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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 60: Qinghuan, Don’t Be Sad! I’m Here with You! 2

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Chapter 60: Qinghuan, Don’t Be Sad! I’m Here with You! (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
For death, no one would have a better feeling of it than Yu Qinghuan. But despair at the death’s door, he really had no idea.

Yu Qinghuan always thought his death in his previous life was quite dramatic. At the time, he went to Zishan Villa to take a look, wanting to buy a villa there to live for the rest of his life. Though he disguised himself, the salesman still recognized him. So he didn’t get free until late in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, there happened to be a rainstorm.

There was a distance between the parking lot and the sales office. Although he brought an umbrella with him, he still got wet all over. When Yu Qinghuan was to throw his umbrella and directly run to the parking lot, he suddenly saw a person to the left front was directly walking towards a sewer with no lid.

That was the most dangerous place on a rainstorm day. One might die quite possibly.

Yu Qinghuan was startled and shouted, “be careful!” then he immediately rushed forward trying to pull him.

He never expected that person dodged aside reflexively on feeling that someone was rushing at him from behind. Yu Qinghuan was running too fast, plus the slippery ground, he couldn’t stop and directly fell into the sewer. When he woke up, he had already been reborn.

He died without his expectation. It was as easy and simple like drinking water and sleeping.

But Ye Sheng’s death was different, which was a very important scene in The Line of Life and Death. So Liu Jia’an would be extra strict with it. If he couldn’t show that kind of feeling Liu Jia’an wanted, he would never let it pass.

That kind of extreme despair could not be expressed solely through acting.

Then…he could only reply on that thing…

The darkest, the most despairing thing in his two lives which he even didn’t want to remember…

“Qinghuan, are you ready?” shouted Liu Jia’an while rubbing his hands in the cold wind.

“Yes.” Yu Qinghuan nodded and then walked under the lights after taking a deep breath.

All the other actors were already on set. Once Yu Qinghuan was also set, Liu Jia’an already couldn’t wait and shouted, “Action!”

It was on another battlefield. Ye Sheng was standing in the safe area, looking outside anxiously. In the place where bullets were flying stood a little girl with tears all over her face. It seemed she was scared silly by the flying bullets and even dare not move a bit.

“Come here! Come here!” Ye Sheng shouted at the little girl using the localism with his hands tightly clenched.

Pity that the gunfire outside was too loud. Although he already used his highest pitch, the little girl still didn’t hear him.

What to do? What should he do?

Ye Sheng was like an ant on a hot pan. As a doctor, he couldn’t bear to see a life vanish before his eyes without doing anything. Besides, that was only a 5 or 6 years old girl. The bullets had no eyes. How could he go out to save her? What if he died but still failed to save her?

To save her or not? Ye Sheng was wrestling with himself in his heart.

Until an earsplitting bombing sound came to his ears did Ye Sheng made up his mind. He pulled off the Jade Goddess of Mercy around his neck, held it in his hand, and ran to the little girl at his fastest speed. Once he held the frightened little girl, he immediately ran back.

The gunfire behind was still rumbling that nearly split open Ye Sheng’s eardrum, but in his heart was full of joys.

He made the right choice. He not only saved the little girl, but also escaped out of the gunfire.

Great! So damn great!

After he went home, he would definitely tell his parents this. He was already not that childish and silly young man. He would be their pride.

Ye Sheng’s lips curled up. But the moment one of his feet stepped into the safe area, a bullet flew over and directly pierced through his chest from behind.

At this time Liu Jia’an gave him a close-up. Liu Jia’an stared at the monitor, only on Yu Qinghuan’s face, without eyes blinking.

The moment the blood bag burst, Yu Qinghuan’s eyes were instantly filled with all despair and pain.

That was a part of memory he never had the guts to touch. But taking this chance, it gradually unfolded in his head.

His parents died on spot in a car accident on the way to the town to buy him a desk, giving the doctors no chance for the rescue.

The folks all said this was the last thing his parents could do for him because they loved their son.

His family was poor. If both his parents were in hospital, who could pay for the medical fees? What would the kid do? They’d rather die than push their son to despair, leaving no burden to their son.

Yu Qinghuan would never forget that the day before his parents died, his mother said to him with a soft smile, “Our Qinghuan is the smartest kid in the whole town. You will definitely go to very good college and we’ll live a better life. How could a college student have no desk to study?”

That day he had been excited for a whole night. After his parents went out the next day, he took a stool and waited outside the gate happily, picturing numerous scenes how he studied with that desk and even making up his mind what to put on it.

However, he would never get the desk.

The two people who loved him most passed away with such a tragic way without even saying goodbye to him, only leaving him in this world, alone and despairing.
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