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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 91: A Fierce and Brutal Cub 1

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Chapter 91: A Fierce and Brutal Cub (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
"This is my friend, Qin Zheng." Qu Qinghuan came from behind Huo Qu and introduced them, “Ge, this is Huo Qu.”

Two men looked at each other for a few seconds, and it was Qin Zheng who nodded first.

Actually Huo Qu had no idea how to say hi to strangers. But facing such a situation, he only thought he couldn’t lose to Qin Zheng, so he also learnt to nod back at Qing Zheng.

"Are you going to have dinner together?"Huo Qu turned to Yu Qinghuan, asking him with a low voice.

"Yeah." Yu Qinghuan responded. Seeing him wearing that wronged face, he restrained himself and asked, “What took you so long?”

"I miss you," ’””Huo Qu replied without thinking. He then gave Qin Zheng on his other side a glimpse and then lowered his voice, “while you are going to have dinner with someone else.”

After a pause, he added pathetically, "I haven't even had breakfast."

“Why didn’t you have breakfast?” He immediately won Yu Qinghuan’s sympathy. Yu Qinghuan ignored his first sentence and blamed him while giving him a look, “Do you hate you have a too functional stomach?”

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu grasped his wrist and said with am imploring tone, “take me with you. I also want to eat some food.”

Huo Rong who was standing aside, “…”

If he recalled it right, his young brother ate two bowls of pumpkin porridge, and a pork pie! So here comes the problem? Since when did his younger brother who had never lied learn to tell lies?

He gave Huo Qu a complicated look, sighing in his heart. Suddenly he found that his white paper like young brother was actually a sly fox or wolf or what….This totally overturned his cognition.

“Of course you are coming with us.” Yu Qinghuan touched his head and then turned to Qin Zheng, “Ge, do you mind we share a table?”

"Of course not." Qin Zheng laughed. “Your friend is my friend. Besides, Huo Rong and I have met before.”

Yu Qinghuan felt that he was implying something, but couldn’t figure it out. So he could only nod and skip this topic.

As they spoke, Huo Qu's eyes kept circling around Qin Zheng, as if assessing the weight class of the enemy. While Qin Zheng, while Yu Qinghuan took his eyes away from him, would immediately stare back at Huo Qu.

Huo Qu also didn’t show a bit of guilty after being busted. He only looked at Qin Zheng right into his eyes unyieldingly.

Yu Qinghuan the dumb one didn’t notice the ‘undercurrent’ at all. He was worried that Huo Qu might have a stomach and was focusing on a suitable restaurant on his phone.

Fortunately there was a private home cuisine downstairs. So Qu Qinghuan took them there and asked for a private room.

When choosing a seat, Huo Qu performed what was ‘quick, resolute and accurate’ to the extreme. Before everyone made any reactions, he already rushed forward and settled his ass next to Yu Qinghuan.

Qin Zheng who was about to pull out the chair, "... "

He suddenly had a feeling that this logy imp was not easy to tackle with.

He narrowed his eyes and settled down to sit on the opposite side of the Yu Qinghuan.

Since Huo Qu had always so clingy to him, Yu Qinghuan didn’t notice anything wrong at all. He shoved the menu the waiter out on a corner of the table to Qin Zheng, “Ge, order the dishes you like. I’m all good.”

”OK.” Qin Zheng took the menu, lips curled, casting a glance at Huo Qu smilingly.

Huo Qu was already unhappy since Yu Qinghuan gave the menu to Qin Zheng First. And now provoked by his stare, Huo Qu felt more upset now.

Although he didn’t why, Huo Qu was pretty sure he didn’t like this person since the first sight.

He even wished that he could cover his eyes so he would never see Qinghuan!

“What’s the matter, Huo Qu?” Speaking of which, Yu Qinghuan put his own menu in front of him and turned a page. When he was about to ask what he was gonna eat, he saw that Huo Qu was in a daze. So he elbowed him gently and asked him with a smile, “Hunger stole your brain?”

"I..." Huo Qu opened his mouth unwillingly. When he was about to ask why Yu Qinghuan gave the menu to Qin Zheng first, his eyes suddenly shone and he immediately turned from sorrowful to overjoyed.

Qin Zheng was looking at the menu alone while Qinghuan was sharing the same menu with him!

So who was closer to Qinghuan was quite obvious now!
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