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PORN STAR 18 Choices: Obedience vs rebellion

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Chuck took a moment to look at the smug doctor and the terrified Akane. Two humans with two different emotions in their eyes. Dr. Saitama's eyes reflect control, the complacent look in his eye told everyone that he has everything in the palm of his hands.

The eyes of Akane have acquiescence. She submitted to the situation, the meek woman had no mean bone in her, being cornered by the old pervert, she felt that she had nothing to retaliate with.

'...why do I hate the look in his eyes?'

"Doctor that is a very enticing proposal. I'm a pragmatist, I don't have idealistic values, I don't hold onto a sense of righteousness..."

"I'm sorry Akane, it's not in me to talk about stupid morals. I'm a man immoral myself..." continued Chuck, Akane looked at him with a bitter smile on her face.

As the doctor had a complacent smile on his face, Chuck said...

"However doctor, I'm no man of morality, but I have a bottom line. If Akane wants sexual satisfaction, or have an affair, or continue a loveless marriage or whatever, it's her choice. I'm not going to watch an old sleazeball steal a good woman wooing her." winked Chuck at the depressed Akane making her blush.

"I've always had my problems, and I'll continue to live with it. You're not the only sex doctor, and you're the only man who can get an erection. Frankly, I think both Akane and I can do better than your shriveled up ass," finishing his piece, Chuck smiled leisurely at the doctor as he leaned back in his chair, with his legs crossed over.

"Hahaha, I knew you are a stubborn man, Mr. Norris..."

"Akane, turn over and bend over with your butt out, pulls your skirt up, lower your panties, and show Mr. Norris, your plush married woman ass," commanded Dr. Saitama.

However, strangely Akane started to comply despite her eyes and hands struggling to stop.

"I ...I ...what is ...happening?..." stuttered Akane as she turned over and pulled up her blue 'high-low' frock up exposing her cotton white panties that was snugly hugging her fulsome 36 inches mature ass.

Akane could not stop herself until she pulled down on her panties, exposing her naked bare fulsome ass to Chuck, in shame she quivered, but the subtle shaking only added allure to her pale white buttocks, the fulsome ass looked damn plush and squeezable and the Akane who looked back teary-eyed added a sinful flavor to the erotic sight.

The sudden turn of events stunned Chuck, but before he could respond, the doctor chuckled and issued a command...

"Now Mr. Norris, it is very impolite to make an eager woman wait, why don't you undo your belt and show Akane, how much you appreciate her showing her sex to you like a horny bitch in heat."

Chuck did not think that he would obey the mad old man's ramble. However, Chuck suddenly felt a sense of peril envelope him, he looked back at the doctor, only to see eyes of demonic evil red shinning as the doctor kept muttering a mantra of evil verses.

Though there is no visible difference in the doctor, Chuck picked up on the sinister morphing of his shadow. Slowly it turned lesser and lesser human and more and more beastly.

"...You're ... not ...just an old pervert..." muttered Chuck.

As Chuck noticed the doctor's strange behavior, his hands moved to his belt and started undoing it, despite him trying hard to control his actions. Chuck undid his pants and boxers and showed a flaccid cock.

"I've figured that Mr. Norris to be a smart one, I'm an old pervert with some... 'powers', you may say."

"Don't tell me it's the incubus thing?" laughed Chuck, despite his body being controlled by a strange force.

"Oh, I wouldn't think I'm a full-fledged Incubus, I'm just a lowly demon worshipper."

"Ha-ha, demons you say? What's next, the devil and gods?" seething sarcasm, Chuck thought the doctor is a complete cuckoo.

"Mr. Norris, I'm a doctor, a man of science. Still, why do you think I talk such nonsense?"

"Who can understand the crazy?"

"Hahaha, exactly, who can understand the crazy! By the way, the power that binds you and controls your body isn't it pretty fucking crazy?" laughed the doctor.

Despite the dripping sarcasm, the situation made Chuck question reality. However, Chuck maintained a stoic cold look disappointing the doctor, who wished to see a terrified Chuck. The cold eyes of Chuck made the demon doctor misinterpret that his flaccid cock is a result of Chuck's strong will and resistance to lust.

"Hmph, all will fall under the throes of passion. All hail Lord Amadeus!"

"I love taming the strong-willed, I defiled many married faithful women into cock-hungry sex-crazed sluts and their loving husbands into obedient and depressed cuckolds, who will obediently send their wives off to me every time my old wrinkled cock has an itch for young pussy."

"Now, let's make a movie shall we, starring Akane and Mr. Norris. Akane darling, it seems Mr. Norris needs some encouragement, lean on the right wall and show him, how you finger your pussy during your frustrated married life."

"...Doctor ...please ...don't ...it's too ...embarrassing..." as Akane was saying her hands were furiously teasing her married cunt, giving the doctor and Chuck the view of her tender pink center. Her pussy got wet soon and her juices were trickling down her plump cunt dripping on the floor.

"Hmm, I thought maybe, Mr. Norris will be itching to fuck this horny bitch by now, guess he has a stronger will. In that case, Akane, use this dildo to fuck yourself in the ass, don't be gentle about it and give Mr. Norris a blowjob."

"Hehe, guess it's your lucky day Akane, I didn't plan to double penetrate you this soon," the doctor threw a ribbed 10-inch thick black dildo to the pitiful woman.

"... I am ruined... I am ruined..." sobbed Akane as her hands forced her lips over Chuck's cock, licking and slurping it making wet noises.
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When she was about to take the thick dildo to her virgin ass, a hand patted her head. With a mouth full of flaccid cock she looked up to Chuck smiling at her saying, "I got you kiddo. Worry not, I'll help you out."

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