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The old lady was the one who managed the affairs in the family. No matter what people in the Shen family wanted to do, if they didn't get the old lady's approval, they would not be able to do it.

Except... Shen Luo'an married me, Ye Youyou thought. In reality, she and Shen Luo'an had nothing but a marriage certificate and a ring.

There is no wedding or wedding photos. We even haven't made love. I seem to put up with everything. I am the only one who caters to him. If I love him, I have to cater to him, right?

The weekend passed quickly. After Yu Lili handed over the fifth episode of Love Transaction on Sunday night. The big reversal in the plot created a lot of controversy.

Because of Love Transaction, the download volume of the APP Eurasian Comics had increased by tens of thousands.

Ye Qianqian's performance had skyrocketed, so she became the Queen of Performance that many people in the Editorial Department envied.

Ye Qianqian rarely didn't ride her bike. This Monday, she excitedly walked along with Yu Lili. They chatted happily all the way. After they arrived at work, they found their colleagues pointing at them.

Ye Qianqian sat in her spot. Soon, she heard Chief Editor Zhou, her boss, shouting.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Ye Qianqian, come over to my office."

Chief Editor Zhou rarely talked to Ye Qianqian. The woman was a bit cold. In addition to some boys from the Technical Department and Yu Lili, Chief Editor Zhou rarely talked to people.

This was the first time she had said Ye Qianqian's name. All eyes were on Ye Qianqian as her colleagues whispered.

Ye Qianqian did not know what happened at all, nor did Yu Lili. Seeing that Ye Qianqian was called into the office, Yu Lili looked around. Everyone looked weird except Shan Yu, who acted calmly. She sat next to Ye Qianqian and was grabbing a contract.

Shan Yu has been against me and Ye Qianqian several times. Based on her appearance, I'm sure that it must be inseparable from her!

Yu Lili stood up, but she didn't ask Shan Yu. Instead, she turned to a colleague next to her and asked, "What happened? Why does everyone look weird today?"

Her colleague had a weird expression. She looked at Yu Lili and asked, "Are you living with Ye Qianqian?"

"Yeah, why?" Yu Lili asked.

The colleague's face was even more strange. She said, "We suspect that she pocketed the gift that should have been given to the painter. The gift is worth a lot of money, so Chief Editor Zhou may be checking on her."

Yu Lili frowned and blurted out, "How could that be? If Ye Qianqian did that, how wouldn't I know about it?"

"There is only one possibility." Shan Yu suddenly stood up and looked at Yu Lili. "You are a team, so of course you have to pretend to be stupid. Otherwise, how couldn't you know since such a big thing was there?"

Yu Lili was annoyed when she saw Shan Yu act like that. She snorted and asked, "What did Ye Qianqian take away? Is it expensive? How much is it?"

"Not too expensive, it's just worth more than $10,000! The graphics tablet should have been sent to Li Xiaoyu, but it appeared in Ye Qianqian's room. So, you must be an accomplice!"
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