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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 78: “I heard…It’d Be Warm if Two Hold Each Other in Arms.” 2

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Chapter 78: “I heard…It’d Be Warm if Two Hold Each Other in Arms.” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After creating such a super awkward farce, Zhao Qingyuan felt ashamed to death. He had no face to stay, so he dragged Huo Qu to leave no matter what.

Unfortunately Huo Qu finally got a chance to see Yu Qinghuan. How would he leave like this? No matter what Zhao Qingyuan said, he just wouldn’t leave. Finally Zhao Qingyuan had no choice but to leave in dismay.

Once he left, Huo Qu immediately turned to Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, what did you talk just now?”

“Nothing.” After recalling about that thing, Yu Qinghuan felt painful in his forehead, “Just some trifle thing.”

“Really?” asked Huo Qu while staring at Yu Qinghuan with all question marks on his face.

Now he only looked at Yu Qinghuan expressionlessly, which gave Yu Qinghuan a lot of pressure. Now he was only afraid that Huo Qu might do some ‘appalling’ things at the filming site. So he could only try to explain it to Huo Qu, “It’s nothing serious, I promise. There’s a mistake between us. Now we talk it through and problem solved.”

“I see.” Huo Qu nodded but still didn’t move his eyes away.

Yu Qinghuan thought he was not satisfied with the reason he provided. When he was about say something more detailed, Huo Qu said by his ear…

Huo Qu, “I’ve never taken you by mistake.”

Yu Qinghuan, “Hm?”

Huo Qu, “So, Qinghuan, I’m better to you than him.”

Yu Qinghuan was caught dumbfounded and then realized what was happening. So this guy thought he and Zhao Qingyuan were having some private talk, so he was jealous?


“Yu Qinghuan, hurry up!” When Yu Qinghuan was about to say something, Zhao Rui not far away urged him impatiently, “Everyone is waiting for you!”

“Coming!” Yu Qinghuan responded with a high pitch. But glancing at Huo Qu beside who was still waiting for his answer, he could only say vaguely, “I know.” And then he scurried to the shooting site.

While Yu Qinghuan was shooting, Huo Qu just waited by side. So many people here, but his eyes were only moving with Yu Qinghuan.

Seeing the character Yu Qinghuan played cry or feel upset, although he knew it was all fake, Huo Qu still had the urge to rush out and held him in his arms and make him smile, no other bad feelings anymore.

“You also like brother Qinghuan?” a little girl’s soft voice sounded by his ears, then Huo Qu turned around and saw a sweet and cute little girl was sitting by his side who was looking up to him.

Huo Qu was a little confused, “Like him?”

The little girl ignored his question and continued, “I like brother Qinghuan very much. How I wish Qinghuan is my real brother!”

Then she kept saying this and that, but Huo Qu already couldn’t block them out of his head, with only the word “like” repeating in his head, like being possessed.

He felt like he got something, but couldn’t think it through.

He knew that his like for Yu Qinghuan was much more than anyone else’s like for him. But what kind of like was that! He himself also didn’t understand now.

The only thing he was certain was that he should be good to Qinghuan, better than anyone else, then Qinghuan wouldn’t be stolen away.

Huo Qu had his mind wandering the whole afternoon. It was not until Yu Qinghuan came to him after the shooting did he came to his sense.

“So you just sat here the whole afternoon? Aren’t you cold?” Yu Qinghuan held a few boxes of takeaway food with one hand and spared the other to pull Huo Qu, “Come on. Let’s go back and eat some food.”

“Hm.” Huo Qu nodded. When he was about to lift his foot, he glanced at a corner somewhere and suddenly stopped.

In there, Zhao Rui bent over and said to Wang Ruirui extremely gently, “Do you feel cold? Come here. Let me take you back to the hotel. You’ll feel warm there.”

Huo Qu lowered his eyes, with something shining flashing by.

After they got back to Yu Qinghuan’s shack, the two of them dug the supper in a hurry. Now the water in the heater was boiled. Yu Qinghuan asked Huo Qu to take a bath first, and him second.

When he got out of the bathroom, he saw that Huo Qu was curling in bed, like he was freezing cold.

Yu Qinghuan felt a little odd. He remembered that he turned on the electric blanket before they took the bath. Is it because the electric blanket bad quality? Or broken?

He then moved forward and felt the blanket! No! It is warm enough. But why Huo Qu would feel so cold?

“Is it so cold?” Yu Qinghuan asked while drying his hair.

Huo Qu nodded and answered him vaguely, “Kind of.”

“What about I send you home?” Yu Qinghuan was a little worried. Judging from Huo Qu’s reaction, he shouldn’t belong to cold-resistant constitution. It’d bad if he catches a cold.

On hearing him, Huo Qu immediately shook his head hard, “I won’t go back.” Like he could even face death unflinchingly.

Yu Qinghuan could only take another quilt to cover on him. After a while, he asked again, “Are you still feeling cold?”

Huo Qu, “Hm.”

This is super odd!

Yu Qinghuan cursed in his heart and then hung the wet towel on the chair, took off his shoes and slipped into bed.

He switched the electric blanket to the top. The mattress’ temperature was nearly hot. The moment Yu Qinghuan pulled open the quilt, a blast of warmth directly dashed in his face.

He calls this cold?

He doubtfully reached out for Huo Qu’s forehead, temperature normal, unlike he had a fever. So what is going on with him?

Yu Qinghuan didn’t notice that the moment he climbed onto the bed, like a little hamster, Huo Qu was moving to his side little by little quite slowly. When he realized it, they were already sticking together.

“Is it really so cold?” asked Yu Qinghuan while pulling the quilt up for him.

Huo Qu responded with a “hm”, then looked up to peep at Yu Qinghuan. After a few seconds, he muttered with his long and thick eyelashes quivering, “I heard…it’d be warm if two hold each other in arms.”

After a pause, he looked at Yu Qinghuan, asking, “Qinghuan, is that true?”
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