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PORN STAR 19 It is always my choice!

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When Akane and the demon Doctor heard Chuck, he saw helplessness turn to hope in Akane's eyes and he looked up to see the doctor witnessing his maniacal eyes turn solemn as he stared at Chuck.

'...I still don't like the look in his eyes ...he thinks he is powerful ...well, that may be true...'

'...what do my eyes look like?' thought Chuck.

'...Is it fear of the unknown? ...Is it the suspicions of this weird reality? ...is it the submission toward the unbeatable odds?'

Chuck took a moment, closed his eyes, blocking out everything as Akane was still furiously sucking his cock. The wet tongue of the young woman was working magic over his sensitive cock. Despite not being able to get hard, he felt every small movement of Akane's tongue.

Taking a deep breath, he thought of how his eyes changed over the years...

'I forego fear when I was around 10, I forego hesitation when I'm in my late teens...'

"I forego any form of servitude when I am around my late 20's, I forgo the fear of consequence when I'm in my mid 30's..."

Midway through his recollection of life events, Chuck started to think aloud startling the doctor and Akane. His body trembled with a lost look in his eyes, but with a faint sound of glass shattering that was audible only to Chuck and the doctor, his eyes gradually became clear, crystal and sharp.

The doctor had a surprised look on his face as he heard the faint shattering noise.

Chuck's eyes became a deep dark pool of immeasurable depth, they project the sense of confidence and exploding will of unwavering conviction.

"...At 40, I forgo the temptation of benefits and the devil..." saying so Chuck stiffly walked up to the power supply point on the wall to the left, the more he walked the more natural he became, completely controlling his body when he reached the power supply point.

Chuck looked calmly at the doctor and with a smile to Akane, as he got near to power supple point, the doctor's eyes had a sense of hesitation. The doctor was about to say something to Chuck, but before he could make any sound, Chuck punched hard in the middle of the power supply board, breaking it, sending his fist in.

Sparks of electricity coursed out everywhere, lights exploded far and near, painting a sight of danger. Strangely the danger was not towards him, but Chuck himself looked more dangerous than the coursing high voltage electricity.

Ignoring the flashes of short-circuiting, Chuck still pressed his hand inside the power outlet point, causing more sparks. The sight baffled Akane and terrified Dr. Saitama.

Joab is a cold merciless gang leader, Makena is an international espionage agent, Darby was the leader of the biggest biker gang in town, and the trio admires Chuck and obeys his every word obediently. Will he be some mediocre character?

Snapping out of his reprieve, the doctor screamed, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!?"

"Ha-ha doctor, don't you know what I'm taking out from here..." Chuck pulled out a set of wires and a crumpled up devices from within the power supply point.

He pulled the wired out with a yank, tearing the half smashed gadget away from its connected cables, causing a small explosion behind him.

"Akane! Look at me! Look me in the eye! This is the recorder that the old geezer used, he has no dirt on you. You should not fear anyone, you should never let your life decisions decided by someone else. One can die free, but should never live a slave."

Breaking his serious look, Chuck smiled at her with his pants still around his thighs, "You control your life kiddo. Go live free."

"...I am free ...I always am..." as she muttered, another faint sound of glass shattering was heard between Akane and the doctor.

Unlike the control severance on Chuck, Akane was Dr. Saitama's contracted slave, the severance caused the doctor to cough up blood, face pale a sheet of paper, the doctor dangerously glared at Chuck.

As the clinic was caught partially on fire and fire alarms blazing, a cold looking mature beauty of fulsome tits, small waist, and full round buttocks dressed in fine silks of vibrant colors, adorned with jewels of intricate crafts looked down on the scene of Chuck confronting the demonized doctor from thousands of feet above.

However, unlike the other divine beauties that had curiosity when they gazed at Chuck, the mature matronly beauty's eyes exude a strong sense of displeasure, when she looked at Chuck, especially when she saw him with his pants down and ass naked in front of another seemingly partially naked woman.
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She coldly looked at Chuck for a while before muttering, "It is still too soon for you to witness the world of supernatural."

"Someone is meddling in your fate," speaking to herself, the cold mature beauty pondered over her thoughts with a serious look in her face as she walked back into her Sky castle that as nestled over the largest clumps of clouds.

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