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"I am so busy there, and you ran away after having a good time, little twat." As he said that, he had already taken off his jacket and untied the bow tie on his neck.

Su Qianci put the mobile phone aside, sitting in bed cross-legged in a bathrobe, watching him with a smile. "Darling."

"Yes?" Li Sicheng looked over and took off his clothes.




Li Sicheng stopped replying this time. While he undid the cufflinks for himself, he walked over to the bedside, and looked at her with a deep look.

Su Qianci's cheeks turned red. She suddenly covered her face and fell to the bed.

Li Sicheng felt confused and amused at the same time. Rushing forward, Li Sicheng sat on top of her, whispering, "What are you laughing at?"

Su Qianci took his hand off and said with a blush, saying, "Am I pretty?"

He heard this and felt a little funny. He deliberately said, "No."

Su Qianci was upset, pouted, and kicked him. "Go away."

Li Sicheng had a smile at the bottom of his eyes and leaned closer to her. He said in a low voice, "Even if you are not pretty, I am mesmerized by you. If you are prettier, what would I become?" Then he went over and wanted to kiss her.

Su Qian's heart felt so sweet like it was full of honey, but when he was about to kiss her, she turned her head and pushed him. "You smell of alcohol. Go take a shower."

"After a kiss." Then he caught her face.

Su Qianci avoided it again and reached out to block his face. "No shower, no kiss."

Li Sicheng sighed. He was reluctant, but he got up and said, "Okay."

Looking at him slowly getting up, Su Qianci lowered her hand.

But Li Sicheng suddenly pressed down and stole a kiss before he got up, satisfied.

Su Qianci wiped her face and grunted, lying on her stomach. But her heart was quietly taken. Suddenly the phone rang, Su Qianci answered it. It was Luo Zhan.

[Z]: Where is Lu Yihan?

[Susan]: I don't know, maybe in his room, 709, go check it out

[Z]: OK


Looking for the room number Su Qianci gave him, Luo Zhan inexplicably felt nervous. His heartbeat was like thunder, rumbling nonstop. What should he do? He did not dare to go. But… There must always be someone who clarifies things first. Since the incident was caused by him. It must be... solved, right?

At 709, Luo Zhan hit the doorbell and deliberately covered the peephole.

Sure enough, the person inside couldn't see the outside, and he asked, "Who is it?" It was really the voice of Lu Yihan.

Away from him for several days, Luo Zhan actually felt that he missed the voice. "It's me."

Inside, it was silent, and then Lu Yihan opened the door. It looked like he had just showered. Half drunk, his hair was half wet and a bit messy. Lu Yihan was wearing a bathrobe and didn't greet him after opening the door. He turned and went back to bed.

Luo Zhan naturally walked in and closed the door. "Lu Yihan."


"Lu Yihan."

"What?" Lu Yihan's voice sounded a little impatient, as he took a pillow and covered his face.

Luo Zhan was a bit torn. He walked over, sat on his bed and said, "When are you going back to China?"

"Tomorrow." Lu Yihan took the pillow away. "The day after tomorrow is the birthday of the children. Li Sicheng said that he would celebrate it together with his grandpa. Isn't the old captain in the old house? I can go back and get a free flight."
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