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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 90: “Qinghuan, Who Is He?” 3

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Chapter 90: “Qinghuan, Who Is He?” (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Qin zheng's current status was almost the same with Zhao Qingyuan., Though the two took different routes, people often put them together to compare. So they were quite familiar with each other.

”Zhao Qingyuan?” The hand Qing Zhen used to take of the mask paused. It seemed he also never expected he would meet Zhao Qingyuan in such a shabby second-hand Audi. But he only paused a bit and immediately said hello.

The back seats were not enough. So Zhao Qingyuan volunteered to move to the shotgun holding Wang Ruirui. But even he didn’t sit with them, his mouth never stopped. Before Qing Zheng introduced himself, he had already gave a detailed introduction for him.

”Qinghuan, you should know Qing Zheng, right? The one who often hits the headline!”

Before Yu Qinghuan could answer his question, he already opened his mouth trying to introduce him to Qing Zheng himself, but suddenly Qin Zheng cut in with kind of strange voice, “Qinghuan? Yu Qinghuan???”

Yu Qinghuan was dumbfounded and then said with a complicated tone, “Qing…Brother Zheng, you know me?”

Qin zheng smiled and held out his right hand to him. “Yes, I am the spokesman of the delicate watch series of Ada."

After they sent Qing zheng to his designated place, Zhao Qingyuan sat back beside the Yu Qinghuan, saying with an unbelieving tone, “How is that possible? You two are really predestined."

"Yes," Yu Qinghuan sighed, “Fortunately, I went down to have a look at him."

Zhao Qingyuan was not interested in Qin Zheng, so, soon he already forgot about him and turned to discuss what they were going to eat for dinner with Yu Qinghuan.

And when they went to have a meal, Qin Zheng's agent had finally received him.

“Tomorrow I’m gonna change your car.” Said Chen Ming, frowning, “Fortunately you met a good soul. Otherwise God knows what the media would write about you if they know.” After a pause, he continued, “Are those people who sent you back no hidden paparazzi?”

”Hmm.” With Yu Qinghuan’s bright and black eyes crossing in his mind, Qin Zheng curled his lips slightly, “No.”

“That’s great!” Chen Ming exhaled a breath of relief. After a pause, he then said, “Well, that Yu Qinghuan who endorses the normcore series of Ada, do you remember him? He is only a little star who got his beginner’s luck! How dare he climb up on your shoulder?”

Chen Ming snorted, “Won’t you take group photos with him tomorrow? I’ve already got the press release prepared. I promise we’ll gonna teach him a good lesson.”

The norecore series was only the low-end watch of Ada. It was normal it had a better sales than the exquisite series. But Yu Qinghuan’s fans didn’t know the situation and were celebrating.

Chen Ming’s eyes sunk. Do they really think his own artist would be so easily bullied? Yu Qinghuan is so dead to him!

“Don’t even lay a finger on him!” warned Qin Zheng while giving Chen Ming a cold look.

“But why?” Chen Ming looked at him, confused, “Are you really willing to be stepped on by a little star and do nothing?”

”What do you mean?” Qin Zheng’s eyes sunk, “If I even have to bother about such small things. I’m afraid even dozens of press releases a day won’t be enough.”

After a pause, seeing Chen Ming’s unhappy face, Qin Zheng patted on the table and said in a low voice, “Chen Ming, don’t try to sing a different tune.”

Chen Ming stiffened and bowed his head respectfully. “Yeah, I know."

The second day, after entrusting Yu Xin to take care of Wang Ruirui at home, Yu Qinghuan took Zhao Qingyuan’s car to Ada. When they entered Ada’s studior, they saw Qing Zheng.

"Brother Zheng," Yu Qinghuan stopped and called respectfully.

"Don't be so polite, just take me as a friend." Qin Zheng looked up to Yu Qinghuan, sitting on a sofa beside the door.

His face was deep and handsome, and he was now dressed in a black suit and his long legs were crossed, making him extra charming.

Yu Qinghuan smiled and nodded.

Since having cooperated many times in their previous life, and they were friends, Yu Qinghuan was quite familiar with Qing Zheng’s style and knew how to cooperate with him. Even the photographers were amazed at their tacit understanding.

This set of photos went exceptionally well, almost none of them was qualified.

When they finished, it was noon. Qin zheng looked at his watch and said to Yu Qinghuan, "Let's have lunch together. We may have a chance to work together. So it’d do both of us good to know each other well.”

When Yu Qinghuan just want to nod, a familiar voice was suddenly rose from behind,“Qinghuan!" He turned back, stunned, only saw that Huo Qu was staring at his direction, wearing a freezing cold face.

Beside him, Huo Zheng stood there, helplessly. Seeing that Yu Qinghuan cast his eyes at them, he shrugged his shoulder innocently.

"What are you doing here? Yu Qinghuan walked over and asked.

Huo Qu did not answer him. His face was tight and his brows were furrowed. His eyes were fixed on Qin Zheng, with a solemn and murderous intention in them.

Somehow, when he saw Qin Zheng and Yu Qinghuan together, Huo Qu instinctively perceived the crisis, which was not that kind of jealousy of the familiarity between Yu Xin and Yu Qinghuan, nor of the closeness between Zhao Qingyuan and him, but of another kind of deadly threat, so that he instantly raised a 120% percent vigilance.

It was as if a small beast had met an enemy. At the same time, it was on guard, while burning up inside its body.

He stepped forward and stood before Yu Qinghuan, making sure that Qin Zheng couldn't see a hair of his head. Then he turned back and asked coldly, "Qinghuan, who is he?"
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