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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 76: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” 5

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Chapter 76: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” (5)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After a whole day's shooting, Yu Qinghuan returned to his icehouse-like room. After taking a bath, he plunged into his bed and was about to sleep. But right after he closed his eyes, the phone rang.

He struggled to stretch out a hand to get his phone, “Qingyuan?”

At the other end of the phone, Zhao Qingyuan’s voiced sounded extremely exciting. He was like a Husky that had been locked up for too long and finally had a chance to go out for a walk, “Qinghuan! My movie is wrapped up finally! Are you home? I’m going to your place now!”

“I just received a new movie.” Yu Qinghuan sat up, trying to make himself sound not so exhausting, “I’m at the filming site.”

“Fuck!” Zhao Qingyuan couldn’t help swearing, “You are fast! Where do you shoot the movie? I’ll go visit you.”

After telling him the site, Yu Qinghuan added, “Don’t you come. The condition here is not so good. There’s even no place to sleep.”

Zhao Qingyuan thought he was making an excuse not to let him come, so he was very unhappy and questioned him instead, “Then where do you live?”

Yu Qinghuan rubbed his frontalis and explained, “I am now sleeping in the shack of a construction site, shabby and pretty cold, are you still coming?”

He thought Zhao Qingyuan would give up on hearing it. But instead, he said excitedly, “A shack? I have never seen one! You triggered my curiosity. Wait for me! I’m going tomorrow.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

Never mind! As long as he is happy.

The he said to Yu Qinghuan, “Bring me something when you come.” After thinking for a while, he continued, “Buy two headbands for me, I mean the cute kind.”

For a normal person, one could tell Yu Qinghuan would want to send them to someone as a gift. But it happened Zhao Qingyuan’s brain circuits were different form a normal person. On hearing that, he thought Yu Qinghuan wanted them for his own use.

After a few seconds’ silence, he tried to confirm, “You want headbands? Aren’t they for girls?”

“Mm.” Yu Qinghuan felt a little confused by his question. Shouldn’t only girls use headbands? Does he have to ask again to confirm?

“OK. Got it.” Zhao Qingyuan thought he really didn’t understand those gays. Why would they use headbands? But still he promised with a kind of mixed feeling, “You can count on me. I will definitely pick the cutest ones.”

After hanging up, he patted his chest and screamed like he saw a ghost, “My god! I never expected Qinghuan has such a special hobby.”

The next day Zhao Qingyuan got up early in the morning. He first went to the company to deal with some trivial things and then went to buy headbands for Yu Qinghuan. But not long after he went out, he came across Huo Rong.

Huo Rong was speaking on the phone, looking a little embarrassed, “I’m going abroad later. I don’t have time. If he really wants to see Yu Qinghuan, let the bodyguard send him. It’s OK, mom. He won’t get lost…”

Zhao Qingyuan moved forward and patted his shoulder. Huo Rong thought he got something, so he covered the receiver and turned to him, “What is it, Qingyuan?”

“Your little brother is going to see Qinghuan?”

Seeing Huo Rong nod, Zhao Qingyuan continued, “What a coincidence! I’m also going to Qinghuan’s place later. What I about I give him a ride? So you parents would feel eased.”

“I will be more worried if you drive him!” thought Huo Rong in his heart.

But he can’t turn down his kindness directly. So he could only say, “OK. You can go pick him up at home later. Call me in the first place if there is anything.” After thinking he might be still on the plane at that time, he added, “You can also call Qinghuan.”

“I know.” Zhao Qingyuan bragged, “You can count on me!”

When Zhao Qingyuan arrived at the filming site with Huo Qu, Yu Qinghuan just finished a scene and was restoring his strength leaning against a wall. On seeing him, Zhao Qinghuan popped his eyes out, “Oh my god! Qinghuan! How could you become so fucking slim?”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

He knew he was slim now. But where did the ‘fucking slim’ come from?

Zhao Qingyuan‘s face was very conspicuous, plus his iconic loud voice. Now the whole crew knew he came to visit Qinghuan. Everyone looked super excited. Some even tried to get close to him. Yu Qinghuan could only bring the two of them back to his little shack.

Since Huo Qu was here, he didn’t say a word. Yu Qinghuan noticed he was a little abnormal. So he walked before him and asked, “Huo Qu, are you ok? Not in the mood?”

Huo Qu pursed his lips, and looked at Yu Qinghuan who was so slim that only a gust of wind would blow him down. He said, “Qinghuan.” He carefully touched Yu Qinghuan’s fingers and asked, “Are you sick? How come you are so slim?”

“No, don’t listen to Zhao Qingyuan’s nonsense.” Yu Qinghuan was afraid he might not understand if he explained too much, so he made an excuse, “This is the special effect of makeups. I’m neither slim nor sick.”

“No, you become thinner.” Huo Qu shook his head, stressed while staring at Yu Qinghuan, “much thinner.”

This person became harder and harder to fool, Yu Qinghuan sighed in his heart. But still he stayed calm and collected, “I’m not. I…”

Before he finished his words, Huo Qu suddenly bent over.

When Yu Qinghuan was wondering what he was doing, the next second Huo Qu directly gave him a Princess hug.

“You are thinner, a lot thinner than last time.” Huo Qu said affirmatively after weighing him with his hands.

He then lowered his head, staring at Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, you are lying to me.”

Yu Qinghuan felt a little guilty under the staring of his pair of bright and innocent eyes.

“Put me down!” He moved his body and acted tough to order him.

“No!” Huo Qu turned him down blandly, “Unless you tell me the truth.”

But…Yu Qinghuan touched his forehead. When he was thinking how to make him understand, suddenly he felt something ain’t no right…

“Wait! You said last time? What does it mean? When is the last time you held me like this?”

The next second he saw Huo Qu’s face slowly turned all red.
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