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PORN STAR 22 Officer Johanna: 40E cups, 30 inches waist and a 38 inches butt Part 2

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"We all feared that an aspiring officer, a beautiful girl, was lost to the force and the world. However, two days after that weird things started happening, men of Norman Deuces starting dying one after the other. His drugs and arms stash was being robbed with none of his men left alive. His business fronts were being set on fire."

"There was chatter on the streets that a lone woman is exchanging bundles of cocaine for guns, the big guns that are military grade. Anyone who trailed her, anyone asking about her, anyone who wanted to find her, went missing or dead soon later. The entire underworld quivered. It was a city-wide purge."

"Norman Deuces skipped town, left his drug empire and went into hiding. Officer Johanna, reported back to the office two days after the then Police commissioner went missing, very soon we got tipped of Norman's safe house. When the SWAT swept the place they found two male corpses naked in a deplorable manner, one showed traces of being r*ped and committed suicide, the other was shot and bleed to death."

Hearing about the incident so far, the rookie's spine chilled and he had enough of knowing, but the Sarge continued...

"The forensics department identified that the two corpses are the Kingpin, Norman and the then-corrupt Police Commissioner. From the blood traces, it was found that Norman has been force-fed Viagra and the commissioner's hands and feet were tied together in a fetal position and there were semen traces in his rectum. The Commissioner must have shot Norman in his penis after being r*ped a bunch of times and committed suicide."

The heated lust that the rookie felt when he looked at Johanna was completely doused in water and frozen over. The very proximity of Officer Johanna made the rookie terrified.

As the rookie was losing his marbles over sneaking a peek at his superior officer, Johanna. The femme fatale walked towards the bunch of firefighters who were coming out of the fire as they carried out a passed out old man on the stretcher.

As the medics take over the care of the old man, she walked up to the frantic medic team and asked one thing, "dead?"

"...Uhh ...passed out..."

Losing interest over the living person, she turned to a nearby firefighter, "Where's the guy?"

Before the firefighter could respond, the baritone laughter of a fit man mature man who was walking with the Firefighter Captain broke the tense atmosphere of the scene.

As everyone was curious over the man, Johanna walked up to him with a smile, "You Chuck Norris, the one who barged into the doctor's office?"

Unaffected by the oppressive aura behind the female officer's smile, Chuck smiled back lightly, "Who's asking?"


Expecting to see some traces of alarm in Chuck's eyes, Johanna looked intently into Chuck's eyes.

Looking back into the femme officers' eyes, Chuck relished the attention of the hot female officer saying...

"Oh my, do all the criminals deserve such intense gaze of the beautiful officer?"

"Hehe, is this is a new confession tactic? It's working," nodded Chuck as neither of them broke eye contact.

"Confess what crimes, Mr. Norris?" the officer stepped closer into Chuck's personal space.

"Oh goody, a tinge of respect? Officer I'd like to confess my crime of passion."

"What have you done Mr. Norris?" seductively purred Johanna as the looking officer baffled at the sexy husky tone of the she-devil.
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"I've gazed, I admired, I measured, I memorized, I fantasized" taking a deep breath of the inches close officer, he continued, "I've taken in and relished the delicacies without a permit," Chuck said all this as his eyes gazed at the seductive female officer, from her picturesque face to her smooth neck, then to the deep swells of her breasts. He leaned to the side and took a peek at the fulsome curve of her buttocks.

Despite a hint of displeasure towards the blatant stare of Chuck, Johanna didn't stop smiling, she pressed forward on the few inches between herself and Chuck, making him feel the plush curves of her body.

Her 40 E cups pressed on the firm chest of Chuck, she put on hand on Chuck's ass and the other over the back of his head, making him look straight onto her, their lips inches apart. She whispered to him, "Did you cause the fire?"

Leaving Chuck to ponder over her question, she further escalated her contact on him as she curled a leg over Chuck's back fully leaning onto him, making him feel her crotch over his, leaving none to the imagination.

Feeling her heat and the two hard pencil-eraser like nipples poking his chest from beneath her clothes, made Chuck's throat went dry and with a hoarse voice he replied, "...yes..."

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