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The black Maybach drove into the gate of Mafia Mansion with loud cheers from the crowd around. Everyone was is in joy, except for two persons, one is for Makena and the other is Chuck, of course.

He was alright until he saw the writings on the banner, the enthusiastic bunch wrote...

"Congratulations Big brother on finally doing it!"

"We know you are a man! Big brother Chuck! Sorry for doubting you"

"Big brother let sister-in-law know your passion!"

"Big brother go easy on sister-in-law!" and alongside this banner was, "No time to waste Big brother, do it non-stop, you are already 40!"

"I bet $1000 on Big brother Chuck lasting over 2 hours!" and next to it "I raised the stakes to $10,000 for a 24-hour marathon by Big brother."

Lastly by the side, "Thank you in advance, Big brother, for letting little brother make some money."

The more he read the more are the dark lines in his already cold face. He parked the car by the side and Joab wanted to rush up and opened the door for him, only to be beaten by the insensible duo, who just got beaten up by him.

The fatso and the ponytail guy are popularly known as Bubba and Ludo because when you are in a gang, the nickname stays and even the person themselves forget their real names in time, as no one will be calling them by that.

Thought the idiot duo lacked social skills, they are unbeatable in ass-kissing. Therefore, they rushed to the front of the car and opened the door for Chuck.

However, not noticing the pissed off face of Chuck they started making a commotion to the huddled crowd.

"Hey! Make way! Make way for the godfather!"

The unconceivable thing is that everyone started rolling with the absurd title.

"Greetings Godfather!"

"Welcome Godfather!"

"Congratulations on finally doing it Godfather!"
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Everyone started giving him all sorts of smiles, greetings, and thumbs up. However, for every comment directed at Chuck, an extra nerve in his forehead started visibly twitching.

Bubba, the newbie fatso was the first to notice the depressed face of Chuck, he tapped onto Ludo, the ponytail guy, with his elbow into noticing the scary-looking Chuck.

Ludo noticing Chuck started screaming at the crowd...

But things only got worse...

"Fuckers all of you shut up, look at how emotional Big brother Chuck has become..."

"Yo Ludo, you still dare to call our Godfather, big brother?" said a ruffian by the side.

"Ahh! My bad! Since, it's a new order, I..."

"Whose order was it?" the chilling voice of Chuck interrupted him.

Shivering at the cold tone Ludo turned to look at Chuck clearly noticing something wrong and as any good underling would do at the time of trouble, he pointed at his Boss, the Red Scowler, to Chuck's chilling rage.

Being called out, Joab acted like he didn't want the attention, but his proud face clearly meant otherwise.

"Fellas I told you I don't want to take any credit for it," smilingly said Joab as he walked to the front.

"It was me that ordered everyone to call you Godfather. A boy becomes a man after his voyage into that love tunnel, you are already our big brother, so we need something better to call you. You can be our Godfather and sister-in-law can be our Godmother, when she marries you!"

Darby was the old brother with whom the idiot duo was making the small talks earlier. Noticing that Joab is about to take all the credit, he jumped n saying...

"Yes, it was all Brother Joab's idea, but I wish to make it even better. Instead of calling our former Big Brother Chuck as Godfather, I propose we directly call him Father!"

The entire crowd went silent! Noticing the eyes of everyone on himself, Darby could not back out, so he started selling the idea like a greasy used car salesman.

"Our former Big brother Chuck has always taken care of us, protected us, taught us and gave us an identity as the hoodlums of society! I can never have the multiple police arrests that I proudly recollect with my drinking friends without the guidance of our former big brother Chuck. Therefore, when brother Joab told us that, 'a boy becomes a man after boinking! Our Big brother Chuck, is already a big brother as a boy, now he is a man we need something better to call him,' I readily agreed."

"However, I only feel that Godfather is not impactful enough for our former big brother Chuck! He is our God. Therefore, we shall keep the respect for our God in our heart and intimately call him, Father!"

After that breathless speech of passion, Darby turned around and faced Chuck with a pious look and with both his hands clasped together, he said...


The crowd felt the emotion of Darby and also started calling out 'Father', 'Otousan' and 'Papa'.

Looking at the scene of old and unsightly goons, thugs and crooks call him as 'daddy' snapped the mental capacity of Chuck. He wheezed with long breaths trying to control his dangerous mood, with red eyes he looked at the crowd and then at Joab and Darby.

"You two... come to the training room..." the irritated voice of Chuck sounded like rubbing nails against the glass.

Bubba and Ludo, who recently got their ass beat, felt a familiar feeling of Chuck calling Joab and Darby into the training room. The duo started inching back slowly trying to get away from the crowd.

However, Joab and Darby had an entirely different understanding. They have always been envious of Chuck's seemingly superhuman feats and always thought that he is a martial arts master. The two felt that an emotionally moved Chuck is going to impart his martial knowledge to them and truly accept them as his sons to inherit his talents.

Dreams are a wonderful thing to have, but the reality is always a bitch.

As soon as the duo went into the training room, it was as if they have entered a dragon's lair. They noticed the murderous atmosphere stemming from a cold-faced Chuck. Now that they are alone with him, they started noticing that things are bad, but as Joab was thinking hard for a way out...

"...Pa...Pa?" that word from Darby was like the detonator trigger.

The restrained rage of Chuck exploded like a volcano and the recipient was none but the two newly self-anointed sons of Chuck.

"...Father! Don't hit us!"

"Ahh... Shut up, Joab! He is getting more violent! ...Call him Papa!"

"Pa..." a hand punched hard onto to face of Darby.

"...No, please let us go..."

"...We're sorry..."


The more they talked the more they got bashed up. Eventually, the two gave in and curled up on the floor covering their head praying to all the Gods they have ever known.

Listening to the wretched scrams of their boss and the second in command, the remaining gangsters smartly ran away for dear life.

After a long while, two pitiful souls crawled out from the training room, as Chuck walked out, they pretended they are dead for a good 10 minutes, holding their breath, almost actually dying from suffocation.

*Pants heavily*

"...He left?"

"... and we are alive?"

"Hi-5 brother, Hi-5!"

"...Can't lift my arms..."


"...I thought I'm dead today, Joab..."

"...for all the kicks that u took to the balls, I'm surprised you are not dead..."

"... I'm guessing things didn't go well, Mei Xing..."

"...I too think so. Is that why papa beat us this bad?

"...You really think this has nothing to do with us calling him Father?"

"...of course not, Papa was just sad of not having a child of his own..."

"...I think we should talk to Mom about dad..."

"... yeah, we should..." nodded the two.

Unbeknownst to them, Bubba and Ludo were eavesdropping on the conversation between their boss and their old brother. The contents only made them unanimously think one line, 'and they think we are idiots!'


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