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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 72: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” 1

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Chapter 72: “Qinghuan, You Are Lying to Me!” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Long after Zhao Rui had gone, Yu Xin still kept blaming himself.

Sitting down and getting up, sitting down and getting up, he kept spinning in the room restlessly, and then he asked Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, am I too cold-blooded? Urgh…do you think whether I should give him a call to apologize?”

He never expected Orange was adapted from Zhao Rui’s personal experience. He thought Zhao Rui was pretending to be a decadent man to catch up with the trend. If he had known about this earlier, he would never make jokes on his painful memory.

“It’s OK,” Yu Qinghuan comforted him, “you weren’t on purpose. Zhao Rui wouldn’t put it on mind.”

After a pause, seeing Yu Xin’s face was still written with guilt, he then said, “If this is really something he can never touch, he would never adapt it to a script and even shoot it into a film.”

This immediately brightened Yu Xin, “You are right. I’m really so silly.”

Yu Qinghuan poured him a glass of hot water, pushed it to his side, then tried to skip this topic, “Ge, go find me a dietician. I wanna lose some weight.”

“Qinghuan, are you really gonna do it?” Yu Xin was still a bit worried, “We still have no idea whether it could be released.”

Since the Orange crew was short of money, and they would start shooting next week, Yu Qinghuan really had no much time. To lose so much weight in such a short time would bring irreparable damage to his body.

Yu Xin heaved a sigh. If possible, he really didn’t want Yu Qinghuan to hurt himself for a movie.

“I know what I am doing. I won’t lose too much weight.” Yu Qinghuan patted the tea table, saying while still thinking, “In the former half of the month, it wouldn’t be so strict with my image. So it reserves me three weeks’ time, during which I plan to lose eight jin. It should be no big problem.”

Yu Qinghuan actually was already pretty thin. If he could lose another eight jin, it would very obvious. With the help of special effects makeup, it would be enough for him to play Zhao Qingping.

He made a pause, then turned to Yu Xin and said with a serious tone, “Ge, since I already decided to take it, I should be responsible for it.”

“OK.” Since he had already made up his mind, Yu Xin knew it was no use arguing. He then went to find him the dietician.

Yu Qinghuan meant to stay with Zhao Rui for a few days before the shooting, so he could have a better understanding of the script and his own role. But Ada’s call ruined his plan.

Because of the incident about Shen Ji, Yu Qinghuan was still hot on the internet. So Evenson decided to strike while the iron is hot, to release the news that Yu Qinghuan would be the new spokesman of their abstinent series watch ahead of schedule.

Thus, Yu Qinghuan had to lay down everything at hands and went to shoot the commercial for Ada first.

Fortunately Ada had worked in extra hours to work out the commercial project. Thanks to the experience in his previous life, when facing the camera, Yu Qinghuan performed pretty good, which even won the cameraman’s praises.

Only two days, the commercial had been finished and was released on Ada’s official Weibo in the first place.

In the first photo, Yu Qinghuan wore a total black suit. His hand rose slightly, perfectly exposing the watch with silvery white watch-face around his wrist. That kind of breathtaking beauty of white and black weaving together could catch one’s eyes on the first sight.

In the second photo, he sat on a dark sofa, wearing a crimson shirt few people would wear in commercials. He put his hand wearing the watch on his chin that was slightly raised. He looked both abstinent and noble.

After seeing those photos, all those netizens were amazed and praising his pretty face.

[My god! I am dead! How could Qinghuan’s wrist be so pretty?! Ah!!! And the watch is also pretty!]

[Ah!!! It kills me! I decide to buy one for my boyfriend! So damn pretty! Don’t you feel that you have that kind of indescribable impulse on Yu Qinghuan wearing that watch?]

“So goddamn cool!! I have been not so into Ada’s products! I always think their design is too mature and dense. But this time it Amwayed me! I got hooked!]

[Wow! Wow! Wow! The price of this series is pretty beautiful! Eating a month’s instant noodles, maybe I can afford one! But I ‘ve got a question! Will they offer Qinghuan’s poster if I buy a watch? I’ll buy one if they do.]

[Totally agreed.]
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