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After he saw the accumulation of the Porn Coins, Chuck looked at the weak woman who still had three of her fingers in her a*s with the eyes similar to how a glutton would view a feast.

'Heh, the day is still young,' thought of Chuck.

"Kaitlyn, during your throes of passion, you mentioned a husband, is that a male?"

Kaitlyn pulled out her fingers from her ass, "Oooh! No, I've never been with a male. You were my first..." timidly said the young nurse as she stole shy glances at Chuck.

"Haha, that means you cheated on your husband with me?" said Chuck as he walked up to her. He turned her over and get on all fours like an obedient puppy.

Kaitlyn being a trained submissive, gave into Chuck with little resistance.

"I... I didn't plan on letting anyone come between our matrimony. Chuck was nice to me, and no one has ever talked to Kaitlyn with such kindness. Luna became weird after she lost her legs. I didn't want to cheat on her, but it was hard with me just giving..."

Kaitlyn blabbered like a zealot as the guilt of breaking her marriage vows made her hysterical. Chuck did not comfort her, but he effectively stopped her with something that only a true submissive can appreciate.


A loud, slapping noise echoed in the quiet hospital room. Chuck gave a hard slap to her left ass cheek for which Kaitlyn could say nothing but...

"Ummmm... thank you..."


"...thank you..."




"...thank you..."


Chuck quietly slapped her left and right ass cheek, leaving red handprints on her pale white buttocks.

"How presumptuous of you! Do you think it was you who decided to break your marriage vows?"

"I... I..."


"Listen carefully, I will treat you like a princess everywhere else but the bedroom, cause Kaitlyn deserves nothing less and she is someone that I am very fond of."

"...thank you..." faintly replied Kaitlyn as she almost choked up with tears.

"I am not done. In the bedroom or when I am in the mood to dominate you, you are nothing but my obedient bitch."


"...thank you..." this time, her reply as with more enthusiasm, as she lifted her ass hight to make it easier for Chuck to spank her.

"To my commands, you are to be always obedient!"


"Yes, master!"

"To my needs, you should always give everything!"


"Yes, master!"

"I made you spread your legs for me. If your husband has a problem, tell her to talk to me. I will make her bark on my c*ck in no time. Exactly how you will before the end of the day."

"Yes, master!... thank you..."

"I did not do make you know your place for a lousy thank you, now turn over, squat down, and give me a blowjob!"

"Yes, master!"

Kaitlyn hurriedly turned over and was eager to service Chuck. Being a medical practitioner, Kaitlyn has read much on human anatomy. Similar to how men read on 'how to please a woman' back on Earth. Teen girls of this planet read up on how to please a man fantasizing over the possibility.

Chuck looked down on the perfect beach body of Kaitlyn, her porcelain skin, her taut navel, and her gravity-defying tits. The combination is a work of art.

Chuck felt he is the luckiest man as he saw Kaitlyn's gorgeous face piously looking at his little member. 

Kaitlyn was puzzled because Chuck's d*ck wasn't even remotely as hard as she expected. The limp dick was a severe blow to the confidence of Kaitlyn. She knows that man's arousal is directly proportional to his dick's hardness. Though her enthusiasm simmered for a short moment, she calmed herself, and with resolute eyes, she attacked Chuck's d*ck.

[Slurp] Kaitlyn started to lick the entire length of his dick and kissed the tip of his dick. She relentlessly lashed her tongue on his short and limp member, trying her best to arouse him.

Chuck, on the other hand, was feeling all the touches, kisses, and licks of Kaitlyn. He felt her passion. Lust and eagerness were building up in Chuck; however, he did not feel any change in his dick.

'Heh, guess there is something wrong with this body too,' Chuck slowly rubbed the amulet that he received from Alnaal. As if the magical ornament felt his desire, he could envision the number 56, which was the count of Porn Coins, like a brightly lit flame in his subconsciousness. He couldn't tell why, but he could feel that he can spend the porn coins in any manner he wished.

He thought of the spell to get a hard-on, pieces of information about the magical spell 'Cruor Cursus' started to flood his mind. He understood that this spell controls blood flow. It is an ancient wartime spell, which controls the blood loss from an injury. The magic spell lets the caster regulate the blood flow of a particular location. Usually, One casts the spell to stop the blood flow, but now, Chuck is going to use it to induce blood flow.

After the information appeared in his head,  he saw ten inscriptions of a weird language that he did not understand, but it still felt very familiar.


'It's now or never. My little brother, you have slept for two lifetimes. Now it is time to rise! Rise and pierce the sky!'

Chuck spent one coin, and one inscription of the spell light up. He suddenly felt that he could actively feel the blood coursing through his body. The connection was faint; it was not enough to alter the course of his blood. However, it was just the second inscription. Chuck still had eight more magical inscriptions.


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