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PORN STAR 12 Treat us gently!

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"Big brother Chuck... I am truly ready" quietly muttered Makena looking at Chuck running away, she kept looking at the road long past he was gone, with her moderate length silky brown hair fluttering in the wind.

It has all the elements of painting a sad scene of a young maiden losing her love. The only problem is that it caused one of the two old grandpas who were walking beside her house to pass out from a nose bleed.

The air didn't just flutter her hair but also her already see-through and back open babydoll dress.

"...Ummm young miss, if you are ready, I can come out of sexual retirement to give a young girl what she wants."

"People back in the day call me snake mouthed if you know what I mean..." winked a shriveled bald old man, bashfully laughing at Makena with his tongue wiggling out.

Makena looked at everything for 2 seconds and with no expression or warning...

[SHATTER] She broke a potted plant from the side of her porch onto the shiny head of the old man.

Therefore, the count of old people passed out in the road rose to two...

The little face of Makena was scrunched up in anger and disgust as she walked back into her house until she saw the wet spot in her couch. Despite her brown cheeks, one can see a shade of red from her bashfulness.

The couch has become her favorite place to watch porn and pleasure herself. Despite being caught by her mom and labeled as a pervert, she kept coming back to the couch. If only there was a hidden cam in the living room of her couch, you would have tons of teen masturbation porn. Jamming three of her fingers down her tight brown pussy, Makena always roughly fuck herself screaming out Chuck's name

Makena will always have a lewd face with heated breath as she looks at the couch, it always reminded her of the time she tried to show her hungry brown teen cunt to Big brother Chuck.


Even though it has been years, the teen girl never grew out of her feelings. She has the same panting look of breathless perversion is seen on Makena, as she reminisces at over her teen days when waiting beside her brother on the side of the red carpet.

"...Psst, Brother... Why is Boss's sister looking like she's suffering a heat stroke?" asked a new gang member.

Hearing someone make a comment, another newbie chimed in saying...

"Yeah, she looks like she was stranded on a desert, but why does she have a creepy smile?"

The newbie shivered every time he looked at her.

However, the veteran gang member, with whom these two newbies are making small talks started sweating bullets at the nonchalant comment passed on the boss's sister.

[Boom]! "...Ahh, Brother Why?!"

[Boom]! "...Ahh, Brother don't!"

"Brother, please let us go..." said the careless duo in chorus.

"Why the fuck are you saying lines from a **** scene?!" fumed the older gang member.

"Brother... ****?! No, don't! I know I bath and brush every day. Though I'm the cleanest amongst us brothers, Old brother should not have such thoughts towards me!" said the chubby one of the two.

"What do you mean by the cleanest? I shampoo every day! Do you think it is easy to maintain my ponytail?!" said the other newbie, being called out on his purity.
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"Ahh... Old brother, you can have this guy! See I found you a wife! If only he could save his beard and go to the gym and develop his chest. Unless you're into flat chests!" said the chubby guy looking at the old brother with a proud look helping out a lonely old man find love.

"Old brother I'm no good! I'm not as voluptuous as this guy! I know all old perverts are into curves. The fat bastard is so curvy, he looks round from every angle, he's definitely your taste," nodded the ponytail guy with conviction.

"...Fucker! I'm going to whoop both your asses!"

"Ai! Both?! Old brother, a harem is everyman's fantasy but at your age, you need to think realistically."

"Yeah, he should spare at least one of us."

"Brother forget this pervy old man, wonder why the boss is waiting with roses in hands?" talked the duo amongst themselves ignoring the old brother, making his flush red with anger.

"Shh! bastards if you want to go to hell, don't drag everyone with you!" warned the old brother wanting to bash the insensible two idiots with each other's head.

However, the oblivious duo continued to delve into their curiosity...

"Old brother, is the boss waiting for a male?"

"Yea, I am."

"Ha, I knew it! Something is weird with this gang! Brother, I think we should change gangs," seriously said the chubby gangster to the ponytail guy.

"Yeah, the right-hand guy of the Boss is such a man-pervert. I'm sure the boss is weird too," shared the ponytail guy.

"Am I really that weird?"

"Not you, we are talking about the bo..." the talkative two only now noticed that it was not the old brother who was replying to them. Seeing the pitiful look in the old brother's eyes, the duo could guess who's behind them.


"... boss..."

"...hello...boss...," the duo nervously smiled looking at the least person that they wanted to see at the moment.

The self-absorbed duo failed to notice the completely annoyed Red Scowler standing behind them. The cold face of their boss sent shiver up their spine.

"... Boss, we could explain..."

"Shh!" was all that Red Scowler uttered and then there was the noise of pitiful human screams.

"Boss, let us explain..."

"...don't punch me in the face, boss..."

"Ahh! Not my hair..."

"…boss, don't kick me rolling cause I'm round…"

"Boss, please don't do this!"

"Old brother was not as rough with us!"

"Don't be this rough with us!"

"Yes, we are clean and pure. Treat us gently!"

The ambiguous screams of the duo only made their beat down more thorough and violent. It is only when the mafia boss heard the car horn of a black car, he decided to stop.

Leaving two wretched-looking human shapes on the floor, Red Scowler walked away crackling his knuckles. Back to the red carpet waiting for the star of the day with a proud look over all the arrangements he made.

'Big brother will be in cloud nine looking at all this....'

'Maybe I should make today a gang holiday in honor of Big Brother's achievement,' actively thought Red Scowler as the black car drove into the gate of the Mafia Mansion.

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