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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 5: Qing -- Qing Huan!! You hit the - the Jackpot ah!!

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Gao Yun Cheng face flushed red with feelings of shame and anger, he couldn't help but to swear: "I'm not, then you are!?"   

Yesterday only then he knew of Yu Qing Huan this person. For Gao Yun Cheng, the biggest impression Yu Qing Huan gave was robbing his movie role. As for Yu Qing Huan's personal details, he didn't know anything at all.   

In the entertainment circle, there were artists with high academic qualifications, but not many. That was why Gao Yun Cheng could say it so confidently.  

Unexpectedly, his words barely sank in, when Yu Qing Huan nodded his head, "Yup, I am. How do you know?" 

The criticism that Gao Yun Cheng was holding in got stuck in his throat, couldn't go up and couldn't come down. It made him choked in pain.   

This Yu Qing Huan actually really graduated from Hua Da? Impossible, must be lying ba!  

He clenched his fist tightly, wanted to say something but his mind was a blank. Searching for half a day also couldn't spit out a single word and just stood there facing Yu Qing Huan who was calm and collected. Gao Yun Cheng felt humiliated. 

Yu Qing Huan admired his posturing for a bit and satisfyingly tugged Yu Xin back to the dormitory.  

Yu Xin shockingly maintained his self-restrain outside. The moment he stepped inside the house he started roasting someone with Yu Qing Huan: "What the hell! Only selling his ass! Really think himself as a male lead! I want to see him fry! Never fry until become paste I will change my surname to his!"

[T/N: 跟你姓 (gen ni xing): Change my surname to follow yours: When Chinese got angry and swore SOMETIMES, usually they would issue a challenge and then follow by the phrase 'Gen Ni Xing', 'Change my surname to follow yours). Ex: "If you dare to go in the girl's toilet, I will change my surname to yours." Names are their pride. Name represent their heritage so for them to say that; means that either they're super mad at you or sometimes they're too impressed by you. There are different ways to interpret this phrase depending on sentences.]

Gao Yun Cheng team dared to obstruct them halfway so openly and without fear, obviously they didn't put him in their eyes. Thought that he was a mellowed soft persimmon, could pinch just that.  

Yu Xin gritted his molar teeth, nearly bleeding from his eyes in hate.

He had mixed in the showbiz for more than 20 years, the people that went in at the same time had already became gold tier manager. Even if they were a little inept, they would still have one or two big flower(big shot) in their hands. Every year they could just pulled out achievements until their hands went limp in exhaustion.   

Only him. The most famous under him was just a second rate artist. Not only that, his contract with the company would end this year.
Yu Xin originally already 'took trouble to heart'(brooding) regarding his situation and now Gao Yun Cheng did this to them, it's simply putting Yu Xin's ego under his feet to stomp on and even exerting strength to stomp a few times!   

Yu Xin was angry to the point of breathing heavily, his face that always carried a smile turned ashen. 

"Ge, you drink some water to calm down." Yu Qing Huan threw him a bottle of water and unscrewed one to take a sip himself, 'Don't make yourself too angry."
"Ai, you don't understand." Yu Xin gulped down half a bottle of icy cold water and gripped his head. He used his strength to scratch his head a few times, after a while he discouragingly breathe out, "I'm so disappointing."
The showbiz had always been a, to trample someone under their foot and praising others place. Although he was familiar with the rule, Yu Xin still felt that it was difficult to bear in his heart.
"Ge, don't ah," Yu Qing Huan walked towards Yu Xin and shifted him. He hugged Yu Xin with good brotherly feelings, "I'm someone who will walk a high-end route, don't need to compare with that kind of trying to hype but cannot be popular person."

Yu Xin stared blankly, "What high end?"   

"Ge, you listen to my analysis ah." Yu Qing Huan playfully narrowed his eyes like a fox and started to brainwash Yu Xin, "You see now in the showbiz, what national male god, national goddesses, everything has already been marketed. We market also cannot market anything out. Might as well just don't do anything..."   

Before Yu Qing Huan could finish talking, Yu Xin already shook his head, "No way, no way. So many news this year, if there's no exposure the audience will forget about you after 3 days."
Yu Qing Huan was in no rush to refute him, rather he said: "I'm not saying that I don't want to show my face, but I want to walk another path. You looked at Weibo hot search, all about that who is crying, that who is laughing, or that who is eating potato chips. Don't talk about others, even when I see it, I also feel it's tiring and unbearable."   

Saying like that was not wrong actually. Now in the trending search, sometimes when clicked open to see, some of the related queries were detrimental things.   

Yu Xin couldn't help but nodded his head, "You keep talking." 

Yu Qing Huan: "So we don't need to market. Even though the number of national male god haven't reach a hundred, but there's still at least 80. Lacking me also doesn't matter. Might as well do the opposite. Don't market, don't post in Weibo. Keeping a low profile instead, is very unique.   

"Sounds...a bit reasonable." Yu Xin thoughtfully said.
"I just debut, if market too much with no works to show, maybe my route to fame will get wreck. I think it's better to keep a low profile."
"Okay then." Yu Xin gratifyingly looked at his family's sensible artist and felt the fire in his stomach disappeared, "Make you nurse a grievance."
"No hard feelings, no hard feelings." Receiving his family's manager affectionate looks, Yu Qing Huan leaned on the back of the sofa. Managed to get his way, his lips exposed a smug smile.
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