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The doctor stared hatefully at Chuck, seeing his clinic lit on fire. Seeing his life work burn on fire and his slave taken made the doctor lose his sanity, the insane doctor rushed at Chuck hoping to tear him into pieces.

Sadly, the doctor's so-called 'powers' are psychological, as the doctor took a swing, Chuck dodged it.

"Akane, watch this..."

Chuck got into a boxing pose and started punching the doctor with left and right jabs, beating the doctor into a bloody mess until he was curled up on the ground crying and clutching over Chuck's feet. The firefighters who came in for the rescue were stunned over the sight of Chuck kicking the butt of a shriveled older man, but most of them were just staring at the topless sight of Akane.

Before Chuck could explain the situation, the doctor who saw the men, felt like salvation at last. He put all his efforts into screaming out phrases...


As if he orgasmed, the doctor felt that released all his pent up frustration on Chuck as he screamed his lungs out.


"The geezer sees our firefighting gear, rite?"

"Yes Captain, the department designed it in a way where you can see it from a mile away..."

"..." "...Hand me the megaphone."

"Here, Captain."

The Captain valiantly went through the fire to reach the old doctor, who is almost in tears seeing the dedicated officer who came to his rescue. As Dr. Saitama is about to go up and hug the officer out of appreciation without his pants on, the Captain leisurely put up the megaphone...

"Old crazy man, we don't arrest people!"


The captain maintained a casual face, walked close to Dr. Saitama said, "I'm not screaming..." but he used the megaphone to say it.

"Ahh! My ears! My ears!"

The Captain left the hysterical old man in the middle of the burning wreckage and walked towards, Chuck and Akane.

"What is this? Dress-down Thursday?" joked the Fire Captain as he saw Chuck with pants down and Akane with her tits out in the open.

Chuck casually pulled his pants up, "Sorry brother, I was held up saving the damsel..."

"...With your pants down?"

"If you say it like that, I do look suspicious..."

"Ha-ha, compared to the crazy half-naked old man, you guys are very sane. Exhibitionist maybe, but nothing extreme. After all, the sight of missus made it all worth it," winked the Captain making Chuck speechless and Akane blush crimson.

As Akane was fixing up her dress, the pervy doctor calmed down and came to the Firefighter Captain demanding preferential treatment and priority in the rescue.

As the old man was rambling, Akane finished dressing which put the captain in a bad mood...

"Old man, protocol dictates woman and kids be rescued first. Well, considering your age, I'll get you out after the lady."

"This... This worthless whore... is being treated better than me?"

"Hey old man, cool it with the words, just wait 10 fucking minutes, alright," said the Fire Captain baffled at the attitude of the crazy old man.

Akane looked downcast knowing what the doctor really thought of her...

"You listen carefully bitch! I am going to destroy your life! Do you think I have no other recordings of you? Ha, I will make everyone you know, think of you as a cheap prostitute, and don't think that you have escaped my clutches!"

Akane was terrified of the thought of the Doctor's revenge as her whole body started shaking. Suddenly a rough palm held her firm, it made her feel warmth and strength from the almost painful clutching of her shoulder.

At the same time, similar to Akane the doctor also got a hand, but the feeling as very contrary. The doctor noticed the fist hat gave him a nightmare is approaching his face steadily and strongly.

"...Of ...officer ...?"

[BOOM] The doctor went down like timber.

"Sorry Captain, can't have a crazy geezer talk ill of my wife here. I will take full responsibility for the incident," said the playful voice of Chuck as he smiled at Akane.

"Why are you sorry? I didn't see anything."

"...you mean..."

"Dear lord! What happened to the old man?" ignoring the weird look of Chuck and Akane, the Captain continued on the hand-held transceiver, "Guys, there is an old man here out cold, probably from low oxygen, I need him hauled to the medical team, bring in the stretcher."

"...You do know that your whole team saw me punch his face in..."

The fire lieutenant came in with his fellow firefighters with a foldable stretcher at the scene.

"Lieutenant, what did you see?"
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"Old man passed out from low oxygen."


"Old man passed out from low oxygen, sir!" clamored the other officers.

"You have some good brothers," smiled Chuck.

"You need people you trust when you put your life on the line."

"Amen to that."

"I'm Captain Tom Hank, don't ask, my dad, lost a drinking bet when I was born."

"Ha, Chuck Norris, Gangster, my dad was not good at drinking bets either" the duo shook hands as they laughed at each other's name.

"Ha, no shit! Least you did your name proud. Sorry, the missus has to wait, protocol dictates injured to be hauled out first."

"No problem, but brother Hank, can I ask for a favor?"

"I don't easily call anyone a brother."


"But, what do you want?"

"Ummm, Akane here, I want to get her off the incident, like she was never here... I will take whatever responsibility for the fire and everything."

"...no ...I ...we are in this together..." though Akane showed her resolve anyone can see her timid expression as the woman never had to deal with the authorities before.

Captain Hanks thought in silence for a moment, after which he called one of his subordinates and ask him to get out of the fire gear and told Chuck that Akane could wear it.

"Thanks, Brother Hank, I owe you one."

"Cool it, if not for this fine young missus, I would not have given you face," still he turned to his subordinates and fiercely instructed them to bring Akane out and drive her home in the fire van.

"...Mr. Norris ...I want to stay here with you," meekly said Akane.

In response, Chuck just smiled and patted her head saying, "Cosplays are my favorite, let's see how you rock that firefighter outfit, you won't disappoint me saying no, will you?"

Akane hastily shook her head no and went behind the wall to change.

"I... how do I look..." cutely asked Akane in her frumpy firefighting gear, the cute beautiful face of Akane contrasted with the rough outfit of burnt edges and the red firefighter's hat.

"Though not as sexy as I imagined..."

"What the hell man! The missus looks good! What do you think boys?!" interrupted Captain Hanks.

"She is our firefighter's idol, sir!"

"I never knew our uniform had a fashion sense, sir!"

"The missus can be our Mascot, sir!"

Seeing everyone giving their fervent affirmation, Akane blushed and meekly peaked at Chuck.

"Ha-ha, there you have it, everyone likes Akane."

"...but, I... want to know what you think..." Akane clutched her fist in anxiousness.

"Hehe, Akane is very beautiful, from the first moment I saw her and that has never changed even in the frumpy outfit."

Akane nodded with a smile.

"You know that is a lame compliment and what are you calling frumpy! That is a sacred firefighter uniform!" mumbled the Captain.

"Can it! You think I will let Akane wear something as lame as this, if not for the situation!"

"You! You..." the two grown men started arguing like children with a passed out old man in between.

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