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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 48: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! 4

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Chapter 48: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! (4)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Huo Qu had no idea that his two brothers were worrying about him. At this time, he was at the filming set, sitting on a small stool, waiting for Qinghuan’s part, with the notebook Qinghuan newly bought him, on which he was writing and drawing something.

While now Yu Xin was staring at him, with his mouth wide open and eyes nearly popped out.

Huo Qu had just said he wanted to learn how to recognize the ways, so Yu Xin searched a detailed local map on the internet for him…And then…he saw something no human would even achieve…

Those complicated and heterogeneous streets and shops, Huo Qu could draw all of them after watching the map for only tens of minutes!

Yu Xin couldn’t believe it! So holding the determination of finding the truth, he compared the map Huo Qu drew with the one on the internet with every bit of detail, and finally he had to admit a genius was really different from the common people. There was really no single mistake of the map Huo Qu drew!

This is…giving those common people no chance!

Having no idea of Yu Xin’s abomination, Huo Qu suddenly put down the map and stood up, “Do you know where the bathroom is?”

“Oh, well.” Yu Xin suddenly came to himself, and pointed to one direction, “Walk that way and turn left at that shack, and walk straight, and you will see it on your right hand.”

Huo Qu pursed his lips but didn’t move.

Yu Xin asked with confusion, “What?”

Huo Qu smiled awkwardly, “Well…can you lead the way? I have no idea of what you are saying.”

Yu Xin was struck dumb for a bit and then said, “OK. OK. I’ll lead the way!”

Speaking of which, he already led the way in front of him, with pride written on his face.

Someone who could remember the whole city map in tens of minutes could not find the bathroom?! Gee!

Yu Qinghuan peeped at their side when making preparations and felt much relieved on seeing that Yu Xin was with Qu.

“Qinghuan, come here.” Liu Jia’an shouted at Qinghuan through his typhon.

Yu Qinghuan immediately drew back his sight and trotted at him, “Director, you want me?”

“How is your drinking capacity?”

The next scene was about what happened after Ye Sheng arrived at the battlefield.

All the other doctors and nurses had arrived at the military hospital in the first place for the rescue work. Only Ye Sheng, because of indignation and fear, not only wouldn’t join the rescue operation, but even drowned his sorrows.

And one day when he was still plastered, the battlefield suddenly had a bombing and the hospital received more patients, making it very short of hands. Peng Cheng had no choice but to drag Ye Sheng to the hospital.

Ye Sheng drank some wine but not very drunk. He was kind of excited now, hands shaking, which could not take up the scalpel now. However hard he tried to control his hands but still failed.

At last, he could only see the patient who he could have saved if he had been sober die slowly in front of him.

That was a turning point in Ye Sheng’s life.

“Not good.” Yu Qinghuan squeezed out two words, and after a pause, he added, “very bad actually.”

“That ain’t work.” Liu Jia’an rubbed his head chagrined.

An absolute sober person, however good his acting skills were, wouldn’t be able to show that kind of a little drunk but with a bit excitement feeling. He meant to let Yu Qinghuan drink a little alcohol, plus his superb acting skills, this scene would be easily passed.

But now he knew that Yu Qinghuan was bad at drinking! What to do? What if Qinghuan really got drunk and couldn’t do the acting? That’d be a disaster.

“I can try.” Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath and made up his mind, “Just a little, I’ll be fine.”

“All right.” Liu Jia’an nodded and then turned to Jiang Qi, “Get him a 8° Rio,” after giving it a second thought, he then changed, “Forget it. 5° will be fine.”

Then after peeping at Yu Qinghuan’s slim body, he then heaved a long sigh, “No, 3° will be enough.”

If Qinghuan really got drunk, he could never carry such a tall man over 180 cm.

Jiang Qi held back his laughter and threw him a bottle of wine, “Dude, save it. Remember? We only have 8° Rio.”

