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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 64: You Are already the Best Huo Qu in the World 1

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Chapter 64: You Are already the Best Huo Qu in the World (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In the villa in the suburbs, Shen Ji was browsing his Weibo drowsily sitting on the couch. He saw that those comments were mostly on his side, he immediately was in a splendid mood. He put his phone aside and said to his new broker Xu Ning, “those fans are really useful at some critical moment.”

Actually he didn’t plan to change his broker so conspicuously. After all this wasn’t something decent. But Xu Ning enlightened him in time.

Sometimes he had to sacrifice something if he wanted to gain something. Besides, Yu Qinghuan was only a newcomer who had no money and no background, even had no parents, nothing to be afraid.

But after all Shen Ji had been in this circle for so many years, he was very cautious. After figuring out a plan with Xu Ning, he not only stole Yu Qinghuan’s materials, but also asked about him at the filming site of The Line of Life and Death.

After making sure what he got was Yu Qinghuan’s real situation, he chose to post two microblogs today.

Newcomers in the entertainment circle were emerging in endlessly, numerous handsome actors and pretty actresses. He had struggled in this circle for six years but still a B-list celebrity. He would flop more quickly if things kept going on like this.

So he needed an opportunity to break the ice.

The best and quickest way to win the public’s favorability was to acting pathetic. But having been in this circle for so many years, he had already tried all kinds of ways. So he could only try some new tricks.

Is there any way better to win people’s favorability than being betrayed? In this fast-paced society, no one hasn’t encountered betrayals, whether in relationship, friendship, or ever kinship. So most people had empathy of this word.

Setting up such a flag would definitely win a lot of fans and also improve his popularity.

Shen Ji smiled smugly, as if he had already seen the scene he became a big star.

What about Yu Qinghuan having been stepped under his feet? That was not his concern.

This circle was so realistic. If you got stepped under other’s feet, you shouldn’t blame others but could only blame your own weakness! If Yu Qinghuan bounced back someday, he could also tread him underfoot. But he didn’t believe Yu Qinghuan would have such ability!

“Are you happy now?” Xu Ning sneered, “if you had been under my hands from the very beginning, you are already a big star now! Who the hell is Yu Xin?! Huh? No one doesn’t know he is a laughing stick in Starlight! He serves those stars under him like a baby-sitter. What’s the use at last?”

“Yeah, definitely! I’ve already been sick of him!” Shen Ji pursed his lips, with all disdain on his face. He leaned towards Xu Ning and slipped a cup of wine into his hand, saying, “brother Xu, you are my idol! What is the constitution of your brain? How could you be so brilliant?”

He made clicks, with obvious admiration on his face.

This was a flawless plan! It wouldn’t work even if Yu Xin tried to make a clarification on the internet.

Without proof, true things could also turn into false things.

Besides, he was pretty sure Yu Xin dare not make it big. Yu Xin and Yu Qinghuan both worked under Starlight. If things finally went out of control, one was a B-list celebrity while the other was a C-list newcomer, it was obvious that he wouldn’t be the one getting expelled.

So Yu Qinghuan had no choice but to take the blame!

“Save it. Stop apple-polishing me.” although he said so, Xu Ning still felt like on wings. He took a sip of the wine and put on some airs as an elder, “you have a lot to learn from me.”

Shen Ji kept nodded, “yes, yes.”

As they expected, those netizens almost all supported Shen Ji and denounced Yu Qinghuan.

At first it was only between the fans, then even the bystanders joined in. Under Yu Qinghuan’s Weibo were all bad comments. If it had been someone who had bad psychological quality, he would even want to kill himself now.

Even for Yu Xin who had been in this circle over 20 years, seeing those nasty words, he nearly smashed his phone.

“Are those people nuts? Do they know what the truth is? Huh? How could they blame you?” Yu Xin’s hands were trembling and he immediately updated his Weibo without thinking.

Yu Xin: [@Shen Ji, you know it clearly what the truth is! I was blind to select you the ungrateful son! Dare you deny that it was you who demanded to change your broker?! Without Qinghuan and I knowing nothing, you already changed Xu Ning as your broker! Now you are pretending to be a white lotus?!]

But Shen Ji didn’t get provoked by Yu Xin’s words. Under Xu Ning’s guidance, he directly forwarded Yu Xin’s Weibo and replied: [dude, having been worked together for so many years, I wouldn’t argue with you.]

Like he was forced and didn’t want to haggle over with Yu Xin.

Which immediately made the fans and bystanders disgust Yu Qinghuan and Yu Xin more.

While Shen Ji on the other side, broker stolen, scolded by Yu Xin, but for the old times’ sake, he took all the blame! What a noble personality!

So Yu Qinghuan got scolded more severely. Someone even threatened to Cyber Manhunt him and see whom the sugar daddy was behind him and why he could be so aggressive.

Yu Xin was nearly going to explode. He tried to diss those bitches, but Yu Qinghuan stopped him.
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