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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 75: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” 4

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Chapter 75: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” (4)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The second day Yu Qinghuan joined the crew, the movie started shooting, and everything went unexpected smooth.

Everyone could tell Wang Ruirui liked Yu Qinghuan. Even though Zhao Rui never allowed her to be with Yu Qinghuan alone, she still went to Yu Qinghuan’s side often whenever she got a chance.

As result, when shooting, she really performed that kind of feeling a little sister to her elder brother, which was kind of happy surprise.

Yu Qinghuan also liked Wang Ruirui. Although this little girl was young, she had acted in quite a few movies. So her acting skills were really not bad. The more precious thing was she also had good personalities. Even under such rough conditions, she never complained but only did whatever the director asked her to.

When there wasn’t her part, she would sit beside quietly, reading some fairy tale books or staring blandly alone.

The only time she cried was that she fell over herself and shed some tears due the huge pains.

After a whole day’s shooting, Zhao Rui sent Wang Ruirui back to the hotel himself and then came back to pack the equipment.

Instead of going back to his own room, Yu Qinghuan stayed to act as his assistant.

“Brother Rui, what is Ruirui’s situation? She is out shooting a movie at such a young age. Why is there no one around taking care of her?”

Seeing Zhao Rui stop smoking, Yu Qinghuan finally couldn’t hold it and ask the question which had confused him for a few days.

On hearing him, Zhao Rui took a heavy puff of the smoke and snorted, “The day she joined the crew, her mother already couldn’t wait discarding her to me.”

It turned out not long after Wang Ruirui was born, her parents got divorced and soon had their own new families.

As for wang ruirui, both sides don't want her, and they kicked her from one side to the other like a football. The reason Wang Ruirui came out shooting movies was mostly because her parents thought they could both make some money and stay away from their daughter.

“Those scumbags!” swore Zhao Rui sullenly while gnashing the cigar.

After hearing him, Yu Qinghuan also felt awful. They brought the kid into this world themselves. How could they do this to her? What’s more, Wang Ruirui is so obedient and thoughtful.

Sometimes this world is really cruel. He always wanted an intact family, while some didn’t cherish it at all when they owned it.

Since something was on his mind, after Yu Qinghuan fell asleep, he had a bizarre dream that night. Early the next morning, after washing his face with some cold water, he then came to himself.

When he arrived at the shooting site, Zhao Rui was adjusting the monitor, while Wang Ruirui sat behind him, head lowered like she was thinking something.

Yu Qinghuan noticed the little girl was a little down. So he went to her side and asked gently, “Ruirui, have you had breakfast?”

Wang Ruirui nodded, still didn’t raise her head.

“What is it?” Yu Qinghuan stretched out a hand and pushed the bangs covering her eyes aside over her hat, “Why bullies our little princess?”

“Brother Qinghuan,” Wang Ruirui sniffed and asked him with a very low voice, eyes red, “Am I very annoying?”

“Of course not,” Yu Qinghuan took out a White Rabbit (a candy brand), and removed the wrappers for her, “Ruirui is pretty and smart, and has wonderful acting skills. We all like you. How could you be annoying?”

"But why neither my dad nor my mom wants me…” Wang Ruirui bit her lips, tears rustling down, “They only like my little brother…”

Yu Qinghuan heaved a sigh, saying while wiping the tears for her, “Don’t cry, or you won’t look pretty.” Then he held her up and put her on his knee, saying gently, “It’s not your problem. Sometimes adults will also do some stupid things. Like Snow White you watched yesterday. There are also some people who don’t like her. But you can’t say she is not pretty or not kindhearted, right?”

“Mmm.” Wang Ruirui nodded heavily and finally melted into smiles. She then slipped into Yu Qinghuan’s arms like a little bird and said, “Brother Qinghuan, you are really nice.”

What an easily satisfied kid! Yu Qinghuan gently stroked her little head, feeling pitiful for her.

Zhao Rui didn’t give Yu Qinghuan much time to prepare. Soon he handed today’s schedule to Yu Qinghuan and started to shoot one scene after another.

Yu Qinghua was the male lead, so his shooting intensity was heavy. Seeing him nearly exhausted, even the working staff beside felt sorry for him. But Zhao Rui showed no mercy. He just shot as scheduled, leaving him no time to rest.

Everyone in the crew was afraid of him. So no one dared to persuade him. Except Zhao Ruirui, Zhao Ruirui always wore that long face.

Wang Ruirui was a precocious kid. Soon she noticed Zhao Rui looked horrible but actually doted on her and was always at her beck and call.

Seeing Yu Qinghuan’s face turn a little pale due to exhaustion, the little girl made an excuse saying she was tired and timidly asked Zhao Rui whether she could take some rest.

“OK.” Zhao Rui didn’t see her through, so he immediately agreed, forcing a stiff smile at her.

“Thank you, uncle Zhao.” After thanking him, the little girl immediately ran to Yu Qinghuan. She looked up at him, asked with a caring tone, “Brother Qinghuan, are you exhausted?”

“No.” Yu Qinghuan squatted down and looked at her gently, “Our little princess is so sweet.”

Wang Ruirui pursed her lips and then smiled shyly.

Such a good kid! How could her parents be so coldhearted to abandon her?

He thought he should be good to this kid, even it was only one and half months.

As Zhao Rui said, it was really a ‘short’ break. Yu Qinghuan took a break and started the shooting again.

In the movie Orange, his part took up as much as about 70%. So under the whole crew’s sympathetic eyes, he became the poorest person.
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