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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 54: “Qinghuan, Can You Come to See Me?” 2

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Chapter 54: “Qinghuan, Can You Come to See Me?” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Although a lot of netizens would like to pair those male stars, that was just for kidding. Once it really referred to a homo relationship, they would immediately turn hostile. Last time about Zhao Qingyuan’s Weibo incident was the best proof.

So this would be extremely tough. Yu Xin was so angry that he even forgot about Zhao Qingyuan’s status and scolded both of them.

“Two straight men stick together all day long. What do you want? Huh? Didn’t you learn the lesson from the last time? Why again? I…I…I am really speechless!”

“What’s the big deal? I don’t give it a shit.” Zhao Qingyuan snorted.

After the incident last time, he had thought a lot. He just too cared about his face and too cared about what they said about him, so he would be hurt so deep.

From then on, he decided not to live for others. He didn’t care about what they said now!

Of course you don’t give it a shit! Yu Xin had the spur to move forward and slap him in the face!

Zhao Qingyuan had a rich family, he came into this circle just for fun. If something bad really happened to him, he could choose to quit.

But what about Qinghuan? A little mistake might destroy his career!

But anyway he still had no guts even if he really wanted to!

When he was about to ask Zhao Qingyuan to call his broker, Yu Qinghuan’s silvery and nice voice was heard, “I am not straight.”

“Of course you are not! That is not the point now! I…Wait! What did you say? You are not straight?”

Yu Xin nearly shouted the last sentence out loud!

“Hm.” Yu Qinghuan responded blandly, like it was nothing at all.

“Wait, Qinghuan…” Yu Xin nearly blacked out on hearing him. He swallowed some saliva. When he was trying to say something, Zhao Qingyuan suddenly screamed with his high C voice, which nearly scared the shit out of him.

“You…Mr. Zhao, what is it about this time?”

Zhao Qingyuan ignored him. He looked at Yu Qinghuan surprisingly and shouted, “Qinghuan! Is it possible…you…like me?”

Zhao Qingyuan felt both terrified and entangled. If Qinghuan really likes him, how would he get along with him?! Ah! It feels so weird!

Yu Qinghuan caught a glimpse of him coldly, “Would you fall in love with a husky?”

“Of course not!” Zhao Qinghuan glared at him, “What do you take me as?”

“Similarly, I will never love you.”

Zhao Qingyuan spent whole five minutes thinking the connection between the two. And after he finally thought it through, he jumped at Yu Qinghuan, “Are you indicating that I am dog?!”

After a tussle, the room finally regained its tranquility.

Zhao Qingyuan sat on the couch wearing that long face, and glanced at Yu Qinghuan bitterly now and then, totally like a little wife who had just been dumped, while Yu Qinghuan was as calm as always.

Yu Qinghuan was his best friend, so he would never ever distance him for his sexual orientation.

Although he felt a little weird to have a homosexual beside, but compared with that, he cherished their friendship more.

Today they are best friends, in the future they will always be the best friends.

While at this time in Huo family, they were chatting in the living room.

Like usual, Huo Qu just sat there quietly, holding the two goldfish Yu Qinghuan bought him.

“Qu nearly takes the two goldfish as his sons.” Seeing that Huo Qu was feeding the goldfish carefully according to the fish-keeping guide like he was a father who had just had a baby…Huo Rong couldn’t help saying some harsh words.

Hardly had his voice faded away, Mrs. Huo glared at him, “are you even his elder brother? How could you judge your brother like that?”

When Huo Rong was about to retort, the sweet voice of the hostess was heard on TV…

“The next news is about the big star Zhao Qingyuan. He is a regular of the headlines. And the reason is the newcomer Yu Qinghuan in the same crew with him. Today the two went out together again…”

Huo Qu with his head down suddenly raised it!

While on TV it was the photos of Yu Qinghuan and Zhao Qingyuan who were walking shoulder by shoulder. Maybe because of the angle, they looked very close.

Huo Qu felt his heart skipped a beat. Some kind of indescribable sore and swollen feeling arouse in his chest. He put down the fish tank and suddenly got up under the whole family’s eyes.

“Qu, are you OK?”

Huo Qu didn’t answer, only walking up and down in the living room anxiously.

Qinghuan and Zhao Qingyuan looked so intimate, but wasn’t he Qinghuan’s best friend?

No, this ain’t no right! Qinghuan is his! He wouldn’t allow him to be close with anyone else.

On thinking Qinghuan would be as gentle to Zhao Qingyuan as to him, Huo Qu felt great pains in his heart.

He buried his head in his arms, eyes turning red. What should he do to exclusively own Qinghuan, and to let him stay with him only, look at him only and smile at him only…

“Qu, do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Qu, are you having a headache? Tell me.”

“Tell you what? Go get a doctor now!”

The whole family were startled, thinking something wrong with his body. Huo Rong even took out his phone and was about to call the private doctor.

At this time, Huo Qu suddenly shook his head, like he remembered something. He then pushed all of them aside and rushed to his own room, found his phone and dialed Yu Qinghuan’s number with his trembling hand.

Soon Yu Qinghuan’s familiar voice was heard from the other end, “Huo Qu? What’s the matter? What can I help you with?”

Huoqu's long, bushy eyelashes quivered, like a small squirrel coming out of a cave. He said very carefully, "Qinghuan, I feel sick. Can you come to see me?"
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