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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 88: “Qinghuan, Who Is He?” 1

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Chapter 88: “Qinghuan, Who Is He?” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan and others changed their route and it immediately became unhindered. Soon they arrived at Chongshang Wash, and he instantly recognized Zhao Qingyuan who was hanging on the door frame like a gecko.

Yu Xin wanted to get off the car. But on seeing this scene, he immediately closed the door and said to Yu Qinghuan, “He is your friend. You’d better go by yourself.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

What on earth had Zhao Qingyuan done? Even Yu Xin was sick of him now!

After wearing his mask, Yu Qinghuan got off the car, directly went straight to Zhao Qinghuan, and brought him onto the car cleanly.

“You finally come. I’m nearly frozen.” Zhao Qingyuan put his hands at his mouth to warm them with his breaths. After opening the back door nimbly and seeing Wang Ruirui, his eyes shone and he then lowered his head and hop in, “Our little princess is also here.”

“Uncle Qingyuan,” called Wang Ruirui with her sweet voice. She then passed her cookie to Zhao Qingyuan’s mouth.

Zhao Qingyuan directly picked it up with his mouth. He said while chewing, “Little princess, you should call me brother Qingyuan. See? You also call him brother Qinghuan.”

Wang Ruirui looked at him smilingly, “It’s uncle.”

Zhao Qingyuan tilted his head, “Be good. Call me brother.”

Wang Ruirui shook her head, “It’s uncle.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “Be good, sweetheart, call me brother.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

He really couldn’t bear to see Zhao Qingyuan being silly. He then glanced at him bitterly and ridiculed, “You really hit it off with Ruirui.”

However, he still overestimated Zhao Qingyuan’s IQ. He didn’t notice his tone at all. Instead, he asked him, “You can also tell I’m welcomed among kids, right?”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

Wherever Zhao Qingyuan was, it’d be pretty lively. He not only shared that big bag of snacks with Wang Ruirui but also played games with her. You even couldn’t tell their age difference.

Yu Qinghuan held his forehead. He and Yu Xin looked at each other through the rearview mirror, and saw the despair in each other’s eyes.

“Well, Qinghuan, I heard the series of Ada’s watch you endorsed sells pretty well. Haven’t they given you a big red envelope?” Seeing Wang Ruirui was a bit tired after playing games with him for too long, Zhao Qingyuan put her on his lap, tilted his head and asked.

“Hm?” Yu Qinghuan was caught dumbfounded and immediately shook his head, “No.”

He had been so busy with the shooting of Orange these days that he had no time to care about it.

The sales volume is out? And it looks good? He really had no idea.

"Oh fuck!” Zhao Qingyuan couldn't help swearing, “That son of bitch Evenson is so stingy! The new normcore series has only been released and already surpassed the last whole quarterly. Such conspicuous performance and he showed nothing?”

Generally speaking, when the products sell pretty well, the brand will give some rewards to the stars who endorse it, so as to win a longer term cooperation in the future. Ada is also one of the top brands, which should not be so petty.

Yu Qinghuan also understood this rule and thought about it." I will go to Ada to take group photos tomorrow. I guess Evenson will save the words for that occasion."

"Probably." Zhao Qingyuan shrugged his shoulders indifferently. When he saw that those cars on both sides kept exceeding them, Zhao Qingyuan couldn’t help but complained to Yu Qingyuan, “Can’t you change a new car? Such second-hand Audi…”

After a pause, Zhao Qingyuan euphemistically expressed his detesting, “isn’t it a bit difficult to drive?”

"I don't drive." Yu Qinghuan hung his eyes, concealing the expression in them.

When Zhao Qingyuan was about to ask what the situation was, he saw that Yu Xin was desperately winking at him through the rearview window, he immediately understood, and shut his mouth.

Yu Qinghuan's parents died in a car accident, and his shadow on cars was quite understandable.

Blaming himself for being gossipy, Zhao Qingyuan pursed his lips uneasily. When he was about to switch the topic to break the ice, an upbeat ringing was heard.

"Park the car, I need to answer a phone call." Yu Xin saw it was a strange number. Afraid that it was some kind of important cooperation for Yu Qinghuan, so he pulled over the car and then pressed the answer key.

"Hello, I am Tony, the guy in charge of Chicly's Asian region, and I have contacted Qinghuan before." after making a brief self-introduction, Tony directly got to the point," I want to invite Qinghuan to be our brand partner, I wonder if you are interested."

Compared to his previous swaggering appearance, his posture was extremely low now, actually in a claptrap way.

In fact, it was not strange that Tony's attitude changed so abruptly. When Yu Xin contacted him last time, Yu Qinghuan was still a little known star.

Actually he was satisfied with Yu Qinghuan’s image and meant to hire him as the spokesman of their windbreaker. It had been settled already actually, but his boss squeezed someone who had connections and then Yu Qinghuan’s endorsement came to nothing.

Although he felt kind of sorry, but also not too reluctant to give him up. But every dog had its day. An explosion made Yu Qinghuan!
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