Liu Jia’an could only take it and handed it over to Yu Qinghuan, warned him again and again, “You just take a sip. Never ever get drunk!”

“I know, director.” Yu Qinghuan responded awkwardly. He then opened the bottle and drank half of it sip by sip.

He didn’t feel anything wrong, so he took a few more sips and then put it down and said to Liu Jia’an, “I’m ready.”

Yu Qinghuan could feel that he was kind of more excited than usual, but still sober, and wouldn’t wobble when walking, which was the perfect state for the scene.

“Hurry! Lighting! Props! On your marks!” On hearing Qinghuan’s signal, Liu Jia’an immediately asked them to be in set. After observing Yu Qinghuan for a few seconds, Liu Jia’an moved before the monitor satisfactorily.

Yu Qinghuan perfectly grasped the feeling between sober and drunk. He didn’t express Ye Sheng’s drunken state in the tradition exaggerating way, but through his eyes, moves and flushing corner of his eyes.

And his way of acting won Liu Jia’an great appreciation. After watching the whole scene behind the monitor with smiles on his face, Liu Jia’an praised him, “You have made great progress than when you first came.”

After thanking him and making sure his part was done, he then left with Huo Qu.

Maybe because of the alcohol, he felt like he became more and more excited, and couldn’t control his glimmer of smile at all.

“Stop laughing like that.” While Huo Qu went to get some water fro him, Yu Xin warned Yu Qinghuan, “What if some girl falls for you if you keep smiling like this?”

Yu Xin knew Qinghuan looked good, but even so, he had already got used to that pretty face after being with him for so long.

The bland feeling on Yu Qinghuan was totally gone. Yu Qinghuan’s beautiful amorous eyes had that gentle smile, light lips curled up, even the move of sitting there casually already exposed that kind of dissolute and attractive feeling..

“Isn’t there no girls here?” Provokingly, the smile on Yu Qinghuan’s face became much bigger.

“Forget it. Do whatever you want.” Yu Xin just ignored him and left.

Yu Qinghuan sat on his bed and waited for some time, but Huo Qu still hadn’t got him the water, so he went to the kitchen himself.

Huo Qu was still working on that electric kettle, sweating profusely, knocking the body of the kettle and then hearing its sound, looking quite anxious.

“Press the button.” Yu Qinghuan walked to him while saying so.

“Ah?” Huo Qu responded and immediately lowered his head to look for the button awkwardly.

Yu Qinghuan couldn’t bear to see it, so he walked over and pressed the button at the bottom of the kettle and then the heating light was on.

Yu Qinghuan patted his back of the head and teased, “You little fool!”

This was the first time someone called him fool, but Huo Qu didn’t get angry at all. He wanted to talk back, but when he raised his head and looked right into Yu Qinghuan’s kind of drunken eyes, he immediately lost his voice.

At that very moment, the whole world disappeared in his eyes, only that smiling face left.

Some kind of thick and domineering desire aroused from his heart, burning in his chest, tempting him and turning him on.

He had no idea what that kind of feeling was, and he also had no idea why he was yearning for.

He just looked at the man in front of him greedily.

“What’s up, dude?” asked Yu Qinghuan while looking at him confused.

His eyes were so pretty, even brighter than the most shining star in the sky. His eyes showed kind of caring when they fell on him, but Huo Qu thought it was still not enough.

He wanted…this person to look at him only all the time.

Suddenly some kind of horrible idea flashed in his mind, which even shocked Huo Qu himself.

He knew this ain’t no right, but he really couldn’t control himself.

What to do? What was wrong with him? How could he have such kind of thought?

Some kind of overwhelming desperate feeling nearly got him drowned. He felt so awful but didn’t know how to explain it.

“Qinghuan,” The water was boiling. Huo Qu raised a hand and gently covered Yu Qinghuan’s eyes, imploring with a low voice, “Please! Don’t look at me that way!”
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