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PORN STAR 3 Little brother, you betrayed me!

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Hungrily looking at Juliana laying down on the soft leather, Chuck pulled his shirt open with buttons flying, he pressed himself over her body with his bare chest. Keeping a hand over the side, he prevented his body from crushing her, yet still made her feel his heat over her skin.

Taking in the vulnerable sight of Juliana, Chuck pushed up the bra cups, exposes her light pink nipples. Feeling the air caressing her sensitive nipples Juliana tried to cover her up, only for her hand to be held pinned down by Chuck, as he ripped her bra off with the other hand. Helplessly she allowed him to savor the sight of her perky peaks.

Juliana blushed over the fact of being brazenly exposed in front of a man, but soon Chuck covered her up, not with clothes though. Her already scarlet face turned crimson red, as she felt his stubbled chin rubbing against the underside of her left breast.

Feeling the bounciness of her perky boob, Chuck gave a noisy wet kiss. Hearing her gasp, Chuck continued showering her breasts with kisses and light bites.

Arousal raged through the body of Juliana, yet she was frustrated the same. Chuck purposefully kissed all over perky tits except for her nipples, making her subtly angle her nipple over to his lips. Unable to tolerate being ignored, Julina pressed Chuck's face over her tits and he obediently took her hard and stiff nipple between his teeth, biting it and in frenzy, he licked the tip of her sensitive nubs.

Her taut navel clenches and unclenches over the pleasure that was coursing through her. As if the stimulation is not already overwhelming, Chuck decides to get rough with her. He starts to bite and chew her taut nipple eliciting a moan from Juliana.

He leans up and grabs her by the chin and looks into her eyes, with her their lips parting they started to kiss and lick each other's tongue tasting the sweet taste of their spit, as their tongues wrestled with the other.

Satisfied with how Juliana is putty in his hands, Chuck decides to reward her with more pleasure, as he kisses his way down her tits in search of a set of lips much lower.

Much soon he found the black lace panty, which was covering the soft wet mound of Juliana. Just the casual rub of his thumb over her mound made her shiver in delight. Chuck made her spread her legs and pressed his thumb on her wet dripping sex over her panty. The overflowing sex gushed out more fluids making his thumb wet, with a high moan from Juliana.

Chuck takes a deep sniff over her pussy mound taking in her womanly aroma, and gently pulls her panty down, her wet slit had a string of pussy fluid connect to her panty. Chuck pulled it off and stuffed the panty in his pocket for keepsake and also with the lewd thought of having her dress pantyless afterward.

Looking at her bare pussy, Chuck was mesmerized over the pink weeping lips dripping tears of arousal. Julina has her pussy well-groomed and primmed with no hair. The bald cunt and the athletic lean thighs reminded Chuck again of his good fortune of shacking up a girl almost half his age.

With a parched mouth, Chuck leans down and unceremoniously licks the wet drips of pussy fluids on her thighs. As he teased over her nipples, Chuck plans to take his sweet time of reaching the golden triangle. He kept licking her inner thighs, the bald upper pussy mound and the lower end of her ass crack, slipping his tongue deep in her ass crack, licking the dribbled down pussy nectar.

Driven crazy by his ministration, the Carioca chick took things in her own hands as she grabbed him by the hair and thrust his face over her gushing cunt and gyrated her hips rubbing his face full of her young gushing cunt.

Feeling he wet stickiness and the tangy taste of Juliana's juices Chuck eagerly laps her cunt nectar like a parched dog. The flicking of his tongue sent Juliana almost to the edge as she held onto his head and started dry humping his face.

Sensing her urgency to cum, Chuck shoves his tongue deep into her warm wet pussy feeling the snug insides with his thick tongue. The sudden intrusion pierced through her core and stared her orgasmic crescendo. Riding his face throughout her orgasm, Juliana squirted her cunt juices on Chuck's mouth and face, making him drink her pussy piss. Chuck not regretting one bit savored the taste of Juliana's orgasmic juices and eagerly licked for more, shoving his tongue into her over-sensitive post-orgasmic cunt ignoring Juliana's pleading for mercy.

Feeling herself being turned on again, Juliana pulled him up, cupping his face with her hands and starts kissing his lips and licks the sticky pussy piss on his face. She looks him deep in the eyes...

"I can wait no more."


"...fuck me."
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"Fill me up and fuck me hard."

"Fuck me hard enough to forget everything."

As if waiting for those golden words, Chuck removed his pants in haste. Flinging his pants across, he lowered his underwear to become bare before the sexily spread open legs of Juliana.

Juliana was eager to be pierced as she raised her cunt high for Chuck to match his pelvis, her pussy slit glistening with eagerness.

This moment is picture-perfect in Chuck's life except for one little thing.

His thing is still a limp little thing!

'WTF, little bro, don't let big brother down. We have never tasted a sexy beauty like this... c'mon raise to the occasion!'

'Fuck! get hard!'

'Okay, I'll call you big brother but don't be a limp noodle.'

'We're a team, I'll get the girl and you will fuck the girl. I did my part, now do her. Don't u feel aroused over this sexy hot nude thing?'

'WTF is your problem?'

"Chuck, don't make me wait anymore. I've never shamelessly wanted sex more than now," said Juliana as she spread her pussy lips with her fingers showing him the pink center of her pussy.

Hearing her, Chuck's face looked like he ate a fly. Remembering his 2nd-grade teacher saying that honesty is the best policy, Chuck decided to come clean as that was his only option. Though faking a heart attack still crossed his mind.

"I... Can't..."

"What?! What do you mean you can't?"

"I... Can't... get..."




"Hahahaha, damn, the look on his face."

High up in the clouds a beauty was rolling around laughing smacking her thighs as she started to tear up from laughing so hard.

"Ha, things are going to get interesting from now."

"Hmm, should I help him or let him suffer a bit more?"

Though she sounded like asking a question, the evil look in her eyes lets you know that she had already made the choice. However, Chuck's prayers are not going to be answered anytime soon, even if a god is consciously listening to him.

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