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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 61: Qinghuan, Don’t Be Sad! I’m Here with You! 3

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Chapter 61: Qinghuan, Don’t Be Sad! I’m Here with You! (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The moment he held that little girl, Yu Qinghuan knew it was only acting, but still he couldn’t think how he wished that accident had also been a scene in a movie, so when it happened, he would rush out to save his parents like Ye Sheng, even at the cost of his own life.

All those thoughts were only a moment’s thing, but had amazing performance on the screen.

Liu Jia’an nearly got absorbed in the despair and pain in his eyes. Even when Qinghuan went out of the scene, he was still immersed in it. It was not until Jiang Qi elbowed him did he come to himself and shout, “cut!”

But he still wouldn’t move away his eyes from the monitor. He played Yu Qinghuan’s acting part again and again, and muttered to himself excitedly, “Great! Awesome! This is it! This is exactly what I expected!”

The reason he decided to shoot it ahead of time was that he wanted Yu Qinghuan to have a try first, to find that kind of feeling. He never expected Yu Qinghuan would give him such a big surprise.

“Qinghuan…” He wanted Qinghuan to appreciate his own acting, but when he raised his head and looked at him, he was startled.

This scene had passed, all the figurants had left on after another and the propmen already began to clear up the props, but Yu Qinghuan was still lying in there, his arms covering his eyes, without moving.

Liu Jia’an felt something ain’t no right. When he was about to check him out, Yu Xin already ran over, “Qinghuan, are you numb? Get up! Hurry! Lying on the ground on such a cold day? Do you wanna catch a cold?”

Yu Qinghyuan didn’t move.

“Qinghuan?” Yu Xin pushed him with a hand, and when he was about to say something, a stifling choking was heard which surprised him, “are you crying?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Qinghuan’s voice was a little sullen, with thick nasal, like he was trying to hold something, “I’m just too absorbed into the scene.”

Yu Xin immediately felt relieved and kicked him slightly, “you scared the shit out of me. I thought you met something bad. Come on! Get up!”

“Dude, leave me alone.” Yu Qinghuan’s tears had wetted a big part of his sleeve. When the wind blew, it felt really cold, “just let me lie in here.”

Yu Xin could only cover him with his down jacket and sat beside.

It was already half an hour later when Yu Qinghuan felt a little better.

Some acquaintances also ridiculed him when congratulating him for finishing his part,

“Qinghuan is too devoted. He was weeping like a girl at last.”

“Hey, Qinghuan, this is not good. Being too absorbed into the drama may influence your own mental health. Try to relax after you go home.”

“Qinghuan, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself to cry so hard? Hahaha…”

Yu Qinghuan nodded and accepted all their teasing with a smile. Except his eyes were a little red and swollen, nothing else looked wrong with him.

Since Liu Jia’an was going to throw a party for him the next day, Yu Qinghuan didn’t go home but still stayed in the hotel.

He had no idea whether it was because he cried too hard, he just felt strengthless, head splitting aching. So after taking a quick shower, he went to bed early.

Yu Xin came to talk about the future plan with him. But after he called Qinghuan a few times, the other party still had no response. He now noticed something ain’t no right. He stretched out a hand to feel his forehead. It was burning hot!

No one knew how long he had having a fever. He nearly fainted. Yu Xin was scared since he had no response. So he immediately called Zhao Qinghuan and sent Yu Qinghuan to hospital together.

Yu Qinghuan was in a daze, but he also knew he was sick. When in the car, he tried to open his eyes and apologized to Yu Xin, “dude, sorry to trouble you.”

He was sick but still being so well-mannered. Yu Xin was really touched. He then said crossly, “Just shut up and rest!”

The filming site was too remote. When they arrived at the hospital, Yu Qinghuan already fainted. He even had no response when the nurse gave him a shot.

“Alas,” Yu Xin sighed. When he was about to say something to Zhao Qingyuan, Yu Qinghuan’s phone was ringing. He took it out and saw it was Huo Qu. He dare not hang up. So he could only press the answer key and told him the actual situation about Yu Qinghuan.

Huo Qu said he’d come right now on hearing Yu Qinghuan was sick.

Yu Xin knew his situation, which gave him a headache. But under Huo Qu’s questioning, he dare not refuse to tell him room number. He could only make a call to Huo Rong and explained everything to him.

When Huo Rong sent Huo Qu to the hospital, Zhao Qingyuan had just left and Yu Xin went to get some hot water for Qinghuan.

Huo Qu opened the door and saw that the ward was empty, with only Yu Qinghuan lying on the bed, showing a burning hot face and his right hand wrapped in medical tape, looking lonely and miserable.

Huo Qu's heart suddenly felt like it was being pricked by a needle. He walked to the bed and sat down with his eyes on Yu Qinghuan's face.

Yu Qinghuan’s character was cold. So even he was sick, he still obediently lied there, like a poor stray cat.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu leaned forward, eyes turning red. When he was about to say something, Yu Qinghuan whose eyes were closed whispered, “mom.”

At that moment some kind of tremendous sadness popped out from deep of the heart and got Huo Qu drowned in it.

In his over 20 years’ life, he had never tried to understand others’ feeling. But at this moment, Huo Qu wished that he could enter into Yu Qinghuan’s brain and see what he was thinking and why he was so painful and helpless.

He wanted to protect Qinghuan, he wanted him to be happy forever, he wanted him to stay away from any sad things.

An idea suddenly came up and lingered in his mind. Huo Qu realized that Qinhuan would also be weak sometimes and need his help.

And for himself, he had to become strong and protect him!

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu tried to hold back his tears, lowered his body, carefully avoided the hand having an intravenous drip and held him through the quilt. He gently pressed his face against Qinghuan’s burning face, and stressed every word, “Don’t be sad, Qinghuan. I’m here. I’m here with you.”
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