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Chuck concluded with over eight shots over Kaitlyn's cunt. After the Gatling cum shot,  he weakly dropped to his knees on the floor, panting hard. Chuck's face looked as if he was completely dehydrated, but the bright shine in his eyes indicated he was thoroughly satisfied with the result.

Like the icing on the cake, his exhausted face lit up in a smile as he heard the familiar faint ringing of Porn Coins accumulation in his mind.

'Ha, now I understand the attraction of lust! My two lives have been in vain, without this heavenly pleasure,' thought Chuck, who was eager to check out the Porn Coin accumulation in the magic amulet. He hurriedly fished it out and was pleasantly surprised to the number 86 on the Porn Coins counter.


Chuck was laughing out like a happily insane idiot. He looked at Kaitlyn, who was down on the floor weakly panting, her body still trembling from feeling the hot jizz of Chuck all over her body.

Chuck did not want to use more of the weak woman, but he is also reluctant to stop his momentum of amassing Porn Coins. However, fortunately, or not for Kaitlyn, Doctor Fujiyama rushed into the hospital room after being reported of the guttural screams of Chuck and Kaitlyn.

Alongside the doctor, the cleaning woman, Tara Quinelly, also came to Antonio's(Chuck) hospital room out of concern. She had been informed of the weird noises coming out of Antonio's hospital room from the worker's gossip vine.

Both Kaitlyn and Fujiyama opened the door to Chuck's room at the same time. Their concern for the first male, of their life, blinded them from noticing each other before they opened the door. However, they were soon distracted by what they witnessed inside the hospital room.

A naked Antonio (Chuck) was on his knees on the floor; a white dribble of cum was dripping down his cock. Tara shyly looked at Antonio (Chuck) and at the faintly twitching Kaitlyn, who had white goo all over her. However, for Fujiyama, her jaw hit the floor because, as Antonio's doctor, she has thoroughly read the full of his medical history.

The boy who seemingly had never had a hard-on has now almost drowned a beauty with his cum.

"So this is what you call a medical miracle," faintly said the doctor breaking the quiet atmosphere. However, her amazement soon turned to resentment and jealousy because he was with her earlier, and it should have been her writhing on the floor, not the head nurse.

'Maybe it is because I am too old. Who was I kidding, letting my hopes run wild with just a pity kiss.'

Fujiyama's mind was filled with thoughts self-deprecating her worthiness, making her look gloomy.

Tara was not outright about her displeasure, but her eyes did indicate a sense of loss and sadness. Chuck quickly noticed the wavering emotion of the two women, he shook his head in an amused manner and walked up to them, still buck naked.

The mature hot Fujiyama and the frail-looking Tara when side by side looked as if a hot mature aunt and her mixed-race niece out on a stroll, turning heads of all the men in sight. Chuck gulped hardly at the thought of a possible twosome. He looked over the Kaitlyn down on the floor and added another number to his fantasy orgy.

"Hello, doctor. Hello, Tara. I seemed to have caused an incident, I suppose?" lightheartedly asked Chuck with a smile.

"Umm... I...I don't know...I should be going..." stuttered Tara and as ready to bolt.

Because of her social status, Tara felt Chuck's acquaintance was undeserving of her. She did not have the guts to resent Chuck and was ready to leave and return to her uneventful life. However, a hand firmly grasped her when she turned.

Chuck firmly caught her, "I thought we are friends, why are you running away from me?" he smiled at her.

"I... Tara is unworthy of your friendship..." said Tara. She looked at the naked Kaitlyn and the pouting Fujiyama and continued, "...you will not have any trouble making new friends."

Tara wanted to pull out of Chuck's hold, fortunately for Chuck, Tara's frail body and her malnourished diet made her weaker than him.

"Call me Chuck."


"That's how I am making my friends call me."

"I... I am just the cleaning lady..."

Chuck grabbed her by the throat and pulled her face close to his face. He fiercely glared at her for a short moment and continued...

"I don't care what you thought of yourself before. From now on, you are a friend of Chuck N0rris, and no friend of Chuck will have a mopey attitude. Got it?" said the balding fatso in a gallant manner who still firmly held onto Tara.

"...you mean it..."

"Of course. None of my friends, Darby, Joab, Makena, or the idiot duo Bubba and Ludo, have a mopey attitude. I have a lot of friends, none lacked hardships, but also one lacked a fiery will. I will bring you to meet my friends soon, and you will then understand it," smiled Chuck.

"...not that... Do you mean it...when you call me as your friend..."

"Oh, that..." Chuck smirked at the timid beauty who desperately hides her face with her silver bangs. He brushes her hair back, leaned towards her and started to kiss the side of her chin.

"...Ummm..." **sigh**

Feeling Chuck's lips on her skin sent a jolt throughout the body of Tara. Chuck did not stop with some light kisses. His hands possessively rubbed the body of Tara. He trailed his hands from ber her neck to her perky small B-cups, he cupped the firm and rubbery tit. Chuck pinched her nipple as his other hand rubbed her pussy over her apron, making Tara moan and quiver.

"Ahhhuuummm! Don't..."

"Hehe, I don't mean it, I don't see you just as a friend," Chuck pulled on her hardened nipple," I want more from Tara and friendship feels like a good start, don't you agree?"

**huff** **huff** "Tara will be whatever you want. Don't throw me away. I've been cast away a lot in my life. Just this time, I wish to belong somewhere for good," said a teary-eyed Tara, as Chuck was about to promise her more; she kept her fingers on Chuck's mouth with a smile.

"This is enough. Tara is already happy." smiled the kawaii girl in silver hair.

Chuck licked her finger and said, "there is more, but I will let my actions prove it to you."

As Chuck was almost getting lovey-dovey with Tara, Dr. Fujiyama fake coughed feeling annoyed about being ignored.

Though displeasure was the general theme for the doctor, the confident professional woman seemed very unsure and vulnerable at the moment. She does not know how to handle Chuck. Though she is feeling hurt that Chuck went to another woman, as an adult of the planet, she knew that a male's primary expectation from society is to impregnate as many as women as possible.

She knew she could not have Chuck all to herself, but not being chosen as his first still stung her heart with a pain that she has never felt before.


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