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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 55: “Because I Want to Stay with You a bit Longer.” 1

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Chapter 55: “Because I Want to Stay with You a bit Longer.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
It was already late night, not very convenient for Yu Qinghuan to directly go to Huo family, so he called Huo Qu before he went out, “go get the gatekeeper notified. Let them open the gate for me when I’m arrived.” and then stressed, “I will call you when I’m there. And then you come downstairs. Just stay there and wait for me. I will come to you.”

After giving it a second thought, he was still a little worried, so he added, “Put on some warm clothes, and don’t forget the hat and neckerchief.”

Huo Qu listened to him obediently. After he hung up, he immediately got himself wrapped up at the fastest speed and then sat on the bed, straightened up, eyes staring at the phone, afraid that he might miss Yu Qinghuan’s call.

Learning that Huo Qu was going out, Huo Rong immediately opposed. When he was about to say something, his father shut his mouth with an orange.

Until Huo Rong informed the gatekeeper and saw Huo Qu go back to his own room, he quickly swallowed the orange and said to his father discontentedly, “Dad, what were you doing? How could you let Qu go out alone at late night?”

“Why not?” his father disapproved, “Qu is an adult.”

“But his condition…”

“Rong,” his father tapped the place beside, letting him sit next to him, “To Huo Qu, you care about him too much. The only different place between you and him is he is way more smarter.”

After a pause, he said earnestly, “I hope you can understand. Whether you are brothers or whatever relationship between you, it’s not very appropriate to poke your nose into someone else’s business in the name of caring him.”

Huo Rong knew what his father meant, but he still tried to retort, “What if something happens to him?”

His father took a sip of tea and said calmly, “but we can’t even let him do such a small thing in order to protect him. This is the most stupid thing. I think Qu is not bad now. And I hope he’ll get better. What do you say?”

Huo Qu thought for quite a while wearing a complicated expression, but still he nodded.

When Yu Qinghuan arrived, Huo Qu was really waiting for him downstairs as expected. He specially stood under the street light. At such a late night, with his white face flickering under it, which was kind of inexplicably creepy.

Yu Qinghuan walked quickly towards him. After checking him up and down and making sure he was all good, Qinghuan exhaled a long breath, “Where do you feel ill?”

“Here,” Huo Qu pressed his chest and said with a low voice, “it feels really, really, really awful.”

“What’s going on?” Yu Qinghuan stretched out a hand to rub his chest for him, and asked gently, “does it suddenly begin to hurt? Did you tell your family?”

Huo Qu shook his head, looked at the ground and then looked at Yu Qinghuan. Suddenly he grasped Qinghuan’s wrist, like he was afraid Qinghuan might run away, and begged him, “Qinghuan, you can’t treat Zhao Qingyuan better than me.”

Yu Qinghuan was struck dumb and immediately burst into laughter, “So you feel awful because you are jealous?”

Huo Qu corrected him seriously, “Qinghuan, I am not jealous tonight.”

“All right,” Yu Qinghuan rubbed his back to soothe him. He felt that his good temper was nearly worn out. Huo Qu asked him here at such a late night, he was worried that he might be seriously ill, but it turned out that Huo Qu asked him here only because he thought Qinghuan treated Zhao Qingyuan better than him.

“That’s not true. Trust me.”

“But I saw it.” said Huo Qu while looking at him with that pair of dark eyes, “they even said it on TV.”

“We are good friends, hm…”

Seeing Huo Qu was nearing crying, Yu Qinghuan immediately changed his tone, “You know, they always exaggerate things on TV.”

He knew that Huo Qu was a little different from common people, who needed more patience, so he explained, “Huo Qu, everyone would have a lot of friends. So you can not feel awful because of this. I have a new friend, but it doesn’t mean we’re not friends anymore, right?”

“No!” Huo Qu shook his head, with all depression written in his beautiful big eyes, “I don’t have a lot of friends. I only have one friend, and it’s you.”

Yu Qinghuan got choked by his words. And he realized he might have hurt Huo Qu’s heart and felt a little regretted. So he held Huo Qu’s hand and tried to remedy, “I know. I know I have a lot of friends, but you are the only special one to me.”

Huo Qu’s eyes immediately shone, “Really?”

“Of course.” Yu Qinghuan patted his head with the other hand, “So don’t overthink things. You can call me whenever you feel unhappy. Don’t save it to yourself.”

“Hm.” Huo Qu nodded heavily. And his low mood for a whole night now became a little bright and clear. But…he felt it was not enough. Although Qinghuan said a lot to comfort him, he still felt a little sullen.

After quite a while, he squeezed some words, “Urgh…will you still date with Zhao Qingyuan alone?”

“Ah-hem!” Yu Qinghuan nearly got choked by his own saliva! He wanted to explain what date meant, but thinking of his own sexual orientation, he was afraid he might not be able to explain it clearly in such a short time, so he could only say, “No.”

Right after he finished his words, Huo Qu said, “If I want to date with you, will you come?”
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