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Sitting on the hood of his Maybach Exelero chugging out of a champagne bottle in hand, Chuck made quite a sight for the passersby.

The sophisticated look that he had when he walked in with Mei Xing was nowhere noticeable, his tie missing and two buttons were undone with a liquor bottle in hand, he looked more like a thug.

However, this was more of a real look for Chuck.

Crazy Chuck AKA Chuck Norris is the right-hand man of the boss of the city level mafia gang called, Knuckle Red Gang. Why's he called Chuck Norris? His dad lost a drinking bet when he was born and as a result, we have our hoodlum Chuck Norris.

Being made fun for his overreaching name, Chuck often felt that reason is more thoroughly conveyed through fists. He was never a bully but was neither soft tofu. If anything, he's the bully for bullies. He has morals and baselines despite being a despicable and perverted character. Thus, he was well respected amongst his 'brothers'.

Even in the Mafia, Chuck has a special place in the gang, even the bossman, Red Scowler, calls Chuck as "brother". If not for the laid back attitude of Chuck, the members might think Chuck has equal standing as their boss.

The assumption was rightfully so, as the car and the AMX card are the curtesy of his brother Red Scowler. Chuck was trying his best to be the perfect gentleman every time he sees Mei Xing.

However, despite being dressed in a sharp suit, the abundance of liquor unsurprisingly brought out the thuggish ways Chuck.

Having his thoughts mellowed down by the sparkling alcohol, Chuck had a disgusting smile on his face thinking of how he will eat the cute Brazillian rabbit, which in turn scared the two girls who wanted come talk to him, seeing his expensive car.

Seeing the scared look in the girls who walked away, Chuck reeled in his emotions and was waiting for the real treat to start with Juliana and he did not have to wait much longer, as she was done with her sift and was walking toward him.

Out of her work clothes, Juliana's beauty is even more accentuated, the grey halter top perfectly hugged her lithe figure, exposing her contours. The small exposed midsection and the subtle belly piercing made Chuck chuckles about the wild time he is going to have today. The denim skirt hugged the curvature of her perky heart-shaped butt, but being so short, it let her legs be exposed.

Her toes exposed and painted red on black cut stilettos painted a picture-perfect look of Juliana. Taking in the breathtaking sight, Chuck let his hand with bottle hang low and walked in brisk strides towards Juliana.

Seeing the confused look in her eyes, Chuck answered none, he grabbed her by the front of the waist of her skirt, with his fingers dipped in, caressing the soft skin of her navel. Grinning at her gasp as their skin made intimate contact, he pulled her close as if he is pulling her skirt off.

The flustered beauty rushed into his arms with her two hands holding on to his strong arm over her skirt with pleading eyes, Chuck calmly smiled and pressed forward, rubbing his lips across her lips, letting her breath his hot breath.

Deep within her pleading eyes, Chuck saw excitement. Smirking to himself, he seized her lower lip between his teeth, suckling her, with his eyes still looking into her. The shy maiden closer her eyes, yet opened her mouth for him to explore more, ignoring the catcalls and whistles that the drivers and passersby are giving to the odd couple, an old man and a young woman.

As he suckled and pulled on her lips with his teeth, Chuck had his hand creeping into the front of her skirt, he let his thick fingers rub subtly on the silky material of her thong. Playing with the elastic band of her thongs, Chuck made Juliana gush with a strange feeling. Though her mind can't process what she's feeling, her body did, it became wet, making a wet patch in her panty. Juliana is turned on by the brash act of Chuck, her female body is ready to be taken and invaded.

Chuck took a step back, taking his hands away from her thongs, looking at the glazed eyes of her. As her eyes gained back focus, Chuck smiled at her, as he slowly lifted his fingers to his nose taking leisurely smelling the entirety of his fingers. As Juliana blushed, he slowly licked the tip of his finger, making the Brazilian beauty turn crimson.

The flustered maiden grabbed Chuck by the arm and pulled him to the car. Though Chuck is major parts hooligan, he is also parts gentleman, he opened and held the car door for her to get inside. As she is seated, he also stepped into the read compartment of the classy ride.

"...Umm, I don't have a driving license..."

"Who said I planned on going anywhere?" chuckled Chuck.

Obviously new to rushing things on the first date, Juliana looked down at her feet not saying anything.

Using the car key remote Chuck clicked shut the middle separating partition to make sure that they are not visible from the outside. Hearing the click of the partition made Juliana's heart pump a million beats a second.

Chuck moved close to her...

"...I'm not an easy girl. I did not offer to help you with any expectation ...I ...I want to..."

Chuck shut her up with a finger over her lip, gently holding her by the chin, he turned her toward him. With reluctance, her eyes fluttered to focus on his face.

With a gentle smile, Chuck said, "I know. You are an angel that took pity on a heartbroken man, willing to grace him with your divine time to mend his broken heart."

Saying so, Chuck let his hands stroke down from the chin to her neck, then over her perky bust, then to her navel. He grabbed the lower end of her halter top and slowly started peeling it upwards.

Juliana's hands held the mischievious arm of Chuck, but they failed to produce any resistance, as he easily removed her top.

Seeing her bulging adequate breasts clad in her bra over the lithe frame, made her look bust heavy. Chuck tried to press his body over her but his shoulders were held tight by Juliana.

He leaned close to her and breathed but a single word...


As a magic spell was put on her, all the resistance of Juliana melted off, as she laid herself slowly down on the soft leather seat with her arms to the side, looking away.

Feeling happy over breaking through Juliana, Chuck was filled with good feelings and was ready to consummate the offered succulent feat of Juliana's feminity.


Zooming out thousands of feet above, in the sky, a picturesque beauty was laid down on a cloud looking at all the seduction that is happening down below like a TV sitcom.
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"Hmm, he is not half bad, but will he finish till the end?"

Said the beauty with an evil smirk, as she continued to look at the R rated scene happening down below with no blushing despite looking young and inexperienced herself.

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