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PORN STAR 15 Bubba, I will not call him Father again!

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Chuck bitterly watched Makena leave, shaking his head he thought,

'Damn, that's a stab at already noodled manhood. I hope my little brother doesn't turtle more with the insult.'

'But she does make sense, maybe I should see a doctor.'

[Sigh] 'I've been a hard gangster for over 20 years and now I'm about to see a doctor for not being able to become hard.'

'Maybe I'm at that age of needing the little blue pill.'

'But, one way or the other, I, Chuck Norris, will not die a virgin!' concluded chuck with eyes full of determination.

However, during his personal pep talk, he completely missed on Bubba and Ludo who came to find him. The duo saw the varying expression on Chuck's face which finally settled on perverted-determination.

"Psst, you go talk to Father. With that look in his eyes, I feel like, I'll be made into a mother for the next few hours. You have the ponytail and everything, you'd make a great mom."

Without waiting for a comeback from Ludo, the fatso ran away. Luck is a fickle bitch; before Ludo could chase after the sprinting fatso, Chuck saw the commotion and called Ludo in...

After putting a safe distance between him and Chuck, Bubba looked back to see Ludo being called in and with tears streaming down he ran harder, 'I will remember your sacrifice, my friend!'

'My chastity is going to be ruined by Father. Is this the price that I'm going to pay for Father's happiness?' bitterly though Ludo as he walked into the room

With a face uglier than crying, Ludo said, "I already have a girlfriend... She's a doctor... I don't think she would approve..."

"Huh? Well, then you are the perfect person to ask... Can you ask your girlfriend to suggest a doctor that is..."


"Just call her..."

[Ping] [Ping] [Ping]...

[Ring] [Ring]...

"Here, Father..."

"I'd have you dead, if not for the favor that you are doing for me..."

"Hello, I'm the big brother of ..." [Covers the phone] "What's your name?"


"What's with that look? Fucker, tell me your name or I'll slap you dead!"


Chuck continued on the phone...

"I'm the big brother of Ludo."

"No, nothing important, I heard you kids are dating and you are a doctor."

"This punk's being secretive about you, he should have brought you by the mansion."

"Oh yes, I let this worthless little brother of mine, live in my mansion. You should come sometimes..."

"Well, it's nothing too serious, the reason that I called is because poor Ludo has a condition…"

"Oh nothing fatal, it's just that he cannot get a hard-on."

"Can you recommend a doctor for his situation?"

"Father! Please don't do this to me!" cried out Ludo as he's being shut up by Chuck with one hand and continued to ask for detail with his girlfriend.

"Mmmmppphhh, Nuuuuu!" the muffled noises and screams of his brother Ludo, sent shivers down the spine of Bubba who came back to save his brother out of loyalty.

'Fuck loyalty! I am not going in there! Brother Ludo, I will remember what a great man you are'

[Nods] 'You are a filial son!'

Bubba waited a good 20 minutes until the door opened again and a listless Ludo walked out…

"Ludo, after all that happened, you should stop seeing that girl. After all, explaining what happened inside is going to be hard," saying so Chuck went back in and closed the door.
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Ludo didn't respond until Bubba tapped him on the shoulder…


"…huh …Bubba"

"…Father …he"

"…my …girlfriend…" stuttered Ludo in a faraway voice, with his word disjointed and not making sense.

However, Bubba being the good brother he is, used the broken phrases to confirm the wild theories he concocted when he listened to the suggestive sounds that came from Chuck's room when Ludo was inside.

"You don't have to say anything, brother! If Father is telling you not to see your girlfriend, you should stop seeing her, besides Father has needs too."

"…Huh? Needs?"

"Oh my good brother, let's not talk about the traumatizing incident!"

"…Bubba, I will not call him Father again!"

"I understand, it will be hard to call him Father, after what has happened between you two…"

"…Bubba, you know?"

"…mmm …I listened."

"…Why did he …do it?"

"Oh, you poor soul. Let me go buy you a ring pillow," saying so Bubba ran away not being able to look at his good brother without sobbing at Ludo's sense of self-sacrifice.

Not knowing the misunderstanding that causes between him and Ludo, inside the room, Chuck felt relieved of being recommended a sex doctor.

'I wonder what a sex doctor does. If it's just prescribing Viagra, should I save on the consultation fee and just buy the damn thing from a pharmacy?'

In a hospital consultation room nearby…

"Achoo," sneezed a nerd looking old man in a white coat, who sat opposite of a worried-looking couple.

"Excuse me." "As I said, the prospects for your wife to conceive a child is very slim, she has to regularly take medication and participate in the therapy, everyday evening."

"I understand, you kids have financial issues with planning for a child. How about you send her to my residence after office hours, I will administer her treatment at a discount."

"Doctor, you would do that for us?" the eager husband was elated over the doctor giving them a discount. However, he failed to notice the hesitance and reluctance in the eyes of his wife and more importantly, the flash on perversion deep in the smiling doctor's eyes as his sight roamed over the feminine curves of the quiet wife.

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