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PORN STAR 11 A girl cums of age part 3 - Ready! Steady! Go!

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Makena sobbed with her ass quivering and the fiery feeling on her ass spread throughout her. Unknowingly Makena started to rub her pussy mound over the thigh of Chuck making a wet patch in his pants.

Sympathetic to the sight of Makena being eager to cum, Chuck decided to push her over the edge as he pinched on her untouched nipples twisting it hard. Makena cried out and started humping Chuck's thigh like a bitch in heat, making herself cum from the friction of her pussy and his leg.

Knowing that he fully prepped up Makena, Chuck grabbed the front of her G-strings and ripped it off of her body, taking away the last shred of modesty from her.
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Makena lost her sense of shame when she cummed humping against Chuck's leg like a dog in heat. Even before instructed she got herself onto the couch, her legs perched wide to the side, making the shape of "M" with her legs. She further pulled down on her baby doll dress exposing her taut and hard pinkish-brown nipples.

Chuck hungrily looked over the sight of extreme sexuality.

Makena's light brown bald pussy dripped down wetness, a wet path was made from the lower end of her appetizing cunt, and it trailed down and disappeared into her ass crack.

Her small boob appeared modest, but none the less magnificent. The small two mounds looked as if two scoops of milk chocolate ice cream with her perfectly centered pinkish-brown nipple as the cherry on top.

Noticing the eyes of Chuck hungrily roaming over her body, Makena bit her small yet pump lips in shyness. Yet, she still dared to return the look. She looked up at Chuck with her arousal evident, she spread her teen cunt showing her pink center for Chuck indicating him to take her tight virgin pussy and make her his woman.

"...Big brother Chuck ...I ...am ready ..."

Chuck walked close to her with unhurried step, he knelt down and sat on the floor with his face directly opposite to Makena's pussy, he could smell the unique odor of Makena's passionate sex.

Makena thrust her pelvis forward indicating her eagerness. However, before Chuck proceeded he asked...

"... Umm, I should have asked this sooner. I know that you're a teenage girl, but you're eighteen right?"


"...I will be..." replied Makena in a small voice.

"Will be? Like in a few hours? It is your birthday today?"

"...umm, no ...in three years..." she replied in an even quieter voice.

"Ha-ha, I misheard three years, its three hours, right?"


"It really is ...three years?"


"But... Big brother Chuck ...I know what I am doing ...I want to do it with you," saying so, Makena turned around and bend her ass out over the couch, she spread her bubble butt in one hand showing the full glory of her light brown asshole and her ready for fuck pussy, which has few droplets of pussy nectar hanging onto it.

She further spread her pussy with her thumb showing him the sticky pinkness, "...Big brother Chuck, don't you want this..."

Chuck froze at the tantalizing sight of the little lust demoness. Then he started...

Running! Like a fatso who want to have six-pack abs in an hour!

Without even looking for his slippers or looking back, Chuck ran like a gazelle that will put a track star to shame.

Looking at Chuck running away, Makena chased him out screaming...

"But Big brother Chuck, I am ready for this!"

"But I am not!" shouted out Chuck as he turned the corner and was lost from her sight.

Chuck Norris ran out crying like a girl, yet he overtook the loud bikers on the way. Ignoring the astonishing looks from the traffic, Chuck was crying at his rotten luck.

'Why the hell something like this happen every time I am about to get laid!'

'I think I am born on a day of ill luck!'


The image of Chuck running was zoomed out, only to see that the scene was playing like a movie on a 70s looking TV, which has the antenna on top and the big round dials on the side. The peculiar thing about this old tech is that it is completely made of gold, decorated with various large precious stones.

Opposite to the priceless antique was a seraphic beauty decorated with excessive jewels of appalling craftsmanship and precious stones with intricate designs. However, the accessories still paled in matching the divine aura and the exquisite face of the personified holiness.

She was watching the entire happening with a mysterious smile, enjoying the misfortunes of Chuck's like as if it is a soap opera.

"Hmm, even more interesting, he is marked by fate..."

"...What else do you hide, Chuck Norris... You seem more interesting than the destined earth-shaking action star..." quietly pondered the graceful divinity and continued watching the other events of Chuck's life.

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