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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 47: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! 3

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Chapter 47: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The design director of Ada was called Evensen, a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes, very outgoing. The moment he saw Yu Qinghuan, he was trying to hug him. But the moment he was about to touch Qinghuan, Huo Qu stopped him.

Avenson was kind of confused. He meant to ask why, but on seeing Huo Qu’s hostile eyes, he immediately understood. After lingering his eyes on Yu Qinghuan for a second, he never had any physical contact with Yu Qinghuan, but came straight to the point—the endorsement of Ada.

When in the working mode, Evenson looked extra serious. He detailedly inquired about Yu Qinghuan’s physical data, made Yu Qinghuan do some poses for him, and even asked the accompanying photographer to take some photos. After scrutinizing these photos and Yu Qinghuan’s face, he then put these photos down and stretched out a hand, “In the coming year, may we have a pleasant cooperation.”

So…he got it?!

Only a few glances and they decide to use him?

Has Ada always choose a spokesman so hastily?

If it hadn’t been the warm touch from his hand, Yu Qinghuan nearly thought this was a dream!

Although it was only a one-year contract, it was Ada! As a newcomer who had no representative works, he got chosen as the spokesman of Ada! This was so unreal!

He could imagine the mega-hit after Ada released this news.

Yu Qinghuan then went back to the film set, still muddleheaded, while Evenson took a taxi to Starlight instead of going back to the hotel.

“So, you make the decision after seeing him in person?” asked Huo Rong who was leaning on the couch.

“Yeah.” Evenson thought highly of Yu Qinghuan, “Whether his body or his temperament, he perfectly matches the normcore series watch of Ada’s.”

After a pause, maybe afraid that Huo Rong may raise additional conditions, he then added, “But he has no fame. You know, for a spokesman, this is the biggest drawback. If it hadn’t been that I owe you, I would never use him.”

Huo Rong sneered, “Fame? Wait half a year and see. You make a good bargain, you know. 1.2 million a year, pretax, you think that’s too much? Beside,” He then looked at Evenson bitterly, “You think I don’t know? The normcore series is the most underappreciated among your products. Otherwise you would never agree even if you owe me big.”

“Nothing can be hidden from you.” Evenson laughed, didn’t show any bit of embarrassment after being exposed in the face.

After a pause, he suddenly changed the subject, “Yu is really handsome. I will definitely chase him if he has no boyfriend.”

“What did you say?” Huo Rong immediately jumped out of the couch and raised his voice, “You said Qinghuan has a boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” Evenson looked at him, confused, “The man who is a little taller and always wears that emotionless face around him, isn’t it his boyfriend? Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

Afraid that Huo Rong didn’t believe it, Evenson specially told him every detail of what had happened today and then added, “Trust me. I swear in the name of my so many years’ experience of relationship, that man is his boyfriend!”

Huo Rong felt like he was gonna black out.

No wonder he already felt something ain’t right!

No wonder his stubborn younger brother started to admit the mistake he had made! No wonder he would come back from America no matter what on hearing Yu Qinghuan was bullied! No wonder he would insist being around Yu Qinghuan!

So this kid liked Qinghuan!

His younger brother became gay without everyone noticing! Holy crap!

Suddenly nosing a huge secret of his younger brother, Huo Rong felt terrified but dare not tell anyone else. Afraid that this may drive him crazy, he dialed Huo Zheng’s number and told me this on the phone. He kept sighing, “Zheng, what should we do? How could he like Qinghuan?”

Huo Rong was not stupid. He thought about Yu Qinghuan’s attitude towards Huo Qu and realized that Qinghuan didn’t take it that way at all. So his younger brother just carried a torch for Qinghuan like a fool.

Whoever his younger brother was with, he would always wish him the best, but…Huo Rong still thought Yu Qinghuan wouldn’t respond to Huo Qu’s affection. Besides, he would be worried if Qu was really in a relationship with Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan was handsome, related well to people, so there would be a long line there chasing after him. As otherworldly as his younger brother was, he wouldn’t even know when someone stole Qinghuan away from him.

On hearing that, Huo Rong accidentally dropped a glass on the floor. After quite a while, he asked, “Are you sure?”

Huo Rong, “I am 100% sure.”

Huo Zheng then said calmly, “You stay out of it.”

Before Huo Zheng finished his words, Huo Rong already protested, “How could I stay out of it? Life is already so hard on him. How can we let him take that road?”

Huo Zheng put the phone away from his ear. After Rong finished, Huo Zheng then put it back and said, “Oh, so you can handle it?” After a pause, he added, “So Qu listens to you?”

Huo Rong, “…”

It seemed…he really could not handle it.

But this was something huge. How could he stay out of it?

“Then what should we do?”

Huo Zheng now sounded bland. When he heard about such a huge thing at first, he showed kind of discomposure and soon had no further freaking reactions, “Let him make the decision.” After a pause, he continued, “Besides, given Qu’s situation, we still have no idea whether it’s that kind of like.”

Huo Rong’s eyes immediately shone. Right! How could he forget about this! If Qu’s feeling was not love, just that kind of possessive feeling between friends, and if he suddenly butted in and misled Qu, he might really fall in love with Qinghuan.

On thinking of that, Huo Rong couldn’t help but sighed, “Experience counts!”

Huo Zheng, “I was born just one minute earlier!”

Huo Rong, “…”
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