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The connection was faint; it was not enough to alter the course of his blood. However, it was just the second inscription. Chuck still had eight more magical inscriptions.

Kaitlyn, who was enthusiastically blowing Chuck with enthusiasm, is getting fidgety, as his d*ck is still a limp noodle. However, as she looked up, she saw Chuck had his eyes closed and seemed as if he is intently envisioning something.

Kaitlyn suddenly recalled the medical history of Chuck; she remembered him having difficulty getting hard. Looking at Chuck, she thought he was intently hoping to get a hard-on.

Though her medical experience told her that it is going to be a futile attempt, her submissive side did not let her question or ignore the commands of her new master. She firmly told herself that she would not relent unless chuck gave up himself.

Kaitlyn remembered reading up in a technique called 'deep throating.' She thought she should step up the game if she is going to be any help to Chuck. She grabbed Chuck by his ass and took the entire limp dick in her mouth and was sucking on it, creating a vacuum pressure in her mouth.

It is as if it was a coincidence created by the heavens, like beast rustling awake, she felt a slight twitch on Chuck's dick. Kaitlyn attributed the reaction to her taking Chuck's whole c*ck in her mouth. Therefore, she sucked harder to make Chuck hard, and at the same time, he completed the spell.


It was as if a deflated water bed suddenly received a tsunami of water. Chuck's dick became hard and was a respectable above-average 7.5 inches. Luckily his d*ck is a grower.

The inflated dick abruptly stuffed itself into Kaitlyn's throat, inducing her gag reflex, making her want to pull off the now-hard d*ck.

However, when she tried moving her head back, a hand firmly held her head in place. Chuck, who had is first hard-on was like a beast; he did not care for anything but his satisfaction.

Like a madman, he cast the various spells that were copied in the amulet by Alnaal.

Lacius Seriam!

It is a timed spell, that hardens and locks the blood from flowing out of a specific tissue area. This magical spell is another ancient battlefield spell. The magic spell would lock the blood flow of a particular region in place. The sorcery is handy in the event of an attack by a poison arrow or a poisoned knife.

However, similar to his earlier spell, Chuck is using this spell to keep his dick hard. This way of thinking, in turn, clearly displays Sorscee's in-depth knowledge of magical inscription and her intelligent adaptability.

OnePorn coin lets his dick hold the blood flow for one full minute. The more he deposited coins in the spell, the brighter the spell inscription glowed. Chuck invested five coins. He did not want to cause harm to the jaw of Kaitlyn with a prolonged bl*wjob.

What Chuck was more interested in, is the last spell Eiecta Eluvium.

Chuck invested the five coins in the spell, and he immediately felt his balls feeling fuller. As for the sixth inspection, Chuck's mind debated that it wasn't necessary.

However, being deprived of any sexual release of over two lifetimes, Chuck shoved away all logical reasoning.

He grabbed the struggling Kaitlyn by her throat and shoved the cock more into her throat. He held her hair in a ponytail with his fist and started to thrust his dick in and out of her throat, letting her take short breaths, but never enough.

Chuck forcefully face-f*cked Kaitlyn and was using her mouth pussy with no tenderness. He reached down one hand and pinched her nipple, making her moan out on his cock. The vibrations from her throat felt divine for Chuck.

Kaitlyn gave up resisting and let Chuck use her as he wished. Luckily for her, it was nearing the 5 minutes mark.

During the final few seconds, Chuck started to jam Porn Coins into the last inscription of Eiecta Eluvium (Generate semen).

Chuck's d*ck expanded another half-inch in grith and length, and as if a geyser started to erupt, Chuck began to shoot ropes after ropes of cum into the throat of Kaitlyn directly depositing cum in her belly.

Chuck decided that he was not going to let his first cum silently dumped in the bowels of Kaitlyn. He pulled his cock back out from her throat and let it lay in Kaitlyn's mouth. The cock was continuously jolting, letting out ropes of cum.

[Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch]

By the third shot of cum, in her mouth, Kaitlyn was letting semen drip down her mouth. It was too much for her mouth. However, with the mad jamming of porn coins in the last inscription, Chuck's first orgasm was far from its finish. 

Chuck pushes Kaitlyn away from his cock and...

He coated her face full of white sticky cum.

[Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] 

He shot cum all over tits, covering her nipples in white goo.

[Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] [Spulch] 

He concluded with over eight shots over cunt. After which, he weakly kneeled on the floor, panting hard. Chuck's face looked as if he was completely dehydrated, but the bright shine in his eyes indicated he was thoroughly satisfied with the result.

Like the icing on the cake, his exhausted face lit up in a smile as he heard the familiar faint ringing of Porn Coins accumulation in his mind.


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