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PORN STAR 16 A sex deviant? or A sex doctor?

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The sun was bright up, making everyone buzz with life and energy. Despite the sun and bright colors, one place always has a sense of gloom, the hospital. The trillion-dollar industry has recently been concentrating on the sense of welcome for their patients. But who are they kidding? Who would want to be walking into a hospital?

The sight of happiness and relief is rarely found in those who walk out of a hospital and never to be seen on whose who are walk into it. Amongst such a dull and reluctant crowd was a man with eager steps towards the Saitama Sex Clinic. As the name implied the place is exactly where one would go with sex-related issues and the lively man who was walking towards the clinic is none other than the 50-year-old doctor of the place, Mr. Saitama.

The spring in his step is because the wife of the patient couple that he has been seeing has come to talk to him in private. Dr. Saitama uses stools for the seating arrangement for his patients on his desk because as soon as he walks into his consultation room, he can see the unrestricted backside of the baby-eager wives. To him, it is as pleasing as seeing provocative invite of a woman getting on all fours raising her buttocks up-high to be bred.

Today, such a woman was the wife of a working couple, who were high school sweethearts. Mrs. Akane Hayashi, wife of Mr. Souta Hayashi. Mrs. Hayashi has hair till the length of her neck, similar to a bob cut, but as a married woman, she showcases elegance rather than childish charms.

Akane is a -kind-hearted mature married woman in her mid-30s, you can easily see such a wife in your neighborhood. Though her appearance is not model-like, her supple C-cup bust and her tapering hips with a no-flab waist make a sight of mature grace. At 34, her hips swelled a bit more with fulsome thighs, directing most of the attention towards her butt with the figure of 34C - 29 - 36.

Admiring the eager-to-be-pregnant wife, Old Saitama walked into his chair with a pleasant smile that fully masks his unpleasant thoughts...

"Hello Akane, how are you feeling today?"

"I am good, doctor ...please keep this visit a secret …I came to meet you because…

"No need to rush thing, let us take things slow," smiled Dr. Saitama.

"Are the two of you taking the medication that I have given?"

As soon as Akane heard the word 'medication' her eyes perked up in excitement, which was well noticed by the doctor, arousing his smirk.

"Any improvement in your sex life?"

"Doctor... this..."

"No need to be shy, I've asked the same with hundreds of my patients."

"...I've been eager ...but ...he seems to have lost all interests in me," quietly sobbed Akane.

The doctor walked around his table and came up to the crying Akane, he wiped her tears, yet kept his hand still stroking her cheek, all the while smiling and cajoling her saying, "Now now, there is no need to be heartbroken over such things, isn't that why both of you came to me."

Though such excessive physical contact is abnormal for any doctor-patient relationship, Akane does not seem to mind it. Instead, she looked up with earnest eyes towards the doctor...

"Yes, Akane..."

"...The tablets ...they are over two days ago ..."

"Why didn't Akane inform me two days ago?"

"...I ...I wanted to stop ...taking it"

"Hmmm, is that so? Then, I'll stop prescribing the medicine..." before the doctor could finish the sentence, Akane tightly grabbed onto his hand with her head down.

"Please... please don't take it away ...My husband is not interested in me ...only these tablets make me feel good ...please ...please give it to me ..." begged the mature wife of 34 in a child-like manner. The earnest sight of a desperate Akane gave a twisted thrill to the old doctor.

"Since Akane is very sincere, I will also be sincere. You see, the tablets that you and your husband had are nothing but crystalized semen deposits of mine. In other words, for the past two weeks, as a couple, you were eating my sperm along with your husband."

"...Why ...my husband ...he believes in you so much..."

"Ah, that's a side effect if male consumes the sperms of an incubus. Increased trust and dependence."

"...A ...incubus? ...Doctor ...what is happening ..." Akane started fidgeting as she sniffed the familiar smell of her tablets.

The smell slowly started making this faithful wife to lose reason, as her nose eagerly searched for the source of the smell, she noticed it coming from the doctor, directly from his crotch.

