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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 71: It Is Sweet! 2

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Chapter 71: It Is Sweet! (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After the meal, Yu Qinghuan planned to send Huo Qu home. But when he got up and put on the gloves, he suddenly thought of something. So he raised his head and asked, “Have you ever bought gloves for anyone else?”

Huo Qu shook his head, confused, “No.”

So all his families’ hands weren’t feeling cold?

Knowing what he was thinking, Yu Qinghuan touched the gloves and said, “Usually it’s not that the one who receives a gift really needs it but the one who sends it wants to show his good intention.”

Huo Qi was a little confused, didn’t get what he was trying to say.

Yu Qinghuan could only put it in a simple way, “Like you send me a scarf or a pair of socks or something like that, actually I may not really need them, but I would feel happy on thinking it is you who sends it to me.”

Now Huo Qu totally got what he meant.

He then nodded and smiled shyly, “Then I will buy them gloves.”

Although Huo Qu was like an invisible person at home, he could feel his family was all good to him. Before he had no idea what a present stood for. Thanks to Qinghuan, now he had learnt another great thing.

Yu Qinghuan found a gift store nearby and chose four pairs of gloves for Huo Qu, and didn’t leave until he sent Huo Qu to the gate of his community.

When Huo Qu went in, the whole family was watching TV in the guest room. On hearing him, they all looked at him…

“Qu’er, have you had some fun?”

“Wow, our Qu’er also has a night life now.”

Huo Qu didn’t get what they were talking about, so he only stood there saying nothing. Under the whole family’s surprising eyes, he shuffled his bag and finally took out four pairs of gloves and handed each of them a pair from left to right.

“Qu’er, this is…” Mrs. Huo’s hands were shaking and she raised his head to look at Huo Qu surprisingly, only afraid that she might mistake it. Even her breath became very careful.

Huo Qu smiled, “Qinghuan said when you send gifts, the most important thing is not the gift itself, but the heart of the one who sends it. So I want you all to be happy.”

Mrs. Huo covered her mouth and threw herself into Mr. Huo’s arms, tears pouring from her eyes.

For all these years, she had never been this happy.

If possible, she’d rather her son could be a common normal person, at least better than being a self-reclusive genius who knew nothing about life and the ways of the world.

Fortunately now her son finally went back to normal slowly, which made her much relieved now.

On the other hand, when Yu Qinghua just arrived home and opened the door, Yu Xin immediately dragged him in, “My god! Where have you been? You didn’t answer my call! Didn’t you know we had an appointment with director Zhao Rui? He has been waiting for you for a few hours!”

Yu Qinghuan was a little surprised, “My phone was powered off. See director Zhao? Now?”

Shouldn’t both sides arrange when and where to meet first?

“Yeah!” Yu Xin gave him a push and then dragged him to the guest room, “Come on! Say hi!”

On seeing Zhao Rui, Yu Qinghuan got startled.

This person was really too thin, one could even say he was a mere bag of bones.

Hearing Yu Qinghuan was back, he managed to turn to his side, eyes darkened, like a dead pool.

“Yu Qinghuan?” asked Zhao Rui with a hoarse voice. After sizing Yu Qinghuan up and down, he then sneered, “You are not suitable.”

This is the first time someone said he is not suitable on the first sight.

Instead of being angry, he was a bit curious. So he sat next to Zhao Rui and asked, “But why, if I may ask?”

“Your face…” Zhao Rui lowered his eyes, “Even with very heavy makeup, you still don’t look like a big brother who worries about his sister.”

Yu Qinghuan’s heart skipped a beat because he immediately got what the director was saying.

An elder brother who took his sister as a treasure would look gaunt and decadent after knowing such a thing happened to his sister. While he, on the contrary, looked healthy and lively, which was the biggest barrier if he acted in this movie.

Knowing he understood why, Zhao Rui continued, “Since you have seen the script, you can try a scene.” Speaking of which, he opened the script and picked a scene randomly.

Yu Qinghuan lowered his head and saw it happened to be the scene the elder brother Zhao Qingping was told his eight-year-old Zhao Qing’an got raped.

Although there were only a few lines, Yu Qinghuan knew it wasn’t easy to act it well.

Zhao Qingping must be angry, distressed and desperate, but since his little sister was still in the operation room, he could only have to suppress all his emotions.

The suppressing, controlling and changing of emotions was a big challenge for an actor’s acting skills.

He took a deep breath, brewing his emotions with eyes lowered. When he raised his head again, it seemed he had totally changed to another person.

The muscles of his face were horribly twisted with great rage, gnashing his teeth, and his eyes were filled with incisive hatred and despair.

His sister, who was only eight years old, had been subjected to such cruelty and now was still in ICU!

What should she do after waking up? How to face the world in the future? Is it possible she would still be that lively and cute girl?

A string of questions nearly drove him crazy. Now he was like a cornered beast, eyes reddened, risking its life to find a way out.

But when his eyes focused on one point, all the madness was swept away in a moment.

Zhao Rui heard Yu Qnghuan tried to suppress and restrain his voice,"Anan, be good. Don't be afraid. I swear I will find that person and send him to jail!!"

His eyes instantly turned red.

"Ok." He raised a hand to interrupt Qinghuan’s performance, saying with a bland voice, "I have brought the contract, we can sign it up right away. But for the record, I'm poor, so I won’t pay you much, and the film production cycle is at most one and a half months, so you know, working intensity. First you have to make sure that you can accept all these conditions."

"Ok." Yu Qinghuan nodded without hesitation.

Nearly two months of high-intensity work, just to cover the Spring Festival. Even speding it with the filming crew would be better than one person.

The two hit it off, immediately signed the contract, which totally startled Yu Xin who was standing aside.

When he came to his sense, he immediately grabbed the contract. When he caught a glimpse of the six-figure remuneration, he nearly blacked out on spot if he hadn’t been under the support of his thick layer of fat.

850 thousand! Pre-tax!

Even Yu Qinghuan was only a newcomer. This price was too deceptive!

Yu Xin was now like a bloating puffer, saying to Zhao Rui in a huff, “Director Zhao, since you are so frugal. Why don’t you both director and act yourself! Your image is totally suited to the role!”

On hearing him, Zhao Rui glanced at him, “I want to, but I’m afraid I can never express the feeling about warmth for my whole life.”

Yu Xin was surprised and muttered to himself, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Zhao Rui lowered his eyes, “My little sister is the prototype of the girl in the script. The only difference is she died.”
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