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PORN STAR 17 Choices : Sex pleasure vs sacred vows

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"Akane keep yourself topless. The man has seen us, what is there more to hide?"

The perverted doctor casually walked up behind the desk and sat down on his plushy push-back office chair. The old man's bare ass made squiggly sounds against the expensive leather.

"You see doctor, skin on skin is supposed to between the living and of the same species." chided Chuck.

"Oh, I'm a man of adventure."

"I didn't think you could get any creepier, but you clearly proved me wrong," said a baffled Chuck

"Yes yes, I'm the old perverted man, the creep who stares at young women in the park, the freak with weird fetishes... I've been called of anything you could think of, I am perfectly comfortable being shameless, lesser-human and made of desires."

Smirking at Chuck, the doctor continued, "I take Mr. Chuck is comfortably viewing us down from his 'high horse', so what brought your esteemed self to the devil's den aka my clinic?"

"...You know that would have sounded cool, if not the squiggly noise from your leather. I take that you are going to keep your consultation room a pants-free zone throughout my time here..."

"Well, you've seen my shriveled old ass,

"...something that I would never recover from..." shivered Chuck of being reminded.

"So why bother, I'm a nudist, I dress only because of social compulsion. Besides, despite the tone of mockery, there is no disgust from you."

"Oh boy, you really don't know how we men watch porn, we block out the male parts and concentrate on the bodacious and curvaceous fitness model like women."

Turning to the housewife who has her breasts out, chuck said, "Lady, thank you being undressed when I was accidentally flashed by the hairy ass old man. Your plump breasts and those pink nipples are what has saved me. I owe you my life."

The sincere tone of Chuck caught Akane off guard, taking a moment she replied in a small voice, "...you ...you really like them? ...My husband, think they are big and ugly..."

"He is insane!" exclaimed both the men.

"Now, Mr. Chuck, can we get back on track of why you have come to my clinic?"

"...Ummm doctor, can I leave?" said Akane in a meek voice.

"Darling, we are not done with your treatment, why else do you think I'm yet to wear my pants," kindly smiled the old man, but the smile appeared more devious than an evil glare.

The revelation turned Akane flustered.

"...but doctor ...I ...my husband ..." stuttered Akane.

"Akane, my darling, we will talk all about that in private, in a moment."

"Miss Akane, if you wish to leave, you can, as long as I am here, no one can stop you," said the gallant voice of Chuck.

However, despite the mental struggle she chose to stay seated and kept quiet, keeping her head down.

The doctor chuckled at the despondent young wife turning his attention to Chuck, "Now, Mr. Norris, let's forget about others and concentrate on you, what brought you here?"

Unflustered by the doctor's commanding tone, Chuck with a friendly smile continued, "Before I tell you why I am here. What's it all the mambo jumbo about being an incubus and the crystallized sperm deposit? If I am to be treated by you stale old jizz, I'll rip your cock off and stuff it down your throat, literally."

"So, Mr. Norris was watching our show for a while..." said the doctor as he kept looking into the eyes of Chuck, the calm callous look in Chuck's eyes told him that despite the smile on his face he is not joking.

"To keep it short, the desperate mind is the devil's playground. Oh, you know how the desperate minds are, they ready to believe any kind of hope."

"The magic of the entire event is that I've given Akane here a testosterone mix and her husband an estrogen spike, which will make her horny her husband fed up with sex."

[Moan] "Mmmmmhmmm"

As the doctor explained his insidious scheme, he leaned over and cupped and stroked a fulsome tit of Akane, slowly pinching and playing with her nipples, making it taut.

"Sometimes women like to think that they did all that they could to stay faithful and the current sinful pleasure..."

"Ahh, mmmm," the short and coquettish moans of Akane filled the room in sexual tension, as the doctor clamped a paper clip on both her nipples.

"As I was saying, they would want to think that satisfying sinful pleasure that they are getting is being forced upon them. It is a typical life of an unsatisfied wife living in denial."

Being told that she was used for the perverted doctor's sex play made Akane feel shameful, the guilt over her infidelity and the arousal over her nipples being stimulated wrecked her mind and body in an intense struggle.

Akane and her husband are high school sweethearts, though there is a lack of physical satisfaction, the love of her husband is unquestionable, reminding herself of their happy past, Akane fought through the seduction...

"You... used me... we believed in you, doctor..."

"Stop! I... I will complain about you to the police!"

Being threatened, the doctor was stunned for a moment, then he started laughing...

"Hahaha please report the whole thing, if you cannot recall the entire incident, I can help you with a video."

"Akane, since the day you and your husband came in for couple's therapy, I've had my eyes on you. Every session after you leave, I kiss the seat and press my face against it to feel the warmth of your holy buttocks... Oh, you would never know how many times, I've re-watched the security footage of your sinful curves jiggling as you walk."

"Do you think I would like to waste time fucking a gorgeous woman like and ask silly questions over whether she wants to go back to her husband or not?"

"I'm a horny old man with an impatient hard cock, why do you think that I still ask the question?"

"I never thought that doctor has a hobby of Video making," the voice of chuck interrupted the Doctor's monologue.

"Ha-ha, I know Mr. Norris is a clever man, do you want a lollipop for the right answer?"

Between the doctor and Chuck's verbal jab the realization of a sex tape broke down Akane, she thought that if she could go back to her husband, everything will be back to normal, but she just realized that her nightmare has just started.

"W... why..." a horse dejected voice pulled the attention back to Akane

"Well, I intend to slowly cajole you into having a secret affair with me, a fuck buddy of sorts. I plan to slowly train you to be my obedient sex toy. Despite my age, I can fuck you into cumming multiple times a week. Heck, even multiple times a day, I'm very playful with my new toys," winked the doctor with no remorse or guilt.
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"I usually videotape cuckolding my patients, as a form of insurance and as an achievement count, but I suppose this time it has to be the main bargaining chip because Mr. Norris messed up everything for me. Now, I have no other choice but to play hardball."

"Doctor you sound so sure of yourself, I messed up your plans once, I can most certainly do it again," casually said, Chuck.

"Mr. Norris, you appear to be a healthy male, you came to a sex doctor's clinic, and you repeatedly avoided explaining your issue... For someone who is in the business for a long time, I can more or less guess what your problem is," smirked the doctor as he looked at Chuck becoming speechless.

"Now, do you really want to cause me trouble or fix your troubles?"

With the ultimatum given out, the room lapsed into silence, with Chuck, Akane and the doctor pondering over their thoughts.

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