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When Chuck returned to his room he was still fuming over the incident caused by Joab and Darby.

'Fuckers, I haven't even tasted the fruit, I'm suddenly the father of these rotten old bastards!'

'Worst! None of them were virgins either! Fuckin' man whores!'

Amidst his irritated mind rant, Chuck's brought back to reality by a sexy woman with a long faux hawk hairdo, draped in a form-hugging dark green long dress. The most conspicuous contours are her proudly bulging bubble butt and her far from modest D cups that are spilling over her the long cleavage of her dress.

If a man has a will of extreme self-control and was able to look past the sinful curves, he is sure to be hypnotized by her bold yet stunning face of the femme fatale. The clearly defined high cheekbones, a pert nose that can be called nothing but artistic and dimples that crescents on each side of the face, such features can only be described as a painting coming to life.

Chuck let out a hot breath of desire looking at the dashing woman at his door...

"When did you come back from the army?"

"Just today."

"You seemed all grown up..."

"...Yeah, a lot more than I was 14 years ago."

*cough* "Let's not talk about the past. I suppose you're 30 now?"


"Have anyone you like?"


"If you find did the right one, you should get married. Bring him to me, I'll talk to your brother about him."

"Did he get you a ring?"


"Men these days, he should put a ring on a lovely lady like you and seal the deal."

"He should."

"Then tell him, sometimes guys are so dense, it's almost unbelievable."

"I see. When are you going to put a ring on me?"

"Yeah, that's how you should directly ask. No offense, but the guy you likes seem a bit on the dumb side."

"I won't argue with that, but let me make it clear. When are you going to put a ring on me?"



"Makena, what happened before was a mistake on my part. You were young. You should be with someone of your age."

"I know what happened, I didn't bother you when I turned 18, I left home, went to the army just to be away from you and to sort my feeling for you. I wanted to understand what I really feel about you. Now I know..."

"You're the one..."

"...Makena, I..."

"Not my age? I'm not a kid, I know what I want, who I am attracted to. And, you're not very rigid on the age thing, not when you pulled that waitress into my brother's car, this morning...."

"You saw..."

"Yes, the whole of how you couldn't do her."

"What?! How?!"

"I have a team of international operatives that work under me, equipped with world-class spy surveillance gear."

'Great, now my disabled junk has a file in the international intelligence department,' dryly thought Chuck.

"I am actually glad you did go after a young woman. You are shallow, cheap and easy to please. I think I can easily keep you satisfied."

"Lady, I'm a victim of circumstances! I have deep desires!"

"Whatever, I'll let you have your shenanigans until you are mine. Afterward, if some floozy wants to take what's mine..."

"I'll shoot her."

Before Chuck could say anything at the absurd declaration, Makena continued...

"It's okay to have deep desires. I will do whatever you want...

"However, you want..."

"Whenever, you want..."

Makena undid the shoulder straps of her long dress, letting it fall near her elbows, exposing her strapless bra struggling to cover her bountiful breasts.

Noticing the heated gaze on her body, Makena, broke into a blush, yet she bashfully continued her blatant striptease. She pulled down a bra cup, not leaving anything about her breast for imagination, showing chuck her brownish-pink hardened nipple.

Smirking at the enamored look of Chuck, Makena twisted her body like a female fitness model proudly posing her butt curve to the side with her upper body showing her naked bust. Makena slowly pulled up her dress, as if she's unveiling an exotic statue.

The beauty of Makena's ebony legs that was worked to perfection in the gym over the years will triumph the exquisiteness of any statue. The leisurely unveiling continued until her long green dress was bunched up around her waist, proudly showing Makena's most envied shapeliness, her fully rounded bubble butt.

As if the room is not yet sizzling in the hotness of sexual tension, Makena, pressed her index finger into the squishy softness of her ass crack, she hooked her finger over the flimsy buttocks strap of her G-string.

She pulled her G-string well away from her ass cheeks, almost ripping the thin material. Letting Chuck know that nothing is covering her modesty and she is ready to taken and used as he sees fit.

"Big brother Chuck, I'm still the eager little girl. Though my body changed for the better, my obedience and desires towards you, never did.

Chuck's throat went dry at the thought of this tough army girl obeying his very dirty command. However, the mocking the sight of Makena spelled out that she knew what he is thinking.

[Cough] "I didn't know you felt so much for me."

"Whose fault is it to have me cum from being spanked?"
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"...Ummm, I..."

"It's okay, I still enjoyed it and still enjoy the memory of big brother pulverizing my butt with handprints for me being a bad girl. Back then, I wished nothing more than my body to be used for your pleasure and keep me as your personal cock-sleeve."

"That is too much information..."

"Buy me a ring."

"...but before that go see a doctor about your situation, you are long due on taking my virginity."

Saying her piece, Makena waltzed out without looking back, but only she knows how furious her heart is pumping at her provocative confession.

'Hmph, some old bitch wants to take Big brother away from me? Not on my watch,' fiercely thought Makena, with a faint cold smile on her face.

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