Clearly noticing Akane's desperation, the doctor slowly continued, "See Akane, I'm a bit special and so is my body. I became a sex doctor not just out of aspiration, but it is my true calling in life..."

Dr. Saitama, came in front of the daze eyed, Akane, she was dressed in a blue 'high-low' frock showing just her calves and hands only from her elbow.

As a proper wife, Akane is anything but slutty, but when Dr. Saitama unbuttoned her top and exposed her bra clad mature tits, it added a forbidden allure.

"...Doctor ...I ...," Akane tried to articulate, but the devious doctor stopped her as he pushed her face to his crotch to feel his hard-on, making the good wife breath in the intoxicating smell of his precum.

The heavy musky smell of semen made Akane's eyes to roll back and her nipples hardened prominent over her bra cup, her untended married pussy moistened up in eagerness, painting her cotton panty with a rapidly spreading wet spot.

"You see Akane, I never lied to you. You asked me to help you with the lack of sex in your married life and want to mother a child..."

Saitama undid his pants, pressed Akane's face over the wet spot in his underwear and without anyone telling Akane started licking the spot of precum on the doctor's underwear.

"...its ...not ...enough..." mumbled Akane.

"Doctor... give me the tablet ...I need it..."

The doctor smiled as Akane...

"You pitiful creature, why do you need the tablets, when you can get it fresh," saying so, he pulled down his underwear and showed Akane his hard and throbbing cock with a drop of precum dripping at the tip.

Mesmerized by the sight, unknowingly Akane came forward with just inches between her full red lip and the angry purple head of the doctor's dick.

"You know, if you want, I can take the craving away and let you return to your mundane married life. If you say the word, come tomorrow, nothing will be different," teasingly said the doctor, tormenting Akane, reminding her of the unfaithful act that she almost committed.

"...I ...don't want to ...go ...back"

Before the doctor could ask again, the once faithful wife started kissing the cock head of the doctor, licking the precum. The doctor complacently looked at the eager amateurish attempt of blowjob from the untrained wife.

He roughly grabbed onto slightly dropping C-cup tit and started playing with the nipple sending Akane's pussy into an aroused buzz. Bored with the lack of technique on Akane's blowjob, the doctor made her open her mouth wide, with the tongue out and leisurely pressed his cock deep into the begging mouth of her.

He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and the lower jaw with the other, as the cock hit on the esophagus at the back of her mouth, he pushed forcefully, despite the gag reflex of the oral virgin wife. He popped his cock deep into her throat and start slowly pumping his cock into her, using her mouth like a pussy.

Gradually the doctor picked up on the speed of his cock pumping into the tight throat of Akane, the smell of pheromones from his cock fluids made Akane slowly escalate into her own crescendo. As the cock pumping got furious, the shriveled ball sac of the old doctor started slapping into Akane's face.

His wiry hands stripped her off of her bra, with rough pinching and pulling of her nipples, the doctor furious face fucked her, his cock swelled more, marking the start of his release...

Without notice, the old doctor started to spew threads and threads of semen deep down the throat of Akane. After three spurts he pulled out of her throat and shot a load into her mouth, making a small white drizzle overflow. Finally pulling out his flaccid and stick cock.

Amidst the silence of the temporary sexual release, an old man with his pants down and a beautiful mature woman topless, were both trying to regain their breath without saying a word.

The scene of serenity was suddenly disturbed …

"So this is what a Sex doctor does? Seem like a fun job" a condescending male voice broke into the quaint room.
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The sexually spent duo looked up to notice a man smartly dressed in a suit, calmly watching the two with a conceited smile.

"Ah, I suppose it's already, 11, I apologize to Mr. Chuck Norris for finding me in an unprofessional manner."

"I think, I could get used to this entrance," said Chuck.

He waltzed in and pulled a chair beside the furiously dressing up female and well away from the half-naked old man with the friendliest smile one could ever see.

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