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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 74: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” 3

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Chapter 74: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan had no idea what was going on under the table. His recipe had been set. So these days he had to lose weight strictly following the requirements on it.

Every time Yu Xin saw him eat such little food, he felt like Yu Qinghuan was self-abusing

Yu Qinghuan was only in his twenties when he had enormous appetite. But he only ate so little every meal, even a saint couldn’t bear it. What he couldn’t think through was Orange was special-interest everybody could tell. Even it was lucky enough to be released, few people would go to the theatre to watch it.

Life is already a mess in reality. No one doesn’t want to relax in the theater. How would they choose such a depressive movie? For such a movie that was an absolute failure, is it really worth it?

“Eat some more,” Yu Xin pushed his own food before him. He knew the dietician made the recipe for him, there would be no problem. But he still couldn’t bear it, “If you keep on like this, you would already break down before the shooting. It doesn’t matter to eat some more for one or two meals.”

Yu Qinghuan didn’t even look at those delicate dishes. He just kept digging his own salad, and said, “No need. Ge, you eat. I’m fine.”

Before Yu Qinghuan, Yu Xin had never seen a celebrity who had such strict self-control. They knew that they would look terrible in the camera if they were fat, but they still couldn’t control their mouths.

Only Yu Qinghuan kept his own words and did what he said, no discount!

Sometimes one would also feel quite worried if his own kid was too dependent from him.

Yu Xin heaved a sigh. He raised his head to catch a glimpse of Yu Qinghuan who already became thinner, and took those dishes to another room.

On the fifth dieting day, Yu Qinghuan joined the shooting crew. Zhao Rui was really short of money. Such a low budget movie Orange was already a heavy burden for him. Yu Qinghuan’s remuneration of 850 thousand was already his limit.

All the facilities were very simple and Zhao Rui also had to wear many hats. Even the place they lived in was only some simple wooden makeshift houses built near the construction site.

“Oh my god!” Seeing rows of low and shabby wooden makeshift houses, Yu Xin jumped while patting his own forehead.

This Zhao Rui really knew how to save money! He even suspected that whether Zhao Rui would ask those actors to prepare tents themselves if it had been summer now. So they could directly sleep on the filming site!

“Qinghuan, come here.” Yu Xin cleaned Yu Qinghuan’s room roughly. He even had no time to clear up the luggage, but plugged in the electric blanket and said to Yu Qinghuan, “Get in bed to warm yourself. This place is…”

Before he finished his words, the thin wooden door was blown open by the strong north wind, and, “bang”, it fell on his back.

The piercingly cold air immediately burst into the room. Yu Xin couldn’t help trembling. Having no time to care about his own back, he quickly turned around to shut the door while chattering, “This is horrible! This is horrible…”

“Zhao Rui wants to see me later,” Yu Qinghuan shook his head, then put on that pair of gloves Huo Qu sent him and said, “Ge , you go back later. There won’t be too many things to take care of here. Doesn’t my house need decorations? You take care of it for me.”

“All right. Then I gotta go. Call me if you need me.” Yu Xin knew Yu Qinghuan didn’t want him to suffer here with him. So he accepted his good intention and drove his second-hand Audi to leave.

After sending away Yu Xin, Yu Qinghuan planned to go to the filming site and look around. He met Zhao Rui at a corner, who looked in a good mood today because there was a big smile on his face which was rarely seen. Maybe because he hadn’t smiled for too long, it was kind stiff, giving one goose bumps.

“Brother Rui,” Yu Qinghuan said hello. When he was about to say something, he saw a little girl behind him. She was totally covered behind Zhao Rui, so Yu Qinghuan didn’t see her.

This little girl looked about 6 or 7 years old, big eyes, curled hair, wearing a pink down jacket, so pretty like an angel.

Yu Qinghuan immediately guessed it should be his little sister in the movie.

Zhao Rui nodded as a response. Then he took a step back and introduced, “This is Wang Ruirui. She is playing Zhao Qing’an.”

Then he turned to Wang Ruirui and his voice also became soft. He pointed at Yu Qinghuan, “This is Yu Qinghuan. He is playing your elder brother Zhao Qingping in the movie.”

“Hi, Ruirui. I’m Yu Qinghuan. You can call me brother Qinghuan.” Yu Qinghuan moved forward and squatted down before the little girl.

It seemed Wang Ruirui was a little afraid of Zhao Rui, because she looked a little tense. But when facing Yu Qinghuan’s handsome smiling face, she loosened up a lot and even smiled at Yu Qinghuan, “Brother Qinghuan.”

The little girls’ voice was soft and cute, with that pair of big and watery eyes blinking at Yu Qinghuan, which immediately melted Yu Qinghuan’s heart.

He couldn’t help stretching out a hand to rub her downy hat, “Are you cold? Where is your room? I can take you there.”

“She lives in the hotel over there.” Before Wang Ruirui answered him, Zhao Rui cut in, “She is too small. She can’t live in the wooden house.”

“Yeah, a right decision.” Yu Qinghuan nodded, showing he totally understood. Then he got up and wanted to send Zhao Ruirui to her room with Zhao Rui, but Zhao Rui turned him down, “I can do it by myself.”

Before Yu Qinghuan had any response, Zhao Rui already walked away holding Wang Ruirui’s hand.

It seemed Wang Ruirui really wanted to stay a bit longer with Yu Qinghuan. But seeing Zhao Rui’s darkened face, she dare not say anything but went away with him.

Watching the two gradually fade away, Yu Qinghuan heaved a sigh.

Apparently Zhao Rui was sensitive of him trying to get close to Wang Ruirui. Maybe because his little sister’s thing had left him tremendous psychological shadow, he was guarding against every grown man trying to get close with a little girl.

Yu Qinghuan was not mad at it. He just felt sorry for him.

He only hoped that Zhao Rui could finish this movie to fulfill his wish, then walk out of the shadows and live a normal life.
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