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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 52: “What Is the next Line of A Speechless Ending?” 2

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Chapter 52: “What Is the next Line of A Speechless Ending?”(2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After Huo Qu left, Yu Qinghuan was still immersed in the big loss, then Ada called, asking him to prepare all the materials and to go to sign the contract with Starlight.

“Hurry, hurry!” On thinking of that, Yu Xin immediately got invigorated. He kept urging Yu Qinghuan, looking very impendent.

Yu Qinghuan could only get dressed up in a hurry and went downstairs. The moment he went into the elevator, Zhao Qingyuan caught up.

“I’m going with you.” He was wearing a black jacket, with earphones in his ears, leaning against the elevator, a totally dandy, “In case you get deceived.”

Yu Qinghuan cast a glance at him blandly, “Tell the truth.”

Zhao Qinghuan, “I am bored to death here. Finally there’s not my scene today. Of course I’m going with you.”

“So,” Yu Qinghuan looked at him like he was an amentia, “next time just tell the truth. Any of your lie would be busted in front of me.”

Yu Qingyuan, “…”

Then he could only agree with a pitiful tone, “I got it.”

Zhao Qingyuan was really thick-skinned. The second earlier he got choked by Yu Qinghuan’s words, and the second later he already leaned by his side and slipped an earphone into Yu Qinghuan’s ear, “Have a try. This song is a hit!”

After listening to it for a few seconds, Yu Qinghuan was a little speechless, “This is like from the stone age. How did you dig it out?”

The song was called Let My Tears Turn into a Missing Rain. In Yu Qinghuan’s memories, it should be at least 7 or 8 years ago since he listened to it last time.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a classic.” Zhao Qingyuan ignored Yu Qinghuan’s disapproving and started humming with the rhythm.

Yu Qinghuan also ignored him, listening to the music while leaning against the elevator and resting his mind.

Right after they left, Fang Zhongxi and his broker came.

His broker looked kind of reluctant, “Zhongxi, will you really do this?”

He had contacted Ada a few days ago. But Ada said the spokesman of the normcore series watch had been settled. And he told Fang Zhongxi about this in the first place, hoping he could drop his evil idea.

But what he had never expected was that this news didn’t make him quit, on the contrary, it became a catalyst.

“Do I look I am faking it?” Fang Zhongxi snorted.

His broker was all good but only liked daydreaming. In this circle, “hard work pays off” was only a fairy tale. Without connections or a sugar daddy, however good your acting skills were, you would never stand out!

Just playing with a man! He could bear with it. No big deal! He had to pay if he wanted to be famous. Actually he had already been prepared for any sacrifice. If it was not because he hadn’t got a chance, he wouldn’t have ended up like this!

Besides, how he became famous wasn’t important. When he really became a superstar, who would care about his disreputable past!

On thinking of this, he cast a glance at his broker anathematically, “It’s OK if you don’t wanna do it. Don’t pull that long face. People who don’t know may think your family member died.”

Fang Zhongxi was not a sharp-tongued man. He was good-natured actually, or you could even say he was well-mannered. But things weren’t smooth for him recently. Watching those newcomers whose acting skills were no better than him all surpassed him, he just couldn’t hold himself.

“You!” His broker got ticked off. He then snorted while glancing at Fang Zhongxi’s biting face, “OK, I quit! I’d rather not see those nasty things!”

Speaking of which, he already turned around and walked away.

Bah! Such an ungrateful asshole! He would like to keep his eyes wide open and see if Fang Zhongxi could make a hit by selling his ass!

While now in Starlight, seeing Evenson keep looking at his phone now and then, the assistant couldn’t help asking, “Will you really see that C-list celebrity? Is it appropriate? We’re going to sign the contract with Yu Qinghuan.”

Evenson put on a fake smile, “Are these two things contradicting?”

“Of course!” The assistant blurted out, “You seeing that little star means you are replacing Yu Qinghuan with him, doesn’t it?”

“What makes you think it that way?” Evenson stood up, with contempt in his beautiful blue eyes, “He throws himself on me. Why would I offend Huo because of him?”

After a pause, he adjusted his tie and grinned, “Besides, have I even promised him anything? He offers himself to me for free. Why would I say no?”

Looking at his boss’ handsome face, the assistant didn’t know why he shivered subconsciously.

When Yu Qinghuan arrived at Starlight, Evenson’s assistant had already made the contract prepared.

Having signed numerous contracts in his previous life, Yu Qinghuan had already obtained the special skills of quickly extracting the keys points through the long-winged content. After looking through the contract and finding no problems and preparing to sign his own name on it, Yu Qinghuan incidentally caught a glimpse of Yu Qinghuan and noticed that he was quickly drawing or writing something on a paper.

Yu Qinghuan was a little confused. Was there something wrong with the contract and he was taking notes?

Zhao Qingyuan was always dandiacal, but at the critical moment, sometimes he was really useful.

On thinking of that, Yu Qinghuan made up his mind and said, “Qingyuan, would you like to take a look at the contract?”

Zhao Qingyuan was now still writing swiftly, looking very serious.

It seemed he didn’t hear him. Yu Qinghuan could only get up and tapped at the desk before him and asked again, “Qingyuan, do you find any problem of the contract?”

“Huh?” Zhao Qinghuan was pulled back from his dedicated state. He looked at Yu Qinghuan, confused, then blurted out, “Oh, oh, you mean problem. Yeah, what is the next line of a speechless ending?”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

He lowered his head and took a look at the paper Zhao Qingyuan was writing on, only seeing a line of big red words: LYRICS OF LETTING MY TEARS TURN INTO A MISSING RAIN!

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

Good! Now the last credit of this man had been dissipated to him!
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