature sl*ts drooling mouth and fragrant p*ssy did not affect the sacred damsel. If one noticed closely, contrary to the expected aversion at the obscene display, the divine beauty seems to welcome the scene of indecency.